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elements and passages
01-17-2015, 09:14 AM,
elements and passages
ELEMENTS AND PASSAGES within the mind; and how they precipitate out, to become our behaviors.

I can, “is a passage”/ I know, “is an element of life, by the terms which guide truth and consequences in human existence.  Therefrom we exhibit behaviors that construct our participation within an act/ or as a reaction to what we believe.  Because what people believe they know, is not a guarantee of truth/ and what they believe they can do; is many times the product or pride/ power/ selfishness/ or fear.
The most critical truth related to, “I can”; is the belief, that nothing will go wrong for me; because I accept this “belief” is true. 
The most critical truth related to, “I know”: is the belief, that what I know is enough to make be secure against anything going wrong; OR, at least most things that could go wrong; because I accept this knowledge is true, and sufficient for me, or us.
Therefore what we do know, is that what you believe acts upon your behavior/ and what you believe is possible for you; acts or reacts upon the behaviors that will be exhibited, or hidden among other people.  We also know, that what is actually true and consistent with the situation being confronted or dealt with; is going to influence the outcome.  Therefore we know, that when what is true conflicts with what you believe: the only solution left is either to admit “I didn’t know & I cannot do this as intended”/ or run away to hide from all parties/ fear/ or lie!
Power enters here, because belief is not enough; and consequences will arise that affect the others.  Therefore they decide for themselves: that we must find leaders who actually do know what we want them to do/ and actually get the job done, when we give them work to do on our behalf.  Power is: the ability and distribution of control, either by manipulation or weapons which include debt, sex, and all other influences upon the conduct of both men and women/ and to a lesser extent, even children.  Fear is the essence of failure, and the assertion: “something very bad is going to happen to me”.  Running away to hide; is an element of belief, rather than knowledge: or, I believe I can avoid this fear or this penalty, by simply pretending “I don’t exist here” anymore.  Lies are a participation in want; whereby whatever it is you believe you don’t want, or do want: becomes subject to the manipulation, temptation, or control of a lie, that you create or accept.
Behavior is a fundamental of mental existence that identifies the framework and background realities: of what is inherent in our creation and identification as a body of life.  Or more simply: every life, has an inherent “background noise” so to speak/ that helps them sort out what they can or should do, with regard to simple survival and sex; as is necessary for reproduction.  Every animal, and or lower creature on the intelligence scale; comes with this same type of behavioral recognition: I am/ therefore I can, and nature exists to prove, I shall.  Humanity is created with the assumption: that once alive in time, the ascension beyond simply behaviors SHALL take over life, and prove that intelligence (more than any animal) is not simply “a gift”/ but a decision in freedoms as well.
What is freedom?  The answer in time constructs and develops the functional relationship of movement, to the elevation of mental awareness; as is needed to accomplish the beginning expectation called freedom.  Or more simply: because I am alive, I can/ & I know, that there is an element of life beyond simple behaviors called a decision based upon truth, and its consequences.  Thereby a future revealed, if it is true; then an expectation that will be realized.  The consequence of that truth is a decision.  The reality of every decision, is the need to identify and create the definitions of truth, and then learn to accept the elements of trust, wherein the evidence is real, substantial, and critical to the decisions that must be made.
Motion means: not only have I made a decision, I have used energy!  That is a very substantial reality in truth/ and we confront all of life and existence with the consequences of that action.  Just as they confront us with their movements.  Nonetheless, an action in energy submits: a reaction must occur.  Therefore every action is assumed to establish “an equal but opposite reaction”.  Which is also, a very substantial truth in living as time.
Life confronted, is the elemental foundation of male behaviors.  Life balanced, is the elemental function of female behaviors.  Every child is a lesson in need as well as, the critical limits of what we can or cannot know, or do. 
The lesson is: every motion is an energy released, which acts and reacts upon the environment, as a force.  That force, either separates, confronts, or passes by whatever is realistically in the way. 
Force means: something more, than just me exists here!  The control of energy gives, or supports the expression, “I can play god”.
The question then becomes: what does the word “god” mean? The answer without doubt, refers to something you can or cannot:  would not, or that which someone believes you can or cannot do, to someone or something else!  Or in more accurate terms;  simply “beyond human experience or expression or knowledge”.
Therefore the controlled expression or experience of force is: to assume that power exists, in me or you.  The precipitation of that power becomes the advent of leaders in society.  We can/ therefore you must.
Fear then erupts when force is established to prove: these can do, what we cannot stop.  That illuminates a critical gap in our existence, which is “some are more capable to create change, violence, or destruction” than the others.   This is the advent of hate, the proof some say, “of playing god”/ because these can change your life/ violate your existence/ or simply murder, commit chaos, condemn you to death, or in any other way as they desire it to be: to CLAIM the power of, what they believe to be, “god” over you.  Fear assembles surrender, when a trap has no clear or certain answer.  Fear also supports power, by removing the obstacles/ thereby making it an even greater problem for the others to come.  Such is the relationship to war, and humanity.  By using fear; violence, and destruction more power and pride for us will be formed.
When a force too great to confront or balance by truth appears, or is believed to be in existence: the common response among the masses, is to run away and hide; “let them not get me”.  
When it is impossible to run away or hide from reality: lies erupt! Because I either want, or don’t want: the consequences of this truth in human misery or power to overtake me.  Pride says: I can put on a disguise, and they won’t find me, in that way.  Revenge then precipitates out as an advantage created in lies/ which becomes the opposite in power over surrender.  “I did/ but I don’t”; I Lied.  This forms the companion way of: I tempted, I manipulated, I used, I abused, I hated, & I chose deceit over reality.  A human constant at every range, or level;  of power or pride.

 The critical level of participation in society, is governed by the limits put upon each and every individual behavior.  Power is a search for the levels of control, that are possible over any other life form, or object.  Pride is a search for, the possibility to prove “I am better than you”.  Want is a search for, the demand: I can, and I will compete with you/ even if it is not fair!  Greed demands “I want mine, &Yours too”.  That leads us to a wide variety of evils in society.  We begin with the medical monopoly in this USA today, and understand: it is not as declared, that we are indebted to a few individuals; “just because they say so”.  It peruses the inevitable I want more for less, as is constant in most business and industry.  It invades political realities, as the counterfeiting of all things/ for the purpose of selfish and vain things/ by making the rest “SLAVE”. These are the result of beliefs gone bad, and the reality of purposes that are simply bad.  
What precipitates out from the gross negligence and willful corruption of society and life by those who construct power, and hide it in deceit:   is a decision from the masses, to “make them pay too”.  Which ends in criminal behaviors, until that amasses enough grief and anger in society;  to become either terrorism or civil war.  Leaders at the cusp of revolt, most often attack over nations: because that eliminates the masses searching or attacking them/ they must defend instead.  People who are discarded and denied access or opportunities: turn to violence, and end most often in hatred; because it is a life no one enjoys long.  That force separates and divides society into “those who were entitled/ and those who were not”.  The reaction further isolates and refuses equality with the rest; and civil war begins.  Each side being absolutely certain “they are the righteous ones”.   If enough are not willing for civil war/ then terrorism erupts: “more fears/ more brutality;  stay away”. To gain authority and acceptance: religion is used, abused, and ignored.  To gain fear in the others, “stop attacking us/ stop demanding we die”:   because we will do this, to you; is the battle cry of a terrorist organization.

In the elements of human behavior that participation in male and female cohabitation; are the developments of “I can/ or I cannot”.  The five elements of behavior (we, as a mass/ power/ fear/ running away to hide/ and lies) used above enter here, with the addition of two that are not.  Love is not a behavior/ rather it is a distinction rising above the elements of life to examine and explain the journey that is soul.  Heart is not a behavior either, because it is a decision to participate as friends; over any and all influences to the contrary. 
We then begin with the precipitation of behaviors; as the first meeting exists.  This is a developmental assembly;  regarding romance, marriage, sex, and such.  The first such behavior is, “if the rest don’t want them/ there must be something wrong”. Power begins as, “how can I use you, or abuse you for me”.  Fear confronts us all with: people can and do, intentionally hurt each other. That brings an element of behavior: in a variety of ways;  assigned to drive the others away, because I won’t risk being hurt again.  We then have lies: “I only want what I want/ and I don’t care about you: so I shop, tempt, and compete to own what I want/ denying all desire for selfish acceptance of me.
IF you can get beyond these behavioral “walls”; and assemble the definitions that create and identify heart, or more simply “I could be your friend”.  Then the passages into truth, will lead to friendship and from there unto romance.  Where we belong to each other, at least in time.  
IF you can share heart/ then, the destinies of soul do await.  Soul lives in creation itself, and that means without judgment of any kind: you must accept and identify within yourselves, “that we belong together”.  Not by want or any form of sexual desire/ but by truth.  Truth exists within the foundation of our purpose united: this is who we shall be together as one.  Because anything less takes from one or the other, and denies the freedom to be “as I always intended, or truly desire to be”.  That is a very serious decision, and it lacks the foundation for a healthy relationship; which is, “I am everything I can be for you, and for me/ just as we are the same for each other”.  Same does not mean “without differences”/ it means equal, because we care!
There are also a wide variety of participants in “marriage relationships”; as is the ascension of our time, beyond the simplest measure of ourselves/ we can do, and be more!  Consequently “something more” must be found to invite and cement the relationship of hearts.  We are “good for each other” must result; or there will be troubles.
Sex is a battleground, until our relationship becomes the foundation upon which we can and will build either heart, or heart and soul.  The reality of sexual relations is: we cannot truly “touch each other, with love” unless we are willing to let this relationship blossom and become the essence of that love revealed in us.  Anything less opens the door to endless tears, constant demands of loneliness, critical elements of trust, and violations of truth (if you were not honest in the first place).  But even that type of honesty is not functionally real, because “touching someone truly with love” does open their heart/ and if you leave; they will believe “it wasn’t truly love”.  Causing undue, and many times harsh pain/ which can and does change lives.  Therefore while the masses all believe that sex is “a small thing/ just exchanging bodily fluids; for some”.  As a reality, where love itself does live: sex is never that.  Lives have value, consequently if you cannot stay: then you really cannot enter within the parameters of sex, believing this fleeting love;  is enough for us both.  Is it not “a refuge, from the reality of our lives”?  The answer is, even though it is: the end result will be, “I want this love so bad/ now I am even more lonely than I was”. It is not then “friendly” and must be abandoned; if you are fair.

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