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Simple but with elegance
07-18-2014, 10:00 AM,
Simple but with elegance
Simple, but with elegance.

Is the summary, of every romantic heart/ the desire that is love unleashed. In both male and female.
Simple means, to be free & unbound by the consequences of society or religion or other/ to the clear and certain desires, of what truth can be: between us, each giving the grace that is time to understand what that life can be. Elegance, assigns the critical duty, that we are not to judge each other (no measuring allowed)/ but we are to forgive each other, because not a living soul is perfect, and we all need the essence of life to be, “a relationship beyond self”/ is born from respect, dignified by acceptance, and nourished wherever we can and do “meet honestly and honorably, as one”.
Soul means: given to the creation of possibilities, that are the essence of love itself. Love therefore means: to surrender the elemental cause of an individual life, a separate decision/ and identify ourselves as joined within the truth, “that we are alive within each other/ as grace, time, reality, and trust will allow.” That lifts the foundation of every heart, that we may then conceive of eternity.

The expression of romance, is a joy released by you/ a reality found in me, that refuses to die: because only life exists, in these our moments to remember nothing matters but love. Not even life is worthy of long term existence, unless there is love. Love is the essence of eternity, because it is the only treasure that makes the universe itself “sing”. Therefore we create the song that fills our heart, through the passage, that is “your soul”/ the honesty of mine. Time grants a dimension that envelops us, as an individual life/ a reality separate from all things but existence. Love opens the door to our existence, to give us the opportunity, that becomes “the rhythm of our truth constructing the soul, we share”. Without rhythm, the essence of walking in time as one, there is no “human soul” to share. Without truth, there is nothing to construct with, because none can trust a lie. Without time, our walk ends. Without construction of a relationship that is born of love, there is no bond. Without “a soul from GOD”/ we will never truly know what it means to be ALIVE! The difference in “souls” is: a love that will never die.
Romance is the creation of a passage, by establishing our focus leaves all others outside/ thereby we are one. Romance is, the essence of a moment that never truly ends; even though ours may pass. The place we join as hearts, knows no other way. Heart reveals, I am willing to be free, because of you/ while life itself understands: nothing is more precious, than love/ nor heartbreaking than love “sold for less”. The treasury of a life, is the place we keep moments created in love, close to our soul. The tears of tragedy, recognize that love has been stolen: now we must live alone, until life finds more. Making love both the greatest journey life can give/ but if you venture beyond what is true, and trust a lie; it is also a journey of great cost. That does not mean the one who tempts or manipulates or lies, etc; is too blame/ because you chose too, and if love in some form had not been present, why would you have trusted. But it does mean that people are complex, and not simple: therefore even though we desire with all our heart, “a simple love”/ reality does not know what that means, outside the romance of a focus that removes time, so we can be free in or with each other.

Time travels the distance of our lives as humanity, through survival. Thereby no matter how much we would desire love to be the essence of our lives in time; the reality of our bodies is simply existence must come first. Thereby we are drawn away from romance, to assemble and create the disciplines, order, balance, and structures of our own truth: as time and possibilities do demand. Separating love by responsibilities/ but recombining as love, wheresoever time allows. Love is belonging to the moment where freedom meant: I have found you acceptable to me/ and you have answered with the same. Love is, understanding the elements of our humanity, have a cost: each must choose, the life/ duty/ truth/ and happiness that will belong to them as one existence. If that is not a shared journey/ then you will be alone, even if loved. Passages create moments/ but life creates the body of our existence, belongs only to me, or to be shared with you as the essence of love itself shall prove. Disciplines pass beyond the realities of sex, to become the single truth: I desire to make you happy; or, you live to elevate my hope. Both become a “stairway, beyond ourselves”; where only truth can go.
Order says: that if I am to be free, then there must be love without a price/ truth without a destiny/ and time without a chain! These things are not fundamentals, of hope or happiness; as is true freedom. Consequently, before the true and real journey begins between a man and a woman/ reality must prove, that I am willing to pay the price, as you too must be. That our time in transition from our experience and expressions in moments/ can in fact be forever at this time. Even love is not a guarantee, because life is complex/ and reality governs existence first for us all. Time is not binding, it is elusive. Time is to humanity, as the sea is to this earth: a sign that we can travel where no human can remain. The cost: if we prepare, and accept the limits and boundaries of the journey (as is a ship in the sea); grants hope, but no guarantees. Hope then becomes a purpose, because without a purpose there is no cause to journey beyond the edge of existence itself: leaving each one with little of life itself. As the herd, where simplicity of survival, is all life is/ there is no real happiness, an action or a reaction: where only the certainty “predators lurk” construct “your life”. Beyond the herd, where life is at its essence the expression of what we experience as a life we construct for ourselves. The difference is: happiness lives inside your freedom/ while the herd itself does not know happiness, because it lives inside of fear.
Balance examines the reflection of our lives, and understands: for every action there can be a reaction of consequence; IF we do not understand truth. Truth explains, that pleasure creates a want/ and thereby becomes a foundation upon which lies are formed. Because no one lies, without a want. Truth warns us, to understand the difference between want and desire/ is, to become wise in the nature of humanity itself. That difference is: want assumes a right, and offers a reason/ while desire conceives of a trust, and forms the disciplines, and purpose that encourage a true desire to fully form. Desire then means: the formation of truth in you/ the recognition of truth in someone else. While want, even when desire knows by its own truth that lies exist/ can want them not to exist, thereby the person to believe what should not be believed. It is a quandary, that explains temptation itself: if you do not want/ then you are not tempted to believe.
The essence of structure is itself, an understanding of process and dimension. To understand means: I have found the purpose, or the reality; and thereby can pursue the outcome of either an action or reaction that predicts the future. That process of definition becomes the identity of participation within the action or reaction that creates fate: this is predetermined, because it relies upon the truth that cannot be avoided/ once the point of no return has been reached. Thereby what is constructed as a future for life or any relationship is determined by the definitions which become its truth/ the realities which govern the processes at work, and identify the point of no return. In the essence of any relationship these are governed by the actions of respect or disrespect/ processed as acceptance or denied by one or both/ and control the dimension of our hearts and souls; as we identify the price “I or YOU”; are then willing to pay for this relationship between us. To measure means: you have denied forgiveness, and choose to judge instead. To love forms a destiny: this is a journey of hearts, the place we form, by the destiny inside we do seek as one life shared.

Choosing life by the creation of love, does mean: the value of our existence together, has proven to be greater, than anything I choose for myself, as a separate entity of living. Thereby the duty to protect and defend that “heartbeat” in us both, is isolated as the truth of our existence together. Without “our rhythm as one”/ we dance alone. With the dignity of trial and error, accepted by forgiveness shared, and the ever present challenge not only to find happiness in me, but create happiness in you: the element of human joy becomes real. What we are together forms our heart. What we surrender, to the essence of GOD in our lives, becomes “our soul”/ as one. It is trust that binds us together, that builds the bridge which allows the gift of love to travel from one life to the other. It is truth, that identifies the “parts and pieces” used to create that trust, thereby to respect reality and always choose truth as the honor granted by love, to conceive of honesty, and create kindness between each one; is the essence of a path, that can build a relationship worth achieving.
Truth is not a weapon to control the others/ that is called “righteousness”. Love is a gift, NOT a tool like money to be traded, or spent. Rather the quest of our lives as humanity on this planet is to find and achieve love within ourselves, and develop the relationships that become our gift to each other in love: that we may know, “what life here was meant to be”. Before the elements and reality of want, and pride, took that away. To be free is not a value, unless happiness results. Thereby it is happiness that becomes the treasury we seek. That happiness is not found in simple pleasures, but in the moments we grow beyond ourselves to find an even greater living than imagined: “in a world beyond time”. Not as fantasy! But as a relationship spiritually available called soul. It is fair to say, even if not wise: that the quest of our GOD Is to find and create more love in this universe. That is our decision to join/ not as an army, but an individual identified by trust, and created in a spiritual sense by faith: one life asking, “may I return to you my GOD / some of the love I have known”. In the purpose of happiness for you, and the desire in my own heart: to share. Because I do care, about everything you have given to me. That kindness is beyond compare. That essence of life itself, is beyond anything I could be without you. The body itself is a gift of great value/ while the opposite sex is a gift that makes life a blessing that cannot be conceived without. JESUS led me to these things, making the possibility of a journey beyond simple things possible; with an elegance of life and living that literally knows no boundary. Not as a religion of rules, but a foundation to build and create an identity that might someday be eternal. Where love lives forever.

It is fair to note, that religion made the journey “simpler”/ by keeping a journal of life, by which we compare our existence over time: an attachment thereby, to the people we inherited our turn at life “to try”: by listening to their struggles. By the possibility, of learning from their ways, we can conceive of their time. By understanding their beliefs, and the influences upon their lives/ we learn by their example what is coming for ourselves, when we choose the same road: let us all go together, “the same”. Life is an individual path, to surrender that/ is to surrender your individual identity, the decisions that prepare you for eternity; it is unwise.
By learning of JESUS ways, we can conceive of eternity; even if only slightly correct, it is still an awesome journey. It is LIFE, ALIVE! By accepting this story in particular, is evidence that we are not abandoned by our CREATOR; gives love a value beyond ourselves. There is more to life, than humanity can “see, or hear”. The spiritual essence of life itself, is to understand and accept: the chemistry of nature, the reality of planet, the consequences of sex cannot compose a life/ it merely builds a house. The life inside is an elegance explained by the concept: love gives life “its heart”/ thought gives life its essence/ energy transforms and creates direction; but only GOD is life itself. We are participants in that life; the opportunity to remain therein after time, is entirely your decision. Love will not abandon you/ unless you abandon it. That is an Honesty applied to reality.

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