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change 152
01-16-2015, 12:58 PM,
change 152


Does NOT need men or women or children to defend HIM.  HOW IS THAT NOT TRUE!
The claim, of a zealot (I must/ they can’t);  is beyond ridiculous/ beyond insanity; and rests upon the delusions of a cult.  The ravages and rape of a zealot; or the simple cancer and disease of humanity called:     A terrorist!  Eternity or death, will prove GOD; or any other decision that HE makes!  Each is responsible only for themselves/ religion gives NO power to intervene for     GOD!      HE DOES NOT NEED YOU.

Unfortunately, this earth is full of terrorists and their followers, which makes the illusions of one/ the source of dysentery for the others. On this list of human disease; comes those whose goal is individual horrors, so they can play god/ whose purpose is, social chaos, so they can play god/ and those whose only conceivable desire is the destruction of our world;  so they can prove to be SATAN.  
(Religious or not, it fits their description).

Of realities that are given to humanity, to prove RESPECT for   GOD/ to give thanks FOR LIFE/ and to appreciate this Creation with happiness:  are these.    
1. FIGHT for this CREATION, because the clear and certain destruction of this entire world DOES prove:  humanity is its enemy!  These are human decisions:  that means you are responsible for yourselves, and your “brothers and sisters”. 
2.  FIGHT FOR NATURE, because humanity is mutilating DNA, the builder of every body of life in existence; through their own universities/ and those who follow believing “the university knows/ or is the image of  god; INSTEAD OF LIFE”!  To your horrifying shame.
3.  FIGHT FOR SANITY, because humanity as a construction of university and government: IS GAMBLING WITH EVERY LIFE ON EARTH! And will soon destroy us all.
4.  FIGHT FOR ALL LIFE ON EARTH; because every food chain is being broken/ every creature is in danger of extinction (even us, because we cannot survive without nature).  Defend livestock by making them less vulnerable to disease.  Defend the forests, because they are 90% consumed; as is the habitat for every creature which depends upon this nature.  Defend the insect; because it is a primary link in the food chain of a wide variety of species.  They are NO “small thing”.
5.  FIGHT FOR THE WATER SUPPLY; because without it, “Instantaneous war” erupts/ and all you have to drink is “their blood”. We are in grave danger around the world.
6.  FIGHT AGAINST POPULATION GROWTH; because we are already standing at over more than one human being per acre of agricultural ground on earth; and that acre, needs to support the rest of life as well/ if, what is left of;   a forest/ or an ocean cannot.  We are growing at over 2 million more mouths to feed EVERY week!  THINK, what that means!
7.  FIGHT FOR YOUR OCEANS; because they are in grave danger from humanity/ and life within them WILL collapse; UNLESS true changes are made.  We MUST feed the ocean as well, or we DON’T stand a chance to survive ourselves: WE NEED the food/ dead human bodies are all we can spare!  Like it or not.
8.  FIGHT FOR RESOURCES; because without them, NO future exists/ and that means you have assassinated every child;   just for a trophy, you then throw in the garbage.  SHAME on you.
9.  FIGHT for REALITY AND TRUTH to lead you: because the result of;   lies, cheating, thieving, fantasies, and failure of those who led us here/ intend to exterminate life on earth!   So says the evidence!
10.  FIGHT for peace on earth through WORLD LAW; whereby WE THE PEOPLE create the laws our leaders SHALL OBEY/ or our own policing force, shall bring those leaders to court, (or to death); and we the world shall judge them.  ENDING ALL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!  By, Not allowing wars so they can hide from what those in power did do!  LAW, so we will investigate, examine the evidence, and decide as we the people: what is true, fair, and legitimate to ourselves.
11.  FIGHT for JUSTICE!  It begins, and is sustained by “Judging the court/ and all its participants”.  Then throwing out ANYONE who does not comply with what is true about this society.  We are the law/ we are the work/ we are the business/ we are the government/ we are the military and police/ WE OWN THE RIGHT, to govern and guarantee for ourselves:   our truth, as a society!  Which means: we must make the laws and vote for them ourselves.  Simple and plain.
12.  FIGHT for EQUALITY/ not for “same”!  The difference is what you earn/ or refuse to do for others. No more welfare, no more pensions, no more public unions, no more medical monopolies, no more unfair taxation (we will completely disband the IRS; and do this locally, providing all forms and all mediation for ourselves).  No more governmental powers to manipulate the economy/ or spend money that we did not approve/ or play with our lives/ or propagate “university knows”, by disguising and denying all opportunity to heal or improve society itself.  No more corruption of the courts, or outright terrorism, or university delusions of grandeur, or anything else that is not consistent with FAIR PLAY, and the essence called:   LIFE ITSELF, for this entire planet, MUST COME FIRST!  No more want, no more greed or selfishness or power:   LIFE with a future for every child shall lead us all.   Or we ALL die!  BECAUSE behind every closed door, and every failure of media, are the realities of evidence;  that threaten us all: therefore, we must fight together.

My testimony is: GOD, can do anything HE desires; so says the evidence of life!  Except, make you love HIM!  That is your decision alone.  That, is your choice, and it does have “eternal consequences”. As is true for every form of “ascended life (beyond animal)”/ without love, there is no further purpose, in living!  Do consider that beyond the simple!  Believe it or not.

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