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limited capitalism
08-16-2012, 01:34 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-14-2014, 04:52 AM by jim.)
limited capitalism
The economic reality of our lives as a society, is very simply proven by the resources available to us all. The only other true contributing factor is, whether the abilities, utilities, transportation, education, and basic desire to use what is available to us; can be met.
In opposition of economic reality are the people who want more than their share, impose power as laws and rules for the few, use pride to make life a game, or impose violence as government or anarchy.
This is the best men did do for human society in this day; nothing has fundamentally changed about how they lead, throughout that time. The most critical change of the last few decades in particular has been the machine, and its ability to consume resources, and make products that then end in the garbage dump. In a world of 7+ billion people growing at over 2 million per week: that means without change we will literally all die in the next couple of decades or less, as crucial resources are lost/ and war as always, becomes “man’s answer”; has history so clearly proves.
That means simply: WE MUST CHANGE, to respect our new reality, “neither nature, nor resources; can no longer survive without our help”. Wishing won’t change that. IT IS A DECISION we will make. For life first, or death is coming. Simple and plain!

Our options are very limited: we can continue destroying our home, and forcing war upon us; with weapons of mass destruction. We can hide from the facts, and “wish them away” pretending “don’t worry/ be happy” is a solution. Or we can change what needs to be changed to protect the future as best we can; identify what makes society happy and at peace, so that the least temptations arise for war; which fundamentally means justice, fair play, equal treatment, and equity for our work and our needs too.

When I know, that my work is functionally paid for at a level which is competitive with the rest/ and where NO ONE is allowed an extreme amount more. Then life is fair. To understand where my pay ranks in relation to every other worker: all that is required is to know how many workers exist as part of the census/ what the average pay is per worker compared with a 40 hour week or whatever average is/ and how much currency is available per worker or citizen.
To understand what respect means: the right to participate in the decisions made, as is functionally the truth of democracy; is to have access to the accounting of business etc; so as to know how much is being earned from our work; and then voting as employees on how much income “the boss, or owners” shall make. They choose our salary/ so then we should choose theirs. That is equal treatment for all. The level of funding separate for the business etc; itself, as independent from a salary and needed for the future of the business etc; is determined by the owner. But it is referenced by two accounts, one for all salaries combined in any form/ the other is strictly for business etc, without any reference to salary whatsoever. When the business, etc; has recovered all its investment, and doubled the salaries of all its workers as held within that business. Then the workers shall require their own portion up to one half of the excess amount, over business needs. It is a “joint effort”/ it is equity for our contribution.
Justice requires the future MUST NOT be destroyed. Which means the resources that nature and environment provide for life on earth, MUST BE PROTECTED; or the children will die. That fundamentally means: nothing but the barest minimum amounts, should ever enter into the garbage dump. That functionally means: because of the efficiency of machines/ that we do have a major problem. Because without throwing it all away; there are many fewer jobs. Nonetheless, the future MUST HAVE those resources, and you have no right to assassinate their lives for your gluttony or selfishness.
Therefore the question is: what can we do, that will protect our lives, our future, your children, and our world?
Repair, rebuild, reuse, insulate, respect resources, and life! CHOOSE ONLY, LIFE MUST COME FIRST, for this entire planet. Limit excess, and control the utilities: Is the obvious first beginning in resources. Protect and feed the oceans, is another absolute must.
Deciding for ourselves, what the proper methods of providing a job for everyone shall be: is a decision for vote. We have limited choices, for a stable world/ but we must first review why, the current situation is what it is.
1. People want what they want, and that is all that they want/ and I don’t care about anyone but me! AND I WANT MORE.
2. Failure and deceit mean: more sold, at least initially/ more money for me. Then a name change, and do it all over again.
3. Nobody wants “too much damn competition”/ because that drives the price down, and makes a stable job become questionable; I will lose money, and work harder, with too much competition. Too little, and I have no peace or happiness; everybody mad.
4. As resources die out/ somebody has to move: it that ain’t going to be “us”/ THEN it must be “you”. Therefore differences must be identified to determine who is going to lose. Racism, and most prejudice; is about competition, OR “I want more for me, or mine”.
5. Leaders push people into war primarily, “to get them off my back”. People push leaders into war: because the resources are ending, and we MUST do something.
6. A good education means competition/ but a poor education means: “We took their money; and gave them nothing but a dream”.
7. The reality of a welfare state is: its cheaper to reduce the competition this way, by just paying them to not work; to let us have more.
8. Inflation steals from all of society, by raising the price everyone must pay; stealing from the poor, their very meager means.
9. Counterfeiting; calling inflation a debt; is stealing from the middle class/ because it creates a guillotine; over their heads, that comes crashing down to take all their work, and throw it away. Letting the rich man then come in to steal their property with his or her counterfeited funds. Only the rich benefit/ although counterfeiting requires the inclusion of bribes, “so the army can be raised: OF MORE FOR ME”. That then stops reality from controlling currency or government; corrupting all attempts to redefine government. Forcing the guillotine to strike.
10. Lies and liars then rule; discovering, “debts don’t matter”/ because you can have as many numbers in your bank account as you want, it doesn’t matter at all: UNTIL YOU WANT TO SPEND. At that moment, your numbers or money are expected to be a real payment for resources and work. But when there are roughly 200 trillion american dollars in circulation; money is just a fantasy.
11. Every economic depression is about: you gambled as a society/ and you lost, because now the rich man or woman has all your promises; and you have no real future. Because he doesn’t need or want you anymore. Since the rich always want control over “the resources” whatever they are: you get to beg, plead, and sell your body for games; until war comes.
12. Every civil war is about: YOU DIDN’T do what was necessary or true, when the time clearly came for making a change, and accepting the penalties for what you DID do. As a result, hope is lost/ as a consequence, men turn to war.

SO THEN, our choices must include: to stop the rich man from controlling everything/ we the people must install and protect limits on income, limits on resource control, limits on property rights, and limits on the actual amounts that are currently claimed; but owed entirely or in part to counterfeit money. “Or, we didn’t get ours/ so then you bought with stolen money”. These things are done with a simple vote/ it is not complicated. Particularly through redress. NOT redistributing/ BUT REALITY. Those who have more, played the same game you did/ and won; do remember that, and respect the fact, they do have considerable to do with your job, and other things at this time. Even so, LIMITS are mandatory for a society that can escape war.

Our choices must include: a change in directional leadership as determined by democratic vote. The foundation of which is: that women will change this world/ because their solution to desperate consequences is not war.

Our choices must include: a fair and legitimate wage for all working people, with proper protections for their lives. That is done as described above and with currency controls locked into place by constitutional change. And further controls over leadership that demand we the people SHALL control government spending by dividing the money returned in taxation; into separate categories, and their limited expenditure rights. Each category representing a percentage of taxation collected shall be used ONLY for these purposes and no other. Limiting salary by our own vote as we the people. Contracting out, the work of government to independent business. Removing taxation accounting as is the IRS to local authority/ with only investigative responsibilities allowed for the few remaining IRS agents. NO BENEFITS OR ANY OTHER PARTITION IN SALARY OR COMPENSATION for anyone. Only salary is all you get. The only pension plan allowed is national social security and nothing else; NOT for anyone throughout this USA. That social security including medicare; shall be apportioned to the people who are the beneficiaries; and they shall decide what the rules are, so long as none are controlled by prejudice. Apart from “YOU, have enough”/ as said to the rich.

Our choices must include: nobody is excluded from work/ therefore nobody gets to claim welfare. Nobody gets to make us pay for their children; and that includes one child only, shall be supported, if there are two, THERE MUST BE permanent solutions for no more for you; or you shall have no support for either child, until you do. Our choices must include: no more AIDS relief of any kind, if you have deliberately chosen to spread this disease; you will have a vasectomy, or you will be incarcerated without any medicine or help/ without the chance of parole: it is a deliberate murder. As to women; I leave that up to them.

Our choice must include: NO MORE student loans! The universities shall be limited to collecting a percentage of income from their graduated students: IF the job is honestly linked to what the student has been taught. For a specific term/ and shall NOT exceed a full year salary for the student.

Our choice must include: world law, policing, and court. To bring the leaders into questioning and judgment for what they did do when in authority over their own people. The law will judge/ but the people in question facing hardship shall decide the punishment by majority rule. If another nation has been invaded or harmed extensively: then they will judge instead.

Our choice must include: you cannot bring your problems to me, as is the conditional state of all immigration. You wouldn’t leave, if there were no problems. Consequently the most SEVERE problem we face in this world today, that is subject to the controls of an entire humanity is OVER-POPULATION. We are about to eat ourselves literally off the planet/ we are too many people, with too many needs for nature to support without our help/ and soon it will be, even if we help; ITS JUST TOO DAMN LATE. Consequently two children and there must not be any more; a permanent change; let the women decide for themselves! Or we all face the resultant cannibalism and worse.

Our choice must include: SHARING THE WORK, because the resource that are left, CANNOT be destroyed. YOU DO KNOW HOW, as friends! The resources must be strengthened, respected, developed in ways that are friendly to this planet, and preserved as much as possible. Which means the money no longer rules. LIFE DOES!

Our choices must include: WE MUST CARE about each other, and our world/ or we will lose it all. That demands RESPECT AND RESPONSIBILITY “for you too”. Anything less is grounds for eviction. Which means simply those who cannot or will not respect life, friendship, society, nature, and planet; by obeying honest laws that protect us all, without a bunch of damn rules. Will be examined for hate/ which does make you an enemy. If you are found to hate us/ then you will be removed from us, to an environment yet to be determined; because the need has not yet been established.

OUR CHOICES must include: an entire rebuilding of society/ because everything you are is dependent upon resources that will soon be lost; making you extinct. That means without the slightest doubt: You must choose to be friends. You must choose love and family versus “More for me”. You must choose life and planet, over possessions that are not justifiable for us all. You must choose to be involved in your government. You must choose to vote for yourself instead of voting for someone to vote for me on the law. Law must be simple and plain. You must govern your courts, by grading them continually, and protect the planet first. You must forgive those whom you must; and begin again, with a new plan remembering this is about survival/ and want, absolutely does not belong. Want, is the basis of all “animal behaviors”. Therefore, to be truly human, as intended: YOU MUST RISE ABOVE IT!

Limited capitalism is a right of democracy to choose for itself as we the people: what our limits and boundaries shall be, in terms of possessions, property, or influence upon our lives as a society. By limiting the money to no more than a defined amount, more than any other person. For simplicity we will call that 3 times more than the lowest paid “40 hour worker”. Thereby the average worker gets double the lowest paid worker/ but the lowest paid worker gets not less than one third the highest paid worker. All personal income is for a worker/ nobody gets to call themselves something else.
Business income is separate, and untouched by governments until it is clear they have attained more than their investment. Even then what is taxable is what is taken out for personal income. Anything beyond that amount goes to the bank for loans to the community; unless it is declared to be spent for the business.
Limited capitalism is the right of the people in democracy to say to each other: THAT WE SHALL ALL, have a chance to share in the benefits of this society/ because we refuse to let any individual attain more than the limit on income or the boundary we set for personal property or control of property or any other form of power over us. We will control our right, to share honestly in this nation; by limiting the money to what is fair for us all. Or, you can earn that income in a day if you wish/ but you cannot earn any more until the year goes by; so that the rest can obtain their share. If the community allows it: you can teach your competitors (community decides who), and thereby obtain a little more if you do it well. By vote we decide what the limits and boundaries will be/ with a return vote to adjust as necessary.

This is in fact “completely constitutional” and fundamentally demanded by the constitution itself, in its preamble; the agreement of this our nation. Do read it.

“We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and to our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

the power to take over society and control how wealthy, and how much property or resources any person can be or have/ is fundamental to peace and harmony. But too much limits the opportunity for change. Keep it in mind, because change is necessary.

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