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10-02-2014, 01:11 AM,
Elements or functional definitions required for change!

As assembled previously on web sites, the critical claim of democracy is: that we the people rule ourselves/ by the laws which we make for our own purposes and by our own decisions. 200 years ago, the very best that could be done, was to elect someone else to vote for me/ so that those elected could decide how the laws which ruled society would be. Today, the opportunity for voting on the laws which govern our lives and our nation, and our impact upon this world, as well as any war or intent for war or pretension that this is not war: can be done.

The elemental path to true democracy is built upon three separate realities: that we shall determine the law/ and there need not be an overburden of law. Therefore not more than one hundred total and limited concepts of social and personal regulation should exist. Similar in concept to the biblical ten commandments (which stood the test of time, because of its simplicity)/ or consistent with the constitutional amendments or their initiating bill of rights: the reality is, AS SHORT, AND AS PLAIN, as it is possible to do! That leaves the courtroom to determine any potential interpretation, that is unclear. With a return to public vote, when necessary to determine if the judiciary is right or wrong. If the public vote is: these judges went too far/ then they shall be removed from the bench and refused further involvement in our courts.
The fundamental that is elementary obedience and discipline as conscripted by the efforts called “money”; MUST be controlled. That cannot be done, unless all currency is tied directly to something distinctly tangible, and hard to counterfeit. No government employees can ever be allowed the power or ability, to create or control the debt load, or the currency for a nation or any other partnership of society. By constitutional law, all money shall be controlled: which means change. In national efforts to tie the money directly to the needs of society: so much currency per person is the only legitimate way [it would be best if this was the same in all nations; so as to be clear, with each other]. With a census count strictly tied to that determination; and without further need for information. Personal information is NOT “government employee worthy”. Our government is the contract we make with each other as a democracy: which is strictly and only, the constitution which controls what our employees can and cannot do. Which gives us guaranteed rights, which our employees or the rest of society CANNOT dismiss or deny: as a legal right owed to me! Tangible currency between nations is based upon a direct tie with “gold/ silver/ or other materials which does have a distinct value”. Not numbers, reality defined!
The foundation of law enforcement is: that to achieve control over our society by our own determinations and decisions created as law. We must have enforcement of those laws, by people who can be trusted to establish our own goals as a society governed, and determined, by democracy. To establish that functionally: all leaders and their collective job description MUST be changed. Instead of “making laws”/ the new job of every elected official is: TO INSURE to the people, that they are watching over society, with the clear and certain purpose to bring our decisions and determinations for what this society shall be: to our lives, by our reality as a nation. Therefore the entire task force of leadership, then becomes investigators: searching for what is in obedience to our laws, establishing aid where necessary/ and what is not within the concepts of our society, thereby establishing punishment and trial as necessary to evict what does not belong here. Any leader who functionally proves nothing, in his or her term: shall be evicted from office by vote/ unless it is clear, society is what it has determined for itself, to be. The element of law enforcement that physically deals with the public on more direct, personal levels; such as the policing forces: must be changed. It is NOT “you at war, against the rest/ this is; we the people, with you representing justice and rights”. DO YOU see the difference? Currently the answer is substantially no; the element of predation exists, by errant and failed university teaching. You are not an army, aligned against us or for yourselves. You are an employee justified by laws served, to interact on our behalf/ as needed for your own protection and ours, with the intent and clear purpose establishing: for justice, fair play, equity, and equality to all. Failing that, you become a disease to society, rather than a blessing. The legal branch of courtroom politics MUST be erased from existence: there are no excuses for control over the courtroom, but by law and jury. That means: the law establishes guilt or innocense based upon evidence and rights combined with reality “as best we can”/ and the jury establishes and controls the judge by understanding what is, or is not fair in this society under these circumstances, for us all. The jury is a protector of society (our democracy), thereby in control of the interpretation called law, that is assigned by justice, rather than simply words. The judge is protector of the individual, establishing what the law is, or is not in this circumstance: thereby the interpretation and protector of personal guarantees, and fundamental truths in process and rights. There can be NO MORE criminal thievery by the legal profession/ all fees and the price of any legal proceeding SHALL be determined by public vote. We give you “this much” for defending our society, and each individual: dependent upon the case, and its outcome. No more “legalized robbery”.

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