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10-01-2014, 07:35 AM,
EVERY truth, is a relationship shared between heart and soul/ the brain itself understands no truth, as it is not consistent with measurement. That leaves us with judgment, as opposed to the more critical conception of value and right. So the question follows: what is value that it becomes truth, and what is right, that we entertain and expect our lives have a distinctive real respect for the assembly and relationship of what can or cannot be cherished, because we live.

Value, is an identity created from a foundation that will not be moved, altered, or in any way subject to being “wrong”. Thereby it is intrinsically related, to what is true. A right is, the clear and distinct acceptance: that life itself, grants the value of itself, to each of its children/ regardless of color, condition, or completeness. Thereby it is a relationship with life itself, that gives us rights. The critical passage that conceives of a relationship between ourselves as independent individuals accepting love as the basis of our existence, is called heart. The critical relationship, that terminates or identifies those who belong to life through love and its relationship to value; is called soul. Thereby we understand inner truth found in the steps which complete our path between “heart and soul”/ as in life itself, coming home.

Happiness is based in the fundamental: that we shall not judge, or measure either ourselves, or any other life. Rather acceptance is the critical conception, that gives reality its opportunity to show within and of ourselves the value that exists all around each of us, as is true and distinct within every miracle. Thereby it is functionally true, that the majority of happiness in each of us: is dependent upon ourselves. We make each other happy, by being alive within ourselves, and sharing that element of value with this world. When we cannot be happy, the burden is upon ourselves, to stop measuring/ to stop being judged/ to stop wishing or wanting to “win/ or seek revenge for losing”: and become th essence of life itself, which is, to identify life, as the most important part of every existence. Including yours!

We then ask: what is the value of life, if simply living is not enough? Why do we need the relationship that someone who cherishes us individually, is required? When do we live, in the struggle to survive? And how do we attain an eternity, which binds us to love, and its joy; through soul?
To understand relationship itself, is fundamental to the elevation of life itself/ as an essence identified, creating “beyond ourselves.” Relationship means: I am not alone; I have found or discovered a truth that is substantially not my own. These exist as the assessment of time separated from the physical reference that is the body of life. Or more simply: to become alive inside, rather than as time itself, the acceptance of value in another life, and its contribution to yours, requires respect. Thereby every relationship is governed by respect/ and without respect there shall be no lasting relationship of any kind. Not in time or eternity. Consequently to understand anything about the value of life itself, we must each learn and assemble the necessary disciplines to achieve and attain respect for all that is life, “without death”. Those who choose death through hate, need not be respected/ other than to adhere within the structures of justice and law. Or more distinctly, while we must value respect/ the structural disciplines of law and order require acceptance as well. Justice forms, when we share the reality of life, the consequences of survival; and its simplified truths, as if we were judging ourselves. There is no truth in avoiding the reality of law, and its service to life: some people simply demand “to be judged”/ because society cannot withstand their relationship to us all; as it is.
The value of life, without the intrinsic relationship “beyond self”; when subjected to elements of sadness: turns to the spiritual world as our guide from the distinct in moments/ to the less distinct, but far more powerful relationships with truth itself. Every truth is a witness to life/ thereby every truth is a foundation upon which every life forms. Within that statement are the fundamentals of change, within yourself: even if that is not the composed or constructed identity for which you search. The reality of isolation, gives clarity to the functional purity required to achieve an integrated soul, with truth. Soul demonstrates a relationship with “GOD” Our Creator! Truth identifies the search within you, as your own element within the treasury called love. Without love “there is no accepted “God”. With love, there are miracles to behold, treasuries of both time and life to uncover/ to accept/ and to apply as the foundation of life itself, through anchors in evidence that can never be shaken. Thereby we do understand: whether alone or with another person in time to reduce the critical impact of loneliness: the path into creation itself as is life; remains a personal journey, only you can achieve within yourself.
The argument begins: “I want more” than just me! I want someone to cherish me, to accept my ways, and to provide the dignity and the respect that others surrounding me fail to understand as my own individual right. To choose for myself, is intrinsic to being alive in time or eternity. Because to be free, understands only: “this is a decision I have made”. The relationship we share with another person functionally must mimic that truth: that I have a right to be free. When we find someone that accepts our own freedom is valued; then we have found a friend. When we find someone that accepts the basis of our own life, is a treasury filled with elements of freedom; to be shared, with you. Then we find a lover, in the opposite sex. When we accept that freedom is equally treasured, and will honorably order our lives together from this moment on: love has blossomed into a relationship that serves us both in peace and kindness for life itself.
The struggle to survive is distinct among all other things; there is no search for passion other than survival. There is only the truth of a need that must be met; or we sacrifice everything worked for or desired, to death. Consequently survival becomes our relationship with death/ want it or not. Death, is a distinction created as “without time”/ or more simply “no body of life to inhabit or control as home”. Thereby the relationship with body ends in death/ but that does not mean life ends, even though it will be evicted from the body given to you. Or more simply: the lease is not renewed, you must move beyond here, to live unto whatever you have built for yourself. We thereby “go unto trial” as the creation of ourselves/ and what can or cannot survive, the reality that is our truth, in its relationship with soul.
Here enters joy, as the fundamental sign, my heart belongs to love! Joy enters our experience through love/ but it is captured only between the sexes, through a passion that will not be surrendered until freedom shakes the very foundation of what it means to be ALIVE “in you”. Joy is accepted through all aspects of love, whereby we learn from “our heart”/ that the essence of life itself, is life shared. That does not mean, “life without someone to share it with, has no joy”. Rather it does mean: the essence of our existence as created, has always intended for a relationship unlike any other known individually by either man or woman; should be achieved in each. Eternity encounters the base level of our heart, by combining it into the elements of our lives in time; to construct the foundations upon which we have personally relied. The decisions we have personally made, in contrast with the assertions of a mind. What we did do, becomes our own truth. Little is more powerful, to our existence than that. Eternity searches for love, the most treasured experience in life itself. Thereby what is true of love, becomes your invitation for a relationship beyond the limits of time; where only spirit can survive, and find LIFE beyond ourselves.

May you learn, of more than want/ because want, “is simplified human (only on earth)”; rather than the elevation of life itself.

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