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10-03-2014, 12:25 PM, (This post was last modified: 10-06-2014, 05:04 AM by jim.)
The trial of life: to determine, what happens when something that didn’t need to occur/ simply goes WRONG! And change that, before it becomes “real”. Or more distinctly: of the very many university, leadership, and industrial experiments currently going on. To assign the consequences of being wrong/ as defined by reality, state: we lose life on earth/ even the planet itself. That is the price, of what people who believe themselves to be “gods” are doing.
Our question as humanity, old enough to accept responsibility for ourselves/ IS: are you going to let this earth, and all its life die, because a tiny few failures, and their fantasies: have stolen the power from your lives through counterfeiting and lies; to “play god” with machines, or realities, that will kill us all. OR, will you finally rise before it is too late, and simply say: NO, you shall not do this, to us/ our children/ or our world! By biblical prophecy, “you have until September of 2015" before the world ends forever. By the evidence of reality, and the single worst possible delusion of men: the machines to bring the same fire as is on the sun here; have been/ and are being created; to destroy us all. How will you survive a ten million degree fire, that clearly burns atomic bonds for fuel? Once ignited, death exists for the entire planet. “Your gods” say, the fire will just extinguish itself/ not enough gravity here to sustain it! Wrong is death to all life forever; even this solar system: WHAT could be a greater abomination, than this gamble with life? Although mutilating all of nature through genetic destruction is an extremely close second. Or, the horror factory at CERN, which is a trigger to do exactly what they have said: “Recreate, THE BIG BANG”/ is a very close third. The destruction of water means: mass humanity is on the move/ and we have nothing for you: so its war! Dependency upon antibiotics for close confinement livestock production means: one single disease, and these facilities become extinct/ as does your food supply. Oxygen depletion in our atmosphere is real/ the reality of fire, including motors/ and the destruction of all that creates oxygen for us; is endless. Etc, etc, etc. The betrayal by courts/ leaders/ the press/ and the education system at all levels; is HORRENDOUS. Proving not only can they not be trusted, they are the enemy; as there is no greater form of treason or terrorism than to hide, or lie about the fact our entire world is being threatened with extermination. No one is excused from the reality: we know/ that we cannot survive a ten million degree fire; that burns our skin from 91 million miles away in summer. Everyone knows that, from child to every form of life on earth; all are aware/ yet you do nothing, but believe in the cult of “University knows”. If they know/ then they are SATAN; because death and destruction of a world, is the interpretation of that word. The evidence is clear/ the reality approaching quickly; and there are literally NO SECOND CHANCES! Either we stop the insane from completing their extinction of our world/ or you die with them. There are no second options, including religious delusions. This is Life or death of a world!

To believe whatever you are told, regardless of the available information or evidence plainly in view: is the critical and true description of a religious cult. {nothing could be more simple to understand/ than bringing a fire, that burns our skin in summer from 91 million miles away/ here to this earth: is death}. To believe that leaders cannot be questioned/ or made to establish what happens if their decisions go wrong: is the essence of a religious cult. {protected by the courts (in case after case), from all questioning of value in association with what goes wrong: when mutilation gets out of control/ or the their theory, “not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire, so a ten million degree fire will just extinguish itself goes wrong”}. To propagate lies, or hide the available evidence as reality does prove: so as to protect “the religious sanctity” of those whom you worship as gods (can’t be wrong) is the functional foundation of every religious cult. {not a single media outlet of any kind, is willing to do anything but lay down in absolute worship of “University knows everything”. Whether you assume the position, “face in the dirt/ ass in the air in contempt of GOD”; proving you found your own “god” instead. To let any group or individual gamble with life: is worship, “are they not god”.}. To teach the children not to think for themselves, but believe whatever they are taught: is the sign of religious fanatics. {to be told that evolution is the builder of life/ is beyond fanatical, and bears no sign of knowledge whatsoever: as they assume and teach, “life comes from chaos/ and university demands: they are going to bring chaos back to nature. They work on this everyday: so as to play god themselves”.} To construct a foundation upon which the few religious or diseased leaders are able to steal every security the believers have attained for themselves: is a religious cult, bent upon tyranny. {through delusion/ fantasy/and true evil practice: every family and every worker is robbed by leadership counterfeiting our money. To build their weapons of terrorism, against us. As is constant in America today}. To destroy the very foundations of life itself/ IS, to discard everything the children need to survive/ to gamble with an entire planet, and even the solar system. Including all life on earth by mutilation: IS, nothing less than satanic. { our planet is in trouble/ our oxygen in the atmosphere is being consumed/ the ocean is dying/ the food supply is dependent upon antibiotics and mutilation threatens everything/ poisons are everywhere, and pollinators shall soon be dead/ the water is nearly gone; and easily, a thousand more tragedies coming.}That is the truth, but as all religions prove; the believers/ believe they can be gods; the followers believe they can live like gods, “we can’t be wrong”! Even though history is absolutely clear; insanity abounds in every generation. And failure assumes: even if we are wrong, we will just start over as gods by war, and then do it again. The purpose of men throughout history: But first, lets make the rest slave. Today, they simply use money/ counterfeiting simply makes the ending more grievous.

The foundation of every evil act, begins with the words, “I AM going to take whatever I want/ regardless of the consequences to you”. That is followed by the descent, “I WANT more”. Closely attached to: believe in me, “I CAN do it”. Each lacks respect! Without respect we share nothing as life/ therefore life itself dies in you, and who, or whatsoever you touch. Unless truth itself leads, and law is allowed to rule by justice: the ending will always fail/ as history proves time and again; because men cannot control themselves, or their society.

So then we ask the simple question: what are you willing to let these others who pretend to be gods/ BE WRONG ABOUT?
1. The national ignition facility has already proven themselves wrong about “fusion: we will push two hydrogen atoms together under tremendous pressure/ to create helium; that is the fire”. They have given up with their machine in doing this insane theory; and moved on, soon to bits and pieces of thermonuclear weapons. Trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun.
You are asked now, since it is worthless to go further: which of these 5 statements best reflects the reality of our world/ the critical decisions of your life/ and our foundation for a future, given to the lives of every child?

A) Apparently you don’t believe they can do it, even though you say you do. OR, you do believe they will ignite that fire, and the theory “not enough gravity to sustain the fire, will actually work”. Other than saying NO, YOU CANNOT DO THIS, there are no other options.

Because this is a bet with all life on earth; NO EXCEPTIONS. This experiment is: these machines can ignite the same fire as is on the sun, here on earth! Betting the entire planet/ every life/ and even the solar system itself on that one event. “Satan for sure”/ religious or not it fits! Not a game, it is real life, real actions, real machines; by the consequence of university decision! And their counterfeiting of American dollars to pay! A clear abomination, to every life; that exceeds all others! Because you have no right to play with my life, or every life on earth, now and for all time. How is that not true!
B) that fire plainly is real, just look at the sun/ IT EXISTS! Therefore it can be brought here: that is not a question. This then, is about the machines that present a reality, supported by the university which promises to bring that fire here, also exists. Being wrong however means: there are NO second chances/ as ignition will either kill us all, or actually do as they say and extinguish itself. Because no possibility exists that we can put this ten million degree fire out. They are, betting the entire earth, every life here: on what happens when ignition occurs. Wrong is every life dead! “Satan for sure”. No going back.
C) not one shred of evidence exists to support a single theory suggested by the university; regarding any assumption being made about the sun or this fire, or gravity; that has any merit whatsoever. Not one.
D) not a single shred of evidence exists to support evolution/ other than adaption: which is truly and simply “the sign and seal of perfect design”/ or I knew this would be needed, so I prepared for it. Chaos builds nothing/ rather as reality proves: it simply disassembles all complex structure into its simplest possible forms. Evolution says: the mind came last/ presenting their order of chaos, as completely without the ability to make a decision or design/ or use a tool, etc.
E) instead from the eyelashes to protect your eyes/ the enamel to protect your teeth/ the joints and their own lubrication which allow you to move/ touch, sight, taste, healing, smell, hearing, thought, freedoms, food, and every other miracle that works to give you life as is nature itself; called the genetic instructions to build a body of life. All of it are clear and distinct elements and essence of thought, by its own design/ order/ disciplines/ structures/ balance/ and a purpose clearly to share a love for life.

Time to be a child, is over! Our world is threatened with extermination/ even the solar system itself; because another sun will do disastrous things. Not that we will care, being dead!
These threats are “man-made”/ nearly every single one. Which means they are literally and without delusion: our responsibility, to change, stop, deny access, or alter the future by new decisions and new ways of living life on earth. These have been outlined, throughout the work presented to you on these sites I provide. That work is limited only by truth, the passions of your own purpose for a future we can survive, and the evidence of reality we CANNOT ignore: unless you choose suicide for all life, and all future life on earth. I am NOT “your choice”/ or your savior; or any other delusion. I am “the messenger” who brought you a chance to change/ by understanding what is threatening you, and describing what truth will allow for you to change in order to survive. Soon choice too/ will die; “Do it now”! Because without true change; all the evidence proves, these will come true.

As to biblical prophecy/ in opposition of “university knows everything”: judge for yourselves, which is the greater knowledge displayed.
1. The bible predicts this world shall end in fire/ by man’s own decisions. The bible predicts a “pillar of fire” that can be seen by nearly half the earth
A) the university has built machines for this very purpose; when their theory goes wrong. A ten million degree fire will rise miles high into the upper atmosphere, because the laws ruling thermodynamics require it. Just the sun’s/ flares, extend 12 times farther than the earth to the moon. Not a toy.
2. The bible predicts from the time, humanity decides to bring that fire; and the machine is actually working toward this progress. A fire; From the sun here to this earth/ until it actually ignites: there will be 1298 days. A heat rise of ten million degrees/ digging into an endless fuel source; will bring a one thousand mile per hour updraft, with it.
B) Lawrence livermore laboratories began; claiming it can achieve. Quote: DO gamble with our entire planet, and every life! The machine is CURRENTLY RUNNING. One second too late, and the earth is forever lost. Quote: NIF will achieve....180 million degrees F/ .....only three places in the space and time of our universe have ever produced anything close to these conditions: the big bang, when the universe was a primordial fireball: the interior of stars and planets, and thermonuclear weapons. A supernova is...18-54 million degrees F....the extreme density at NIF is larger than that achieved by a core-collapse supernova-an exploding star- or when two neutron stars collide. The exawatt lasers will be completed on or about 1298 days later. 3 million of the largest lightning bolts possible, “all hitting the same place/ at the same time”. Or for just one laser:With energy levels created that depict, such a ferocious fire is expected that IT WILL BE, quote: "About a million times more powerful than 10 billion 100-watt light bulbs. And a fourth should be forthcoming, one with beams twice the power of these three. By 2015. This fire is expected to ignite fusion "just like the sun"/ without any other assistance: a planet dead, by 2015 guaranteed. An energy blast roughly equivalent to all the power of the sun on this planet, FOCUSED on one tiny spot. Gee, what could that cause?
3. The bible predicts: ARMAGEDDON; which literally means, “nature in chaos”. The bodies of life no longer disciplined examples of thought, harmony, peace, ability, or any other concept of “love by design”. But mutilated into chaos, an enemy or terrorist within, a horror and a tragedy without end.
C) the university promises, and works everyday; trying to bring evolution into existence; as chaos controls us all. As the intent to play god over every living thing. As mutilation grows, and pandemic’s are released, because that is what they do
quote: Scientists have begun blurring the line between human and animal by producing Chimeras-a hybrid creature that's part human, part animal.... fused human cells with rabbit eggs....for years scientists have added human genes to bacteria and farm animals....not only life as we know it/ but also "life as it might be"...synthetic biology-including synthetic organisms, biological engineering, artificial chemistry, origin of life, paleogenetics.... cloned...first human embryos. Quote: created an organism with manmade DNA...worth more than a trillion dollars..."its pretty stunning when you just replace the DNA.....and in a short while, all the characteristics of the first species disappear and a new species emerges...means cheaper and widely accessible tools to build bio-weapons, virulent pathogens and artificial organisms that could pose grave threats to people and the planet. The danger is not just bio-terror, but "bio-error"... sequenced and stored in digital form, will move instantaneously across the globe and be resurrected in ....labs thousands of miles away.
4. The bible predicts, an apocalypse: or more simply “blood flowing in rivers/ by war”.
D) the university is directly responsible for the single largest heist the history of this world has ever known, in resources, destruction, denial of responsibilities, and the fight for money. In a nation filled with guns/ that has been robbed of its very reality, denied its democracy, and destroyed by fantasy of fools in charge; as is the university diploma: how will war not be next?

exhibits I, J, & N. CASE 14SC-2

By examining the evidence OF FEDERALRESERVE.GOV; TABLE L.5, TOTAL ASSETS AND LIABILITIES OF THIS USA looking across the top; years on left/ quarters of the current year on right.

we find this: “table is listed, in billions: 1. Equals one billion.”
1998 Line 19 total liabilities $55,993.4 = $55.9 trillion
1998 Line 33 total assets $76,134.7 =$76.1 trillion

2003 Line 19 total liabilities $75,945.6 =$75.9 trillion
2003 Line 33 total assets $96,257.7 =$96.2 trillion

2009 Line 19 total liabilities $121,372.0 =$121.3 trillion
2009 Line 33 total assets $153,381.4 =$153.3 trillion

2014 Line 19 total liabilities $139,512.4 =$139.1 trillion
2014 Line 33 total assets $188,503.7 =$188.5 trillion
the difference 16 years makes is: An increase in debt of $83.2 trillion
An increase in assets of $112.4 trillion

the difference 4 years and one quarter makes
An increase in debt of $17.8 trillion
An increase in assets of $35.2 trillion

REMEMBERING; that one trillion dollars, does by the math equal ten thousand dollars per each and every one of one hundred million people. That means over the last sixteen years our debt load as a nation increased $832,000.00 per each individual, by counting one hundred million citizens. While the money supply increased during that time by $1,124,000.00 per each individual, of one hundred million citizens. ROUGHLY 312 million people, with 102 million actually working.
During the last 4 years plus one quarter of accounting; our debt load as a nation increased $178,000.00 per each of one hundred million individual workers. While the money supply increased in those 4 years by $352,000.00 per each of one hundred million people. Did your salary go up by three hundred and fifty two thousand dollars in the last 4 years? SOMEBODIES DID! At least they collected it, as this currency inflation does exist in someone’s hand. And not a single whisper, “from your media”/ even though they knew.
What is not inflated by government directly, is given to banks and wall street to expand the inflation so it is not readily accounted for; “its magic”. Or more simply, the banks can legally multiply every dollar in their accounting by ten. While wall street can legally provide margin accounts at not less than every dollar will get you fifty more to gamble with. A reality intensified by wall street/ because nothing there is sold at less than ten times its actual worth. Or more simply, it has no real connection to business; its just a gambling game, with our economic lives at stake.
These “additions to the currency” is where the extra “can’t possibly be true” money in the GDP comes from.Fantasy, that then pays for all the extreme experimentation, degradation, destruction, disease introduced as genetic mutilation, lack of sense, the attack on our democracy for the money, the greed over-running society; and a thousand other lesser evils because nobody wants to pay the price, of what our leaders, AND THEIR FOLLOWERS, have done, to life in this nation. “Give us lies”/ let the future be damned/ sacrifice the children, throw away the water/ oxygen/ food/ etc. Equals: Soon you will be dead by countless attacks on reality. Or more simply, America itself is under severe attack, in all aspects of life and nation; and the people don’t even know it: because the free press exists no more! The US supreme court sold it! Adding in: The majority are so damn concerned they might lose a penny; they might be ridiculed for demanding common sense/ as they have been attacked by the propaganda media. They are allowing: our executioners to “throw this entire nation, and this entire world” in the garbage forever.
5. The bible predicts: HELL on earth.
E) the university having been in charge of everything, and especially the money which they gave to themselves/ and denied spending for every form of responsibility to the nation, world, or life itself on earth or this nation. Having lied/ cheated/ stolen/ and terrorized the possibilities of even survival by attacking nature, planet, environment, resources, and every other form of wealth or happiness itself. What we have left is the reality of hate spreading throughout the world/ because there is nothing left upon which we can survive as life on earth. They destroyed it all/ with their worshipers, who gave them control/ and refused to acknowledge, ANYTHING regarding truth or evidence; as I am witness too, for the last forty years in particular. You failed life/ how is it life shall now not fail you?
6. The bible predicts: the end of time will be governed by men continuing on as they have; as is consistent with consequences in the first eleven chapters of Revelation. Or it will be governed by women, as is consistent with chapters 12 and beyond. Therefrom a choice exists: which ending do you desire most? But more than that, the evidence of a world facing truth and turmoil for what it has done: cannot be denied. You are eating the seed, for next years crop in the ocean, killing the pollinators/ destroying more than you can imagine; and even more than that overpopulation will kill us all. Doubling human population if it could survive, within twenty some years. Therefore prophecies no longer exist in illusion/ but become real. Prophecies are not your enemy/ you are the enemy of life, because as the university proves: “nothing but money and their fantasies are important to men”.
If you study this work, accept the realities of our time, and learn to understand truth instead of “belief”; then even you can interpret the bible itself. Not as the hand of men writing for GOD / but as the essence of truth itself, coming to describe the consequences of “right, & wrong”. I will give you “a first part”: the star falling to earth in Revelation 9; is the salt mine collapse that is talked about in these writings; a trillion tons falling twenty feet, will be like the impact of a star. The key to the “shaft of the abyss” is Yellowstone super-volcano opening/ erupting. Hell will begin. Men have been told, they refuse change; to fill the cavern back up with everything available.

Wrong as is university delusion, and intentional pride: IS hiding the fact, that fossil fuels DO deliberately and without the possibility of error: PROVE Noah’s flood did exist. Because no other method could have gathered plant and animal mass together/ and then buried them all in one spot under hundreds or thousands of feet; of dirt. The earth was full of life, when this happened. Life came back to this earth, because of a tiny few. That day is upon us again. Make your decision/ because there is no going back.
IF YOU allow yourselves to become sad and depressed over these realities of our time/ then you will easily fail life itself. There is no purpose in being sad, or hateful, or lonely beyond the limits of an “ordinary life”: you, do have a job to do. Expanding that work to others, will improve your happiness; because we must share this responsibility. Nobody gets to be “hero”. Nobody gets to be “the enemy”. We are all in this together, every single one. Therefore we do need each other, and you will act in that way, or fail. Life is not a guarantee/ but death is. Consequently when or what happens in death is not really a concern: we are all going to die. Therefore only what happens beyond death, matters/ because that does focus on what eternity shall mean, to each one. There are descriptions suited to that definition throughout the work I provide; make your own decision. But understand: what is true of age is, “I lived my life”! What is true of youth is, “but I need more time”; that is a decision we will now make. I cannot save you from anything/ as my little nephew who died: proved so eloquently, he will never be forgotten by me. You cannot save us all either. GOD CAN.

This concludes the writing of my life, for you/ the sanctity of what I have been taught to give you, is delivered. Not perfect, but neither are you. Anything else is an alternate or associated work by the relevance of its action, purpose, or desire. If you continue to fail, all life on earth/ then I too will turn away, looking for personal happiness in the short time left: “a lifetime” is enough. Even though that is not the purpose of my life, or heart, or soul/ or even possible due to all life at the edge of extinction; whether you believe that or not, it is true by the evidence. Truth does not lie/ it simply exists, and determines what the future will be. I cannot save you/ forty+ years of my life, is surely enough; if, it is possible, it is surely time for something else. Since the Cuban missile crisis: when it became clear, “these tiny few people can in fact destroy OUR world”! I have worked for change/ you failed that, as a humanity; because pride, power, selfishness, or greed was more important to you. pride is an extreme enemy, because it requires “exactly what you don’t want to surrender”/ or more simply: pride is the desire or decision, “I want to be, what I want to be/ regardless of the truth”. Alternately, let the people believe anything they want: or, let them believe “they know/ what they want to believe”. Because rather than truth as defined by the elements of thought instead/ want is a liar, that desires power. Power is an image, produced by playing, or wanting to play god over others; it is the expression of a lie, by experience in creating what you believe is true. Selfishness constructs “its all mine/ and I want more, than you: to prove superiority is mine as well”. Whereas greed is a thief: “mine is not enough/ I want yours too”. These are the things you have surrendered a world of life for/ created a history of war for! Shame on you.
The search for truth requires you: To be free of pride. You must let the people say anything they wish/ because pride is about an image of yourself you wish to protect; but cannot. Because people are people/ and images are lies. Be who you are, and let that be enough for yourself. Respect, that we are separate people, each with only one true identity. The search for life requires this of you. Pride is the road to judgment (let only truth and law decide, when necessary/ respecting freedom), it is a failure, to your soul; abandon it. To be free of power: stop winning or losing/ it is a fools paradise; friendship/ peace/ harmony/ love/ courage, etc; are more. To be free of selfishness: remember the truth of loneliness, even if you owned the entire world, “even the universe”/ but there was no other life in existence/ I guarantee, you would not be happy. Share your existence, and accept with grace and honesty the value of another life, in your own true worth. To be free of greed, requires that the world of human society SHALL be released from the power of a few, to control the others. But that cannot exist: until you are willing to accept responsibility IN TRUTH, for your world. No more lies, RESPECT LIFE (NO exceptions/ other than hate). Hate is a disease, that destroys; find it, and remove it as one life on earth.
A footnote: like sales, if you can only convince your friends or family; you will fail. To have bribed you, means, “I would have taken some of your troubles away or lessened them”/ therefore greed could intensify, and reality pushed farther away as power and pride seek death for our very planet. Consequently although family and others all know, my purposes. The greatest intent of these last forty years, was to find a way: others willing to fight for life/ could join together. Not connected to me: but defined for life; as that determines whether we live or die/ as a world. It takes a “billion people”, to change a world; only a tiny few were found. Contrary to that/ It takes very few to destroy life. The tragedy, treason, traitors, and thieves of media, and leadership; all worship their cult, “university knows”. They are believers, therefore they cannot question “their god”/ but as is true of every religion: YOU ARE responsible, for what you believe, when it destroys or damages life. To propagate their selfishness, power, greed, lust, and pride; they do, Assemble under the banner: “Together we can make them our slaves; with university knows, and the secrecy of foreign languages by fools (they can’t understand us/ so they can’t respond. Pride makes them afraid of being ridiculed/ so they hide, and run away. They are, attacked with media “experts”; to control reality, with more lies )”. These few, who made themselves an army with counterfeiting and bribes: have damaged and destroyed greatly/ and did so with even more lies! Failing a world, with such things as evolution, and all the rest. They took over the courts with rules and thievery (making lawyers greed, and a corrupt court: to be feared)/ discarding democracy as worthless. And the people whimper: “I have a gun”. Proving politics “is a disease/ rather than a cure”. Which is why change must come: to the building of laws, the reality of choice by society/ the foundations of money, and the destruction of leadership or “expert” power: to find peace, harmony, and shared existence through respect.
Nonetheless as the world begins its descent into complete chaos, without the slightest chance to recover. Make no mistake: YOU DID have one last chance to rebuild, for life on earth to survive. Not a game/ a choice. People will say “consider the source” pointing to me. But I am not the source of this work: the evidence of our reality/ the consequence of university being wrong, when gambling with all life/ all nature/ all elements of our very survival/ with overpopulation and everything else that threatens us all. To consider me, as substantive or a valid excuse: NOT to participate in what threatens us all/ IS INSANE. I am not your threat/ nor am I your excuse: the choices university made form the vast majority of threat. But alas, “they are your gods”: too bad/ all die, or all must change. It is your only choice left.
Your decision for life: is to unite together as one voice, demanding that truth shall govern us/ democracy, as we the people decide by laws, that we create; shall guide us. That is true change through “the constitution” is our government. It rules, our employees do not: something that will tie us all together, is a basis for life shared.
Demanding, the Reality of nature, will not be gambled with/ establishing all life will be protected realistically, NO GAMBLING WITH LIFE OR PLANET/ and proving, every human decision for society, shall turn unto the words “LIFE itself, MUST COME FIRST, for this planet, its nature, and its future”. Life is not a toy/ it is a truth that must be respected!
Turn: To investigate for truth/ to examine for the consequences of being wrong, now and in the future/ to understand the reality of life shall not be determined by the few. Life is no toy, and shall NOT be mutilated: NO MORE/ or horror begins. Then turn, To accept the responsibility of removing weapons of mass destruction, by world law/ and making decisions that will aid this creation of ALL life on earth, in its survival. That IS NOT a game. It requires: No more money in charge; FOREVER: truth instead. These things Can bind us all: for a better life. How is that not “right/ instead of wrong”? Limited capitalism defines critical change in society itself; that makes us equal, as economical reality and fair play can prove/ by taking away power, and granting peace. How is that not harmony?
IF you do that for yourselves/ then the future of life itself, may return to this earth! If not, then you are doomed; because that, is what you chose for yourselves/ or allowed the others to convince you of.
I remind you simply: you can, believe anything you want/ fantasies included. Every religion has its share. What did the press ever warn you about, in time to make a difference? They are propaganda/ not your saviors. You can’t control reality with lies, fantasies, or delusion as is the current truth of “governing leadership”: that always fails/ and you will know that is true. People will then learn to hate leadership/ because you stole their own rightful decision, and compromised everything they desired for themselves, or their future, or their child, and threatened their lives with extinction: with your “university lies”. But not to worry, nearly each one says: “I HAVE A GUN”. What could possibly go wrong with that? And if you were to take every gun away/ then as history proves: the powerful would commit genocide on the rest; because that is what power, pride, and arrogance does.

Choose truth! Investigate reality! Identify what is important/ and what goes WRONG, if university theory dies. Understand what can be made “right”/ & Accept LIFE for this planet and its future: IS FIRST. Quit whimpering about everything you want. Learn to love! How is that, not simple, plain, and true? For life.

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