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09-24-2014, 11:47 AM,
As we turn to the realities of life, in this United States/ the constant reminder of what it means to live in America is: driven by money, there is nothing left but greed. The end result of bribes and counterfeit money is: competition becomes “great”/ or we can be rich, “for free”.
Or more simply, the reality of our lives is governed by counterfeit money, more than anything else, other than university. The reality of our world is, that every week, 2 million + more human mouths to feed/ than deaths; appear on this planet. As they grow, they must find a place “somewhere”/ and that includes here! So there is no end to the increase of competition as the last of every resource on earth is consumed, quickly/ the future ends for us all, especially the children. Just how it is,
This cannot be ignored, without VERY serious tragedies: all of which we face now as a world. Reality does not care/ truth simply is what it is. The constant reality of university leadership, instead of life must come first. They have disavowed every single LIFE NEED/ every functioning reality of survival/ every element that sustains our world/ and even the planet itself: choosing everything left shall be destroyed/ rather than saved for the hope we can survive as life. No infrastructure, no future, no anything for life to come has been chosen by those who lead, particularly over the last fifty years or so. Instead every form of nature is being mutilated; because the cult of evolution wants to change nature itself, from discipline/ balance/ order/ ETC; into chaos as they pretend built a world. To their shame.
No greater failure in the history of human existence has occurred/ and there have been very many. The university diploma even gambles with every single life on this planet: by attempting to bring the same fire here as is on the sun. Ignition means the planet burns/ because we can’t extinguish a ten million degree fire. University knows this is true, yet they believe the fire, will just extinguish itself. Wrong is all life on the planet dead; a greater abomination of pride, cannot exist. Gambling with all life, on a theory for fools.
Nonetheless, those who claim to be gods, because they have a university diploma/ and the people who not only allow this, but support it with their lives, work, planet, and all things real. Have created a list of realities which will clearly soon exterminate us all; tragedies they chose. Yet from the public, none care/ all hide and run away; “media and all shouting, the univerity knows, what it is doing”. They are mutilating every life/ destroying every foundation of life and planet/ gambling with every existence forever/ and much more: and yes they do know it. So why don’t you?
In this day as we are approaching the last moments of our existence; because critical realities cannot be undone: this, called the “point of no return, for all life on this planet”. It may be kinder to let the world die in one great catastrophe/ rather than endless horrors. Both are coming quickly, simply because the evidence and its truth cannot be wrong.

Even so, with or without the others: we all have a duty to fight until the end of every possibility life could, at least potentially survive; is lost. Given that duty, and obligation to fight; we assemble another of the endless “university assaults” and discover again: the reality of counterfeiting that has enabled a few, not only to control our lives, but create machines and tragedies potentially ending, this very planet, even nature itself. Because of that counterfeiting in our names, with our nation, and through the lies media propagates. Their lies state: the money created, is a debt rather than inflation/ even though we can never pay it. And the people all say, “let us LIE”/ because if we don’t, someone has to pay; and it is so tremendous nobody can. Or we don’t want this reality/ so lets pretend. The vast majority of Americans all say: let the leaders steal/ it is better than reality: because, No one wants bankruptcy and its depression.
So the few who make decisions for the rest, living like kings; and coddle the university as gods, so they cannot be publicly questioned: about what happens when this goes wrong. So says the media as well, and courts/ they utterly refuse reality, and provide “worshiping their cult” instead: “university knows”. The leaders, and their university army; Continue to steal/ and the people say, “its better than the alternative”. Because they don’t want their own “stolen numbers/ I got my share of this counterfeit money”; to become, “this money, is a lie as well.” It dissolved into nothing!
The elders all say, “let the children pay”/ don’t touch my money, my life, or my world; soon I will die/ then, the rest of you: OR simply, you can fix all this trouble/ not me.

But alas, the world itself is dying, want is destroying everything/ as greed orchestrates doom and disaster. With every living foundation under clear and terrible assault. With America preparing for civil war. Because that is what counterfeiting, and extreme competition buys.
Let us review, as memory allows: according to the federal reserve accounting table L.5 total liabilities and assets of this USA, when last I looked. The asset table shows an increase in currency of about $92,000.00 dollars per each and every one hundred million people. Or more simply: those people who are in charge of working under our direction according to constitutional mandates and sworn affidavits. Thereby our government: our employees instead, take in everything you pay in taxation/ and NOT finding it enough, counterfeit an additional ninety two thousand or so per each person/ per one hundred million people/ per year. Which is basically the entire workforce of this nation. Or more simply: the people who are in charge of our government; being restricted to “only the university graduate need apply”. Because they took over and made new rules. Spend way more than the average American makes at roughly $60.000.00, by 130%; not including all the tax you pay. Taxation is over fifty percent: federal/ social security/ state/ sales/ utilities/ property/ fees, and every other thing they can think of: add it up. They then create an additional, roughly $36,000.00 of new debt to go along with the inflation/ which is counterfeiting. Because we cannot pay/ therefore it is not debt. Just as inflation that is hidden by lies/ theft/ and cheating: by media and all forms of leadership. So that the average america/ person CANNOT participate in, or obtain any of, this “new money pile”. It gets into the economy, by only a few get to spend it/ but we all pay for what they take by theft.
The elevation of what is, or is not consistent with the necessity of stopping this insanity. Roughly, at a debt level of about 2 million dollars per worker/ per one hundred million workers. Begins with understanding what is or is not true. That can be assessed by reviewing the federal reserve table L.5. Look it up! Do it yourself/ remembering the chart is in billions. Or for every number “1": that represents, a billion dollars.

What is far more important than the numbers of their fantasy and failure/ is the delusion of “university knows”; even though that has been proven to be horrendous. Gambling with all life, based on a theory/ mutilating all of nature, based on a religion of evolution (nothing proven but adaption: the sign and seal of perfect design). Instead of being gods, as they believe: We are all threatened with extinction, by university failure; in countless ways. Every living body of life is being mutilated. Every resource that is essential to our survival has been either destroyed, or is being destroyed; and we cannot survive without resources essential. Our entire planet is being gambled with through the singular purpose of trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun. We KNOW this fire exists/ THEREFORE it can be ignited here. The national ignition facility exists for that purpose! the exawatt lasers are being constructed: whose only real purpose is; as a match to ignite the planet itself. They will succeed unless stopped.
As a world: We have a trillion tons of weight suspended on salt pillars (at a height of about 20 feet). An open cavern, over roughly a “hundred square miles”/ been digging there since 1908. Where even the edges of the mine (for the last tiny bit of stability) are no doubt excavated, “because its money”. One earthquake, and like domino’s, it all falls down. The effect will open Yellowstone super volcano, demolish cities, and destroy all underground water for at least one thousand miles. It will be horrific, and truly does establish “the beginning of hell on earth”. Because the effects will be world wide/ human death in the billions, as a direct reality. Unless you fill the cavern back up/ before it falls down.

But the people say: lets stay simple minded, as that is the way of men/ by worshiping their gods at “university knows. We then can be accepted so they: let us play their game”. Because they then, give us bribes, with our own money. Or more simply: Even counterfeit money spends/ until no one takes it anymore.

So lets discuss what taking counterfeit money actually does.
In this USA, the counterfeiting of more than double what the actual economy is: means that a few people get to spend/ get to decide/ get to live and be “like kings and queens. So much so, they can pretend to be gods” and play with life and planet itself. The tiny grasp left on law, means they don’t yet simply get to kill you; so it’s a game, to make you cry/ or abandon you and the world, to live out their fantasy.
Because the money means: you will obey them, and since the money itself has no real value/ you do get to be their slaves. They didn’t pay you with real money/ which means it is, just another form of stolen money. That means they indebted the nation, and inflated the currency to pretend they have a right to make decisions that control or destroy our very lives. Yet they give us nothing, but the demand: to pay them anything they want/ to worship them, as gods: because that is what they do as “satan”. Religious or not, it fits; they destroy a world on purpose/ and you the people let them with little more than a whimper.
These tiny few who decide to create the counterfeiting, and give it to themselves. Do control more counterfeit money than all of us make together, as earned income. They even make us pay over fifty percent of what we make: to their purposes alone. Democracy it is not. Capitalism it is not. Reality by truth is abandoned; because lies alone rule.
But people argue: we are better off this way because.

That means: 1. The economy seems to be working, because there is money flowing. 2. The bribes in all forms extend to a great many people, making this is a joint effort. Which means an army had to be created to enforce the weapon of greed. The recipient/ thereby the army itself: in particular, the university diploma, in one form or another/ which is making these decisions: and getting most of the money inflated. Every tyrant, needs an army to keep the rest at bay. Even so, without bribes for the rest, and the temptation: even you can be rich/ the rest won’t remain obedient. While the university diplomas take the majority/ the rest bite in, to enter with pensions, benefits, healthcare, early retirement, and every other form of bribe known to man or woman; as best they can. “We are rich too”/ with endless numbers, “go ahead write another billion dollars into your bank account” be happy! After all, it means nothing, until you try to spend it. 3. But, Someone does have to pay, with work/ that means, resources lost too. Real workers “YOU” can’t have a bribe too, because the work must be done. Someone must be forced to take very little/ so the rest can play god. This work/ and these resources which do support life itself: “ is the REAL money, with foundation resources from the future, taken. Every child assassinated”. 4. People believe they are wealthy, because they have more numbers; even though, no form of reality substantially exists in participation with these numbers. Other than the reputation of America itself/ which will soon fail completely, by what the leaders have done. By what the people themselves have allowed, & the reality of propaganda forced down their throat, by media. 5. As the personal numbers increase, so do the expectations (I have the numbers/ I am owed): I earned the substantive value of a dollar today/ and I expect that dollar to be given back to me tomorrow, at a consistent value. It is a fools dream. 6. As the numbers continue to exceed the work and the available resources, the ability to collect a “valued return” begins to fail/ therefore prices rise, taxes rise, interest rates rise, resources are depleted because of unrestricted demand, and work fails. 7. The economy is destroyed, and civil war begins: because I worked/ and the university diploma, plus their henchmen, stole my life, with lies. I am angry/ or hate!
No truth, as is consistent with university knows: equals tragedy; it is that simple. That does not mean, “trinkets and toys” have not been built to amuse or use you. It simply means: when LIFE ITSELF comes last/ as is the truth of leadership; nothing else will soon matter at all.
Resources are ransacked and raped to keep the lies hidden. By bribing the people, governments are destroyed. By rules democracy and freedom fade into death; which means tomorrow is dead.

To participate in any real world understanding of economics, it is first necessary to understand what supply and demand economics is. In human reality, when the supply of any resource becomes limited or nearly used up: the price goes up. Thereby limiting the demand to, only those who truly need this resource. Therefrom the competition increases for anything that can be found to replace the resource itself/ or there will be changes in society to accommodate the loss of this resource; or humanity itself must move. To find a new resource to take its place. When the supply is plentiful, every resource soon loses its true worth to life/ because people believe there is nothing to worry about, we can fill any demand we make: until that becomes untrue. Then again a limited resource demands change. That demand will cause people to mediate themselves/ or there will be war. Because there isn’t enough for us all. Someone has to be shoved out, or die; so enters prejudice etc
. Democracy mediates this by assuming: we can vote/ thereby removing the power of pure economics: (if I have something you want/ then you must pay what I ask). Replacing that: By asserting, if we have a true honest need, then eminent domain must rule. But where justice exists; not without a realistic solution for all/, through law. That fails, because counterfeiting is easier than justice; so they “print EASY money”/ and believe themselves safe, “you can’t stop us”.....we own the world. “We have a printing machine”.
Communism holds, that economics has no place in society; we should all own everything/ thereby giving nothing to the individual, regardless of the work, or the reality of what you do, or do not do. Therefore reality is an entitlement, which rewards only survival/ while the rulers who decide the wealth of everyone, learn to bribe, be bribed, or take whatever they want.
Socialism constructs a more theoretical approach to life in society; they want some of democracy and some of communism to fix the various problems associated with giving anyone the power to rule other people and make decisions that determine the wealth and reality of everyone in society. But alas, like democracy: people want what they want/ and they don’t want what they don’t want; and they don’t care what you do, so long as you “make me rich”. It takes only a few, to cause constant problems for all the rest.
Kings or queens “decide for the rest”/ you have no real say, other than revolt.
We construct capitalism, as the blatant demand to take all you can get/ and control the others by using money as a weapon or tool to rule who decides what this society will be.

We then turn to a new approach which is limited capitalism. We the people will vote as a majority: on the amounts of income both great and small that will be allowed in this society. Thereby giving the people themselves the option to say to the wealthy: this is too much for you/ we take it back, or stop you. While saying to the poor: if you work a “full week” as we choose for ourselves/ then the very least you will be paid is this much. That is what we do for you, for each and every person in society itself/ because we respect ourselves. More can be done with limiting possessions: this is too much for you/ we have rights; ;and needs too. More can be done with primary natural resources, or resources earned that have become important to society itself: such as creating competition to reduce the price, or remembering these resources are all this earth possesses for the future as well as ourselves, and we must respect that reality.

So then the fundamental question of counterfeiting comes into focus: are you going to let liars/ thieves/ and cheats, operating on the delusion and fantasies of playing god over life and planet (as is mutilating all of nature itself/ bringing a fire here that burns our skin from 91 million miles away today as is the sun. Or are you going to stand up for yourselves, accept the reality of change, and determine a future for ourselves, that even the children might survive? This is not a hard concept. But it does require that we the people control the bankruptcy that returns our currency to reality/ and changes the structure of our society: TO LIFE MUST COME FIRST! Instead of money rules everything. The foundation of this work is: Let truth decide!

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