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Simple choices
07-18-2014, 10:02 AM,
Simple choices
Simple choices

Since these are the last days of life on earth; The foundations upon which, the future of everything exists/ or dies. Because the threats are real, the evidence is absolute, and every reality accessed establishes the time is near. So says the “university knows/ leadership/ media/ and so on”; because they insist at the very least, THEY WILL create the same fire here as is on the sun. The bible agrees, in the book of Daniel/ as there can be no greater abomination to gamble with this entire planet and all its life/ this whole world; dependent upon a single theory, “the fire, 10,000,000 degrees hot; will just put itself out”. As all religious cults do, “if the priests want it/ then this is what we WILL believe”: is enough to demand: we CAN be gods, therefore, reality doesn’t matter. They want cheap, pollution free fuel/ heat for generating electricity; and have dumped in about $100, billion dollars/ ignoring the truth, that a ten million degree fire, that obviously burns atomic bonds: will NOT put itself out, here, where everything is fuel for the fire. That reality is not “negative or positive”/ it simply exists as truth; life or death for this world. The difference is, truth is not a choice, it is a reality that can only be changed by wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. While negative or positive is merely a human emotion, without substance other than to make you “feel better, or worse if you wish”. Or you can accept the simple truth: there are no greater “fools or fantasies” in the history of this world. We all die with them, it is certain they will fail to contain the flames.
Therefore our world, your life, & your children all rests upon the decision for immediate change/ our entire planet is in jeopardy. The first and most significant reality of human decision is: TO DEMAND NO, THE RISK IS TOO GREAT/ you shall not do this anymore. And tear it down/ along with all other great threats, with consequences that cannot be accepted.
Additionally, That change is:
1. A respect for reality/ life/ planet/ the limits and boundaries required of us all, to insure everyone can be “happy”; and the world itself, along with all of nature can survive. Because there are chains of life, participating not only in food; but the chemicals required for life to exist.

2. A respect for the law, that is fair and true to life, nature, and planet. Granting the possibilities that become our freedom, our rights, and our duties.

3. A respect for democracy: whereby WE THE PEOPLE choose our fate and our future as one voice/ declaring for all to hear; that everyone here has rights. That means a limited capitalism, and a foundation of society itself/ that allows no one to rule. We will choose/ our employees in government, will obey. We will decide, its called liberty. We will be substantially free: its called a guaranteed right.

4. A respect for the consequences of being wrong/ the reality exposed, that impacts or alters the lives of others, including all of nature.

5. A respect for truth: the very essence of survival itself, & the foundation of every long term relationship.

6. A respect for the needs and realities of society, humanity, and environment. A responsibility to the future.

7. A respect for life, that does not include genetic mutilation/ gambling with the planet/ destroying resources/ or participating in, thereby causing, or allowing through apathy, greed, or other the tragedies facing us all today, as do clearly exist.

8. A respect for humanity means: we are all inheritors of this earth/ this freedom we call human life; but we do not all share in the work or the responsibility equally, and that does allow for differences. However that fact does not participate in removing the dignity or value of life and living, from any other human or other forms of life on this planet. The fact we are alive, HAS certain rights, and extends certain possessions; as is the possibility to survive in realistic happiness.

9. A respect for each other requires four separate realities to exist: (1) you shall not claim possession of me, my thoughts, or my search for life (a child is a gift/ not a possession; the difference is you may share time and life together, by the realities of love, respect, and duty ). (2) You shall not trade me, or my living, or my work, or my desires; for what you want, need, or assume; my life belongs to me/ not to you. (3) You shall not defile, use, abuse, ridicule, or attack with any form of violence: my own body, it is not yours, it belongs only to me. (4) I am responsible for my own participation in peace, harmony, happiness, and hope as it pervades the reality of society, humanity, family, and world; thereby the consequences of my actions belong only to me. The reward for honorable and honest decisions in like accord to this purpose, establish truth, as the identity I have formed.

10. A respect for society demands: you shall not judge each other/ only the law can do that (NOT a judge/ only the law). You shall not assemble into a mob: thereby constructing an army to destroy others/ so the law cannot interfere. You shall not assume, “might, does not make right”. You shall “bend, when the wind blows hard/ so you don’t break into pieces”. You shall remember “AIN’T NOBODY perfect, and consider only what is true. You shall not rob the future/ lie/ cheat/ or destroy those who cannot fight for themselves. You shall remember, that all forms of government are intended to be: the essence of ourselves, fighting to be free, stable, and constructed as equal rights for all. Not equal possessions/ but equal opportunity, through boundaries and limits that remember “I have needs, I have hopes, I have the gift of life given by GOD through nature: for this purpose of living; just like you. We are equal as life. Without caring, there is no society; which then becomes chaos. Without sharing, there is no family: love dies. Choose.

11. A respect for each other in dating and marriage, between man and woman. EQUALS: only the truth is fair. UNDERSTANDS: the blessing of our time together, is judged through love, by what we honestly and honorably share. WISDOM states: when trust is created, only then is it safe to expose yourself beyond the limits and boundaries of friendship. DESIRE constructs a path between our hearts/ the intent to possess, demands a road; thereby the army of want can carry away your soul. Desire is, the essence of truth as it creates foundations upon which we value and thereby care for each other/ WANT is the foundation of every lie, to yourself, or another. PASSION is the bridge by which romance (time has no meaning without you) shall form; without it, there is no true desire. SEX exists on four distinct levels: a physical need, demanding the search NOT to be alone, has reached a crisis. (2) the construction of a friendship between man and woman has found room and the ability to limit physical needs; because we care. (3) the elevation of friendship as it becomes lovers embraced by romance: a shared value in each other forming heart. (4) the truth embraced by trust, which blooms as the ascension into soul reveals WE ARE ALIVE, in each other; beyond what any words can say.
Rape is not sex/ it is either want unleashed, selfishness unbridled, prostitution, or violence.

12. A respect for yourself, this Creation, & this World: HONORS AND REMEMBERS ITS CREATOR!

Anything less, is a seed that destroys life and planet: as is so obviously proven today by the cult; “university knows”.
EVERYDAY: People at Lawrence Livermore laboratories, in San Francisco/ or, the national ignition facility: play with 180 million degree heat, intending to create a ten million degree fire, just like the sun. That obviously burns atomic bonds as fuel. Saying its, “safe/ cause there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire. EVEN THOUGH, they know not what gravity is: and there theory of fusion, or turning hydrogen into helium has literally been destroyed by lack of evidence. Means we, are All dead. Not a game.
EVERYDAY: people tragically mutilate genetics/ creating pandemic disease along the way by mixing species together and respecting nothing. Not only the foundation upon which nature itself exists, but the building of every body of life: with such minute detail; that great volumes of knowledge about these processes and there interdependency with all other forms of life will NEVER be known. Ransacked/ raped/ ravaged/ and destroyed: for the sake of their religion evolution (we built ourselves, one piece at a time; without even a mind)/ they still don’t have one mind between them. All dead inside. They seek to destroy this biological world of living hope, just to pretend they can play god. They bring us the endless pandemic, but with release of biological weapons of mass destruction, as is the potential of every mutilation: are a true enemy of this world. The result, Intentional or not/ sorry or not; makes absolutely no difference: all dead. Not a game, and there is no going back.
EVERYDAY: the foundations upon which we all survive, in every conceivable way, are tragically impacted/ devastated/ and destroyed. Because greed wants more. The most clear potentially: that 80% of all forested land is gone, our oxygen supply disappears with it/ and men cannot wait, to destroy more, in every nook and cranny of this world. “A penny here/ a penny there; its all mine”. Every small car consumes as much oxygen in an hour of highway driving, as 30 people need in 24 hours. A truck the oxygen required by 100-120 people in 24 hours. Even a train locomotive with a horsepower rating of 6500 hp per locomotive/ always in three’s (20,000 hp); just sitting at idle for long periods of time consumes the potential for a thousand people in that hour/ including resource loss, pollution etc, for absolutely nothing. People driving 50,000 miles a year just to escape their lives. Multiplied by 7+ billion people on earth, plus their heat for housing/ energy consumption for everything: as every fire needs oxygen, proven true. Not a game, and what you want is absolutely irrelevant.
A trillion tons (who knows) of insects gone, with poisons everywhere/ mutilated crops and the intent to destroy: but you take every other creature with them, because this is their base food supply. As for me, I have lived for fifty years at one location: and I can tell you for certain, there are few birds left/ little diversity/ no bees, or butterflies, of any kind/ no reptiles/ very rare to see any kind of amphibian/ no wild animals/ and very few fish in the stream (insects feed them too). Poisoned, in one way or the other/ habitat gone, utterly none, or very few concerned: just too damn busy playing god over their tiny part of the world. Don’t need these things, so its all good/ never going to steal a “counterfeit penny” again? But the price is: No pollinators, no fish, no birds, no life beyond what humanity itself declares “is mine”; the chain of life is then broken in many places/ because you wanted to play god: “only what I allow”. There will be consequences BEYOND your imagination, including the assassination of your children. Extinction will soon be: beyond belief, because you want to play god, and do.
And “a thousand more threats”/ all of which are coming to their ending; not going to be hidden anymore.

We then move to the “obvious”, and apply the simple existence of every individual life to achieve time, as the quest of life itself. Since we cannot own time (we die), we achieve it by obtaining eternity (the existence of our participation in energy, as freedom, through thought).
Time is the deterioration of existence, by the removal of base structures that identify the elemental compositions of mass by its action or reaction to energy itself. The removal of mass from the equations that construct energy without the physical resistence of obstructions or boundaries; revolves around the potential called eternity.
The purpose here being: life is greater than time! Consequently you need to conceive of greater reality, than want.

In governing the social experiments that create the human factor of our world; the most consistent reality explained by human conduct is failure. Or more simply, because people want more for themselves/ they do attack each other, the world, and everything in it to obtain that power and pride over the rest. It is fundamentally insane; but consists of the truth that people who do obtain that power and pride then proceed to ruin or detract from the lives of the rest/ consequently the move for more, does represent in large part an intent to control those who intend and do control, manipulate, or tempt you. Want is then a fundamental focus, for all that is wrong with society, and its human behaviors. Without want/ through respect, we WOULD live in a very different world.
Elementally then, the quest for a better life for the vast majority, is identified by removing the base definition of what goes wrong/ and replacing that element of human existence with respect, truth, happiness, and the potential called love.

The functioning first step is to consider and create, the foundation of every living body: the right, and the guaranteed ability, to achieve and accept the opportunity for work that establishes survival without detracting from life in time. There are three factors that influence the result of every human work. (1) the availability of resources, which does include the level of difficulty in obtaining those rewards. (2) the communication of talent, as a participation in creating processes and purposes beyond what is simple & plain. (3) the physical elements which generate possibilities beyond our own hands.
There are four factors which influence the reality of every human work. (1) are you willing to participate fully, or at least in a realistic manner as would generate a result. (2) can you understand the basic knowledge and refined understanding to participate within the framework that is your assigned purpose at this time. (3) do you care about anything beyond yourself, even down to the level of do you care about yourself? (4) is life, reality, and world constructed within you as a foundation upon which you can be disciplined, orderly, balanced, and fundamentally willing: to be wise enough, to recognize the consequences of what will happen in the future from your own actions or reactions. More simply: can you be taught/ or will you hide and run away from the reality of life itself?
The essence of our time is: that every action or reaction has a consequence, that builds over time, if not anticipated and achieved by thought as a destiny, built upon truth/ then these decisions will become your fate. To fall into the abyss of want, NEVER ends well.

Nonetheless, altering the course of human society to remove the job (obey the money)/ and replace it with the essential ingredient of work (obey the realities of life); requires discovery by desire.
Desire means here: to accept both limits and boundaries placed upon us all/ has a value that translates our time, into the development of peace, harmony, and a purpose that includes all life, and its future on this earth.
Thereby we understand, that by discovery reality: as the relationship governing our future by the choices that have already been made; we KNOW by the evidence and its truth, that we have no choice in real terms, but to accept that change must come or we all die. We are too many people for any other way. Change begins with the clear reality: money, can no longer rule this world! It is the means or tool and method used by humans to create a tragic mess (thereby a weapon); as is the world today, and has been throughout most of history. It is the ways and means, and purpose of men! But it is still a tool, that functionally works; thereby it remains in that function.
The difference is, the removal of power/ pride/ and selfishness: constructs the potential to do better. The reality is, that instead of money, and the games men play to achieve and control leadership: thereby they get power, pride, and the possibilities of selfishness for themselves. That must be changed to ONLY THE LAW DECIDES; As we the people create that law to be. As we decide for ourselves what the limits and boundaries of society shall be: formed in simplicity/ and constructed with a clear understanding of why, so that none are deceived or able to misinterpret without consequences.
When the law rules, as the people themselves have spoken: then society becomes as the people themselves have created. If you are fair to all/ seek justice for all/ accept the responsibility of freedom/ and respect the foundations which provide life, survival, and all things of value shall not be abandoned for any cause or reason or complaint. Then you will find peace, harmony, and happiness through your work, and decisions of merit. If not this world will soon end/ because tragedy surrounds us, and is closing in to exterminate this world.
The law is not to be “interpreted by a judge, or group of judges”/ RATHER, it is your law; and you shall establish court cases before all the people: communicating what is not fully understood, so that these irritations can be removed. You shall GRADE your judiciary, and your court rooms, including lawyers: governing them through public participation, by removing any, that fail as you decree it will be.
The prison is for hate, that has the potential to heal. Hate that has no such potential, or deserves no such trial period: shall be dealt with accordingly. The jail, a more localized solution; is for those who “need to recognize” this is no game. Beyond that, the requirement is: that you shall work through the punishment/ earning with each thirty hours of hard labor, the right to learn “for five hours of instruction”; whatever it is each desires that is functionally and honorably useful in society. As best you can. If you achieve an education that is useful/ then you will help teach, as your “hard labor”. If you achieve and accept teaching, then you will be paid twice whatever the others in your situation can achieve.
Policing IS NOT, a fundamental “us against them”! Any who so believe should not be allowed to remain in that employment/ because it asserts an insanity that will extend into society, making everything harder for the rest. You are not an army. You are individually considered and expected to be: as brave or more so, than the few who can be “warriors for peace”. Warrior means: prepared and ready, to do battle, or even die/ but clearly defined by the purpose to be as gentle and kind as the job allows. You shall not attempt to obtain “an edge over the other”/ you are the same, as the public: a citizen governed by law; wherein all may be expected to obey with realistic duty.
Leadership is governed by the investigation of truth, and the ascension of a deliberate decision: by the understanding of evidence, as it is supported within the framework of knowledge, which then guarantees as best we can, “a future without surprises”. We know, /therefore we did what we needed to do, FOR LIFE, AND PLANET: MUST COME FIRST. Let the power of leadership be removed: by displacing its organization, removing its money, and constructing the definitions, by laws, and purposes for which we the people have paid this tax. Thereby our choice.

Beyond and before society, are the elements of human behavior that establish love, family, parenting, and everything that is of value to the life, of a human being living in dignity with a purpose called peace. Respect demands of you, that there must be change. No more preying upon each other. No more shopping for trophies or illusions of grandeur; because you wanted or expected, this one will give you everything. No more expectation of slavery, ownership, etc. Limits and boundaries that establish what is fair to all. Very little “garbage” of any kind/ a different world. As the evidence shows: your gods at the university live to destroy what is clearly working without their consent. They destroy what is working/ so they can play god and say, “we will do it better”. Reality shows, “the university way is death”/ by the evidence that is true, because there is essentially nothing, that must not be changed. And there are a “thousand things” already trying to destroy us all/ even the solar system itself. Because lighting this earth on fire as a sun/ has consequences beyond our lives. Even the probability, when those suns collide and explode, the potential for a black hole large enough to shape galaxies may also be formed. How is that not “satan; destroyer of a world”!

The critical realm of men is: that they want a leader, so as to form and army, and make or take whatever they demand. That is their means of dealing with any real problem. Armies fight the majority/ they do not fight for critical truth or law. They do not give understanding or wisdom. They simply assault and assume something better will result for themselves; to hell with you.
The critical realm of women is: they have never been allowed a true leader, or an army; there power is in the law. Because men have proven they are stronger, and covet weapons more/ but enforcement of the law takes that away; and makes every individual responsible for what they did do. That gives women the edge in all fundamental realities that must be addressed without an army or a leader. They do understand, this type of power. The foundation of peace is law. The critical reality of harmony is respect. The monumental task of organizing humanity to accept the job: that is creating FOUNDATION LAWS, by which we all receive freedom, justice, fair play, and equality, with an opportunity to participate regardless of the others. But demands NO simple answer can be allowed to assume, what has been done correctly as an individual, can now just be taken without true cause and justification. To achieve a different perspective/ requires a different mind: let women try, it is truly our only hope/ they literally are different, in many ways. NOT as individual leaders, but as designers of a different society, where life DOES come first.
In biblical prophecy, whether you believe it or not: is simply not my concern! Isaiah 2, establishes the same as what has been told to you must be done. Less clear is the meaning of verses 2-3. Verse 2 “the mountain of the lords will be raised above the hills, and all nations will stream to it.” Interpreted the lords temple is life/ not mass. The place where life is born, is woman. The mountain represents “so many exist”/ or that could be extended to represent the only “living mountain” in creation, which is a woman’s breasts. To be raised above the hills, is to see the distant horizon: to understand what the road or path from here shall require, before you begin. A water stream must go, where the path leads/ it does not have a choice. Verse 3, establishes that women will be accepted for this purpose, and humanity will assist. But they must not walk alone/ rather they will desire the law, and establish respect for OUR CREATOR.

Men have proven “this is, the best they did do”. They failed life, and worshiped money instead. Thousands of years of history cannot be wrong. We must turn from want/ to respect, justice, and fair play: or the crush of too many people, and a world already in trouble will be too hard to survive. There will be population control. There will be decisions required, no one desires to make/ because reality cannot be changed without true sacrifice of want. Not life as a value we can never replace/ but want as a reality of human behavior, that cannot be endured anymore. Even with true intent, to be everything life needs us to be: there is no longer any guarantee, we can repair all the damage that has been done. Or survive the reality of “evil: an arrogance so extreme, no value as life exists”. The choice then is to do your best/ or simply let the earth be exterminated. YOU will decide/ because there is no other choice. YOU will overcome the propagation of “university knows”, and communicate among yourselves. The blind obedience, without question; ends with the investigate for truth, reality, and future life; as survival demands you must. Yes the counterfeiting will stop, or the future will die; ending lies, theft, cheating, fraud, organized crime, and a multitude of other criminal offenses such as treason. But you can take charge of the redistribution of “societies work, and reward” as fairly as possible. That is what democracy is for! Enforce it.

We are miracles, living in a world that is entirely made up of more miracles that can literally be nothing else. Life is not an accident, it is the reality of thought constructing order, discipline, balance, structure, value, motion, and more than we will ever know. It is only humanity, that causes itself trouble: IS THAT, not your own fault/ your own freedom to choose?
We add in, the simple evidence of truth that cannot be denied. Noah’s flood was real; because nothing else could have buried immense amounts of life, both plant and creature at depths, and in clusters or clumps so huge, that our fossil fuels exist. The world did die once, the evidence is clear; except for a very tiny few people, and life. The prophecy it will happen again by fire: stares us in the face, with people trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun. YOUR decisions brought us to this moment/ your decisions can take us back from the abyss, if you change for yourselves. It is a choice, and majority will rule this day. Make your decision and work for life/ eternity is watching.

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