We begin, by singling out corn production;  with the construction of “the biggest game in farming town” so to speak.  Examining the process and decisions that govern that entire affair. 

          Working backwards: the victims say, “nothing says success like more bushels, I am special/ I win/ I am great/ I feed the world”.  Who is a bigger success/ we feed the world?  But it is the money, that rules farming today/ not the farmer.  The pride, Even though it is the crop itself that produces food, and a farmer merely plants the seed, and is responsible for the weeds: lives or dies by the money.  The farmer can do little more, to the outcome;   than plant, weed, and harvest! Unless using chemicals, altering seeds, or irrigating; therein machines matter.  Therefrom by “manipulating life”, I can get more for me, with very little effort!  In farming, More bushels mean:   I BELIEVE, that will enable me to buy a bigger machine, a better machine; and nothing says success like these can/ nothing less improves my working life.  Therefore anything that gives me more money, shall be done.  Even if it takes an excavator to dig the debt hole needed to own these things.  Because they are truly expensive, at a personal level.  But there are costs to manipulating life/ costs for being in debt/ costs for consuming so much, nothing is left for anyone else; etc.


          To get more bushels, the following is done:   genetic mutilation of nature is expansive/ by manipulating the genome we can be “gods”: bushels prove that.  The insects DON’T get a meal no more/ it stands against the weather better/ it resists disease and drought better so they say. If you pick the right one. And especially:  these tolerate the poisons to be dumped better, and with less.     Poisons make big farming possible, the easy way.  Without poisons it is all labor, to get a crop; few like it/ and large farms are impossible without “slaves”.  The herbicide/ pesticide changed farming; by making weeds a matter of money.

          What is critically true about genetic manipulation is: that regardless of what you do/ it is actually impossible to predict the genetic outcome to any and all things connected with that plant, seed, consumption, etc.  The same is not true, once a mutilation has imbedded itself into a genetic structure/ it then changes the entire structure, in both small and significant ways. Ending the return to what nature did design forever.  Hell, “what’s a few billion changes”, to nature itself/ that’s what computers are for.  NATURE IS: THE BUILDING OF “BODIES CALLED LIFE”/ therefore it is DNA structures, design, balance, disciplines, courage, respect, integrity; and absolutely everything else of value to life itself.  Why what could go wrong, when throwing continual garbage into that; and crucifying life, “just to watch it die”.  Shout, Armageddon (nature in chaos)  “can’t be real”!  Hell, you can play god forever, “what could go wrong”?

           The truth of poisons/ so we look at them as one, is they can change genetic structures as well! The body of life, every life is built within one instruction at a time/ going on as a conglomeration of things happening everywhere, with absolute timing and critical chemistry that cannot be tampered with without defeating or changing the whole.  While not as horrendous as pure genetic mutilations/ it is tragic, and with long term consequences for those affected.  The standard farming model (I grew up on a farm) is:   “I stuck my hand right in the poison, and didn’t die/ so its good”. Or in the case of genetic mutilation: did this make me money/ make life EASY;  or not?  Whatever answers yes to that question:   then causes the rest do it too, by varying degrees. Because “herds do, what herds do”.  Years later, with cancers found/ the validity of that claim “its all good”; can be reviewed, if honesty is found.  Usually hidden, because nobody wants to be called a fool. Of interest, both the development of “sugarless sweeteners and herbicides” can into massive use during the sixties/ the same time as a massive increase in breast cancers and others began.  Today with genetic mutilation everywhere in farming: we see a massive increase in autism/ leading to the question what else lurks behind the curtain.  I am reminded of a story found in media (not all bad) years ago: somewhere along the Mexican border children were suddenly being born “looking completely normal/ but had no brain”.  Later investigations revealed some type of volatile organic fuel (such as benzene), was found in the aquifer, from a processing plant nearby. Said to be the cause.  Asbestos is a clear predictor of troubles coming: nearly everyone thought it was great, until thirty years later.  The list of lawsuits, and the reality of chemicals being used to treat sickness: should convince you, “even though the experts said/ “stuck their hand right in it; its great”.  That does not mean anything.  Just like genetic mutilation is predicted to be “great” because a very tiny handful of experts says its so/ doesn’t mean anything, but a bribe has been had.  Every creature that touches a “new product of genetic mutilation” has to adapt to that change in chemistry.  Because every genetic mutilation is a change in chemistries that build the body of life/ determine the timing/ create the utilities/ alter the base resources/ construct reproduction/ conceive of “thinking”, because even plants must know how to use the equipment and resources available or they die.  As do robots prove: no software/ they are dead.  Every form of new chemical invasion, has a cost/ it changes things, for life.  As all plants are a base food source for living creatures: that chemical invasion must be dealt with individually.  Genetic structures are meant to be individualized; which means every chemical intrusion, has “a billion chances” to create chaos in life.  If not in the first victim/ the next or the next or the next or the human as well.  It is just that simple.  Nature takes care of its own.  Men playing god with nature means: an entire collapse of everything is inevitable. Simple and plain.    But human costs are not all that genetics nor poisons do.  Since genetics are a subject that cannot be understood by the vast majority: we leave it with an investigation for you of their own laboratories, “to see the evidence of what they did do/ to see the crucifixion of life (by genetically “sewing on” horrors and hell, to a living body that must then endure until dead).  Reminding all: that pandemic’s are proven to be “genetic boundaries broken”.  Therefore free to invade a new species!  Even you, understand what happens if you put “shit in soup/ or rocks in salads/ or any other combination of deliberate delusions: into a recipe you intend to eat! There are even good things on the shelf, that you cannot exchange, or would not use in any “good recipe”/ because it has consequences; such as exchanging salt, for sugar, and so on.  IT NEVER turns out well.  Genetics are a billion times more complex, and every ingredient counts for something/ which literally means:   a death to what was intended. Death to what nature provided to us all/ or this is NOT YOURS, it is,      “ours”.

           The production of poisons are not limited to what is dumped on the field.  The cost of exterminating insects (also done on large scales in cities too) is the destruction of another base food source for life and diversity: everything that eats an insect dies/ because it has no food.  Bringing us all “a true silent spring”: NOT far away, as I have lived nearly fifty years in the same place, and in the fifties and sixties;  life was abundant here. A happy place for all, including humans: where neighbors existed to help/ family helped each other, and nobody was greatly competing with each other.  Whereas today, barely an insect/ no bees/ no butterflies/ few moths are noticed, and there are very few creatures of any other kind to be found: all gone. Including the home grown farming community, and its rural neighbors.  What is done to the water supplies is determined by what happens to the poison on its way down, or out to sea. Contrary to the farmer version, “it rained/ now the aquifers are all filled back up”.  Your own geological scientists whose job it is too study this reality say:  “IT TAKES FIFTY INCHES OF RAINFALL/ to add one inch of water back into the aquifer.”  Poisons are dumped onto nearly every acre of agricultural production ground in this nation/ and now going around the world.  Livestock confinement represents an even more concentrated source, which includes antibiotics in massive amounts from time to time:   which then seep into the ground, and find its way down. Ethanol consumes nearly as many gallons of water, as fuel used in America.  Natural gas is creating subsoil crevices and weakened structures, which will collapse/ changing all the features above it: thereby destroying aquifers as it does. Ask any farmer with a pond: break the clay seal underneath the water, and it all drains away; even one small tear!  Drinking Water is pumped into oil and gas reservoirs to lift the oil, or pressurize the gas: in an amount representing even more than all the oil pumped throughout the last hundred years here.  Or, the poisoning of water, and a whole lot more.  The very destruction of our lives, and the beginning of horrific war:   isn’t just a farmer raised issue.

          Nonetheless, not to harp, we will leave that subject to wander on to the next reality.  Which are,  the fundamentals of corn production.  To understand better, we work from the end result, and go backwards.  Or more simply, “without the purchaser of corn/ there is no purpose in farming for more than yourself”.  Everybody knows that, and yet: with nearly all worldwide consumers saying, “we DON’T want genetically altered crops”/ the american farmer continues to say, FORCE THEM, DAMN IT!  They have to eat, so they have to buy; so we don’t care.

          But alas, the numbers have been killing corn production, and something had to be done: therefore we have ethanol, even though it represents a net gain in fuel of nothing.  It is simply make believe work/ that robs water, and produces even more pollution.  That does not matter to the american corn farmer: because it is a game, “I WANT more numbers/ look at me”.  To get more numbers, irrigation is used where possible, even though the aquifers are now nearly dry; and almost no one gets to live in rural america without an aquifer.  So they destroy themselves, and your food products at the same time: no water is that serious/ and even more so.  American farmers use nitrogen or commonly called ammonia, in one form or another/ putting in on out of season, which leaches a minimum of 15-20 percent as simply lost downstream.  During season more is lost; because the game is to put more nitrogen in the ground than the corn crop can possibly use: to get the maximum number of bushels possible.  That of course ends in the rivers, lakes, and ocean: where thousands of square miles are desolate and devoid of life, by the consequences of that very thing.  Poisons, are a known cause of abortion in creatures, that eat the grass sprayed. Mutilated plants that are now poison to insects: killing all that eat it/ leave nothing for creatures to eat, unless it is a poisoned insect.  Even the ditches, and every square foot of grass is sprayed no matter where it is: because the common farmer claim is, “he takes great care of the farm: look NOT a weed in sight/ everything has been touched; nature is controlled”. And then “he can even do more”/ so ground that farmers retire from, “go here”.  Throughout the farming community, the sign and seal of a good farmer is: NATURE CONTROLLED. That use to be related to pulling weeds, which did result in the children of farmers becoming healthy and strong, “fit for life, a reality that applies to living”/ not anymore.  It is strictly the amount of money used for chemicals.  Grass was also an indicator of health/ not enough energy left for that: well, he’s got too much.  Now, with ease because of chemicals;   everything is mowed including ditches, “not a weed” in sight/ just a lawnmower.  “Got to get more land”; got sons, got bills, got college, want more.  Let the damn neighbor go to hell/ I NEED that land.

          In aid of the last bushel shall not get away: ditches are cleaned to remove habitat and speed water into the next community or district: WHO CARES, they have to take the water!  Instead of creating retaining ponds to alleviate that, and control water and the damage of rushing water, for the people downstream. Taking out the small ponds which breed a new generation of fish for lakes, aquiculture of all kinds, amphibians, reptiles, etc/ because it looks bad.  Putting in completely ridiculous amounts of tiling; because we got too much counterfeit money, “might as well do something”.  Even though the net effect of that tiling is: it no longer takes even fifty inches of rainfall to make an inch of water in an aquifer.  Today all that ground over-tiled/ removes even the possibility of water seeping down; for us to drink.  But, alas; all the water that pours out of a tile and into the ditch, has poisons in it of some kind.  Gee, what kind of damage could that do?

          So the entire farming community goes: “HEH”, YOU DAMN FOOL/ WE HAVE TO DO THIS; you want to starve!

          But lets review: too many bushels/ price drops below input costs;  must have ethanol to get rid of extra grain, that cannot be sold at a profit.  Must have some type of government assistance to survive most years as in ethanol to start.  Mutilating grain to create excess bushels/ over-fertilizing/ irrigating just for a few pennies more/ and poisoning without end.  Because “that’s the way we want it”.   Doesn’t really look like “we must”/ now does it?


          Even so: lets get back to farming corn, “because that, is where the real money has been”/ and we get to buy big impressive equipment, which nearly every farmer wants.  The problem is: when you buy big expensive equipment, you DO need a lot of acres to pay for it.  It needs to be relatively new, or it could break down at a bad time, costing money in the field. If you don’t have “new and big” the landlords who own the ground, may or probably will: go elsewhere. They nearly all fantasize “its them still farming too”.   Because there is always someone willing to take that ground away/ they got equipment to pay for too.  It is a circle/ that does not stop, until you literally get off the ride.  So then there is a reason why farmers want big equipment/ and there is a reason why.  The cost to rural america is:   sooner or later, if you slow down and don’t get enough money (enough numbers to pay the bills, and buy new)/ the competition is going to CONSUME you.

          The blessing of farming is, “working with nature”.  The curse of farming is, if you don’t get enough pennies: someone else is going to take this away/ leaving you homeless.  Because money now rules agriculture, and nature is essentially irrelevant.  The competition says:  because we want control, thereby playing god is mandatory.  Let the mutilation begin/ get me more poison: I WANT MONEY!  I don’t need no friends, I need MONEY.

          If I have family: then we are at war/ because they need ground too!



          Too much competition does hurt/ when money rules!

          Contrary to the blight and disease of “university expertise”/ immigration and diversity does change the experience of life and living;  rarely for the better.  NOT because they are not equal, or valuable, or any other relationship than: MORE competition is not desirable.


          The critical quest, that is the future of us all: DEMANDS, that money shall not rule/ or there can be only war and hatred left.  That does mean:   LIFE, not money/ MUST COME FIRST!  The fundamentals of that begin with limited capitalism, and extend to the different ways and means required, to not only find a place for us all/ but stop the human over-population that is destroying an entire world.  Fail, and we all will die; “just from that”!    Life is no longer a game/ this world has changed, because we are now more than one human life on every declared acre of agricultural land on this earth.  And that acre (drought or not), plus the tiny amount of forest left on earth, plus the oceans (with its life: under extreme attack, and near extinction): MUST feed us all, along with everything else: OR WE DIE.  One billion people even at one pound of food a day/ need one billion pounds of food every day.  Soon to be 8 billion people: means 8 billion pounds everyday/ or nearly 3 trillion pounds per year/ every year.  Not including what gets wasted or destroyed.  If you are a farmer:   consider just how much grain or livestock that is!  Remembering while you do it: that one branch of fertilizer;  potash, in particular; isn’t going to last much longer.  Particularly if the world starts competing.   NOT a game.

           Beyond the point of no return, where nature itself can no longer produce enough to feed us: there is no going back.  When the choice is:  we are going to die, if we don’t eat this seed/ only war is left.  When the choice is:   even a little disease has wiped out too much livestock/ then the people will say;   we are going to die, if we don’t eat the rest!  LET SOMEONE ELSE starve:    I AM GOING TO EAT.


          Cannibalism is coming; and more mutilated corn, won’t stop it. Particularly when you have nothing to drink!