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Court Cases Forum
08-27-2014, 09:09 AM,
Court Cases Forum
It is a reality of our courts

that supporting only the powerful, and wealthy and proud: is considered to be their job/ and they accept it, with near perfect compliance.
That is not justice. It is a monopoly driven by control over the courts. As is clearly seen in the destruction of “our free press”. 99% of all news sources, are controlled by a tiny handful of people. You get propaganda. Entertainment feeds you endless threats, which cause: “yes, I can judge”. Elections are rigged, because an endless stream of counterfeiting DOES control them (one billion dollar presidential elections, are clue enough)/ and the electoral college cannot be considered “without a bribe”.
All of that and much more.

Therefore we search for justice for ourselves, as best we can/ all who accept the duty and the reality: “Without a home, as is democracy: we will be lost, or die”.
This question now supports the need to investigate the courts, and refine the evidence of what they do, and what they did do: for or against our democracy and the justice their reality, demands for us all.

Thereby a forum debate is substantively useful as a device for assessing the truth about what happens in a courtroom.
What happens when class action suits, are won/ but the “real money” ends up in lawyer hands.
What happens when large companies are allowed to sell their liabilities/ so that litigants cannot receive a reasonable settlement for company failures.
What happens, when policing is not representatives of the people/ but separate themselves into “us or them”.
What happens, when anger or need to defend yourself from attack/ turns to a gun: SHOULD THERE NOT, “be rubber bullets” to control the situation instead of kill? The elements of defense, as is victim defense jewelry, should be included throughout society.

Make a statement, and support it with your own facts/ if you can. But do bear in mind: that slander is damaging the reputation of another and causing them harm, by talking. While libelous is writing or causing harm by establishing what cannot be verified as both necessary, & true.
While that fundamentally scares TOO MANY PEOPLE/ the reality of power, that is breaking the covenant: between society and its lawyers/ we want fair/ we need justice. Rather than, to be inundated with legalized theft. That, Must be stopped. Therefore the foundation of this particular forum is to introduce and expand: that we must judge everything that happens in a courtroom for ourselves. We must grade the judge, for constitutional law. We must grade the lawyers, for justice. We must grade the courtroom for applying itself to democracy and our own fundamental demands for FAIR PLAY, and equality for all; as best we can. We must judge the cases and its outcome for ourselves/ as participants; or as witnesses. Thereby we do access and control the court: because we will throw out any and all who fail the test of our society. That we will be fair/ we will be just/ and we will enforce the law or change it to demand equality. And we will demand, that policing does not include cowardice, assault, or battery/ and the foundation of arrest is: with realistic RESPECT.
That functionally also includes: the manipulation of commercials to produce advertisements that promise “health and happiness”/ while they stipulate “we aren’t responsible for anything/ you were told”. Is a bald faced lie! Each ad is produced and tested to insure it does not scare the subjects/ to find what they did or did not hear; and how they perceived the actors; rather than the reality of risk. An established RISK: IS WHEN THE CONSEQUENCES of this going wrong, are clearly identified just like the proposed happiness if it should go well. No equal treatment, of the legal responsibilities; before the law has been given/ therefore the ads are mere propaganda, and do not constitute a defense..

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