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elevations begin
09-19-2014, 11:32 AM,
elevations begin
The elevation of what is, or is not consistent with the necessity of stopping the insanity, that is clear cult worship, called “university knows”. Cults cannot be dissolved, until “their belief structure (our leaders cannot be wrong)” has been damaged. This approach, Considers the feminine version of critical: to be “stepping lightly” onto the various plateaus of thought, as essential. What is male in me disagrees, considering all the tragedy men do, with everything they can touch/ but understands, with a world threatened by extinction: the opportunities for lesser studies has disappeared.

The three essential human conceived elements are: heart/ brain/ soul. Thought is, the dimensional assembly of critical elements, which then create a three fold environment; by postulating the fourth element: the essence of truth, consists in thought itself. Within that assembly of four points: elevations exist, so as to entrap and isolate the consequent definitions of what can or cannot be true. Therein the elements themselves, elaborate those creations of reality, into the separate plateaus or levels of each distinct individual participant identified as subsequent to a distinct truth, equals an existence..
Once separated, into respective disciplines; the balance associated with knowledge confines order to structural integration, as focused upon by the three constants which must be present. The heart: our inner world, created by whatever degree of true love (a respect designed by value accepted), that is present in you. Heart Operates as the curator of the exhibits/ or, what can be viewed at this time, shall be so. What cannot by virtue of the decision; remains hidden or separated until a later time. These separations fundamentally consumes the barriers, identified by the brain, to achieve the essence of understanding itself. The brain measures and creates the function of transient knowledge by its relationship to the sensual recognition of our reality as we know it to be. Thereby the brain is fundamentally removed, from accepting the steps of our truth, into existence, from transition related to time, by this element of time removed from boundaries, to be placed within the realm of soul. Soul is the essence of life itself, and thereby gives construction to the elemental mass, of any given object/ by its level associated with energy. What has life with energy (not dead), has soul/ but soul is not energy.
We must then first discuss what is not thought! That functionally or fundamentally is: any association with “your inner voice”/ or the thing allowed or expressed by the brain when measuring, as judgment. Judgment means, to accept the relationship life shares with brain/ as the evidence of an identity; it is not. Measuring is not associated with thought/ that is a different dimension, in the creation of living, or being “objects”. Those who accept this “inner voice, by its judgment”: is “their own life talking to themselves”, thereby accepting its direction, and control/ are insane. Consequently to varying degrees, this world “swims in a sea of insanity”; because they imagine, or image what judgment by the brain could make them. A more clear reality is, Simple and plain; life cannot be measured, or thereby judged/ rather it exists and conceives of eternity, wheresoever thought can be found.
The question arises: if we do not measure and judge/ how then can we decide, how best to proceed in life itself? The answer is: when putting life first, the directional issues take care of themselves. It is only when you measure & judge/ that misdirection, failure, and fantasy occurs: want interferes.
We must first assemble what is an identity of life/ rather than the existence of body in time. That is restricted in large part, because it comes far too close to life itself. Therefrom an extremely simplified example emerges instead: life, is the essence of thought transforming itself into the creation of “an object” that lives within the boundaries of an identity from which it cannot escape. That identity is then the controlling development, which enables a decision/ a consequent freedom/ or an ability to change variables, reconstructing the assembly of participants in time as is human. Or in rare instances: to go beyond the boundaries of time, as participants in a spiritual element of thought itself. Time, is the potential illumination of elements and stability, as designed by the foundations which must then be learned as an essence in truth, elevated by trust. Being human means: I have a choice, to learn or to ignore and behave according to the brain by its measurements, or its judgment.
Critical to thought, is the spiritual environment itself! Only in the true study of plateaus does life elevate itself, into separation from the base function of a brain/ to create the essence of truth itself. Each level identifies a different development of interchange: by removing barriers, to approach purity. Therefrom spirit is truth purified into a dimensional existence which can interact within thought itself. Thought then exists as, “the spiritual body of life, occupied by truth”. Or more simply, by entering within truth itself, the foundations governing the law which identifies that truth: become alive. Law means: to actively patrol the environment of any truth, and discover all that is not deliberately participating as necessary, to establish purity at each individual level or plateau. Purity means: there is no cause to destroy this essence or existence, because its purpose here is not to harm/ thereby different levels exist; as desire transforms “no harm” into critical compliance and thereby growth, or “a step up”.
Thought requires three anchors to proceed: simplified as “heart/ soul/ and truth”: the development of what is to be constructed out of brain (the knowledge called, human experience)/ comes next. This is where your own spiritual identity begins. To become anchored, as heart: the essence of your own existence must assemble and accept the foundations of respect/ value/ love/ and hope without reservations. To become anchored in soul: the miracles of creation cannot be doubted. Nor can the evidence as presented by this planet and all its life chains, ecological wonders, physical realities, diversity, exceptional abilities, and everything that proves without the slightest doubt: thought alone, with all its exceptional truth, & merit/ can do this. Therefore for all considerations of life and planet: GOD IS THOUGHT AND ABILITY, and much more. But clearly “thought”/ as proven on this planet. Clearly ability without equal. These two elements or anchorage definitions, begin the development of truth as a successive partner, in the attainment of understanding through wisdom, as aided by knowledge through body. We participate by using freedom to investigate, the miracles of GODS’ OWN CREATION/ thereby we do have the opportunity to recognize more than we can understand. Wisdom is the ascension past discovery, into the realm of trust. I no longer need to believe, as I have accepted proven truth is my own anchor/ achieved without doubt. This anchorage is the fourth dimension allowing the interchange between truth itself, and the fundamentals assigned wherein an environment is created. The fourth dimension is then environmentally assigned as “three triangles joined together with four faces”. Nonetheless space is the creation enclosed, of a distinct relationship. Discussion ends here.

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