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rules for life after death
01-17-2015, 09:16 AM,
rules for life after death

FOR LIFE, beyond the grave.
The existence of eternity itself, is surrounded by three distinct truths: that we are miracles of body, and nothing else but the gift of life from GOD, can achieve "living"; it is elementally, a reality formed from thought. (From the eyelids on your face, to the touch of your finger, to the heartbeat that responds to your every need/ clearly not an accident) only stupefyingly ignorant, can assume otherwise.    The foundation of time in you, is a freedom marked by the purposes: to be alive/ to make decisions/ to experience freedom/ and choose.  These are not a relationship called slavery/ but a demand "to think, choose, and do as yourself".  The critical path called death, calls each one to look beyond themselves;   to understand, what you did choose, has now become your truth.  Truth leads to its own reality, formed by time, and instructed by the desire, or purpose of your soul.  Do remember this; time grants the right to learn, to understand, and then choose better; that is its purpose/ that is the cause and reason of humanity. To let you decide, what your eternity must be.  To repent, and try again, until death says "no more".   None escape, all are captured by the rules of life and death.
            I WANT, I WANT, I WANT; I ONLY WHAT I WANT/ AND I DON'T WANT NOTHING ELSE/ and I don't care, except for me.  IS, a "dead man or woman's" curse!   Seals the door, of eternity shut against you.
            RESPECT, is the single element that "gets heard" in eternity.  Without true RESPECT, "there are NO prayers", and no possibility of survival, called "alive".  Respect is an absolute, there are no exceptions.
            LOVE IS, THE SINGLE THING OF VALUE, this universe desires more of.  LOVE IS YOUR "FREE WILL GIFT"/   therefore it is, and it can only belong to you; unless you are willing to share it.  NOT give it away, but SHARE the essence of your respect, THE VALUE of your truth;   as a life worth knowing.  A life worth living with.  A life that can be "welcomed home".
            Pride consumes those who enter eternity.  Power is a burden that will crush all who enter eternity.  Lies lead you to the emptiness that destroys all value.  Hate, and in particular the hate that damages another life, whether by true violence/ or by other causes that damage on the inside.  HATE WILL buy you HATE, and its result which is HADES (eternal damnation/ the curse of terror you cannot escape).
            THOUGHT IS, THE ESSENCE OF LIFE.  Therefore THOUGHT is the essence of eternity as well.  The foundation of thought, is the critical structure called discipline.  Therefore without true discipline formed inside your own identity;   you cannot enter,   "destinies, beyond yourself".  These are shared existence; without love and trust/ they don't exist.  THOUGHT IS NOT an intellectual dimension/ there are no games to be played/ no trophies to be won; NONE of it.  No one gets to be superior.  Thought is an environment within which truth answers the true  desires of your heart.
            HEART means:   I have made my decision, and accepted the consequences.  I have become the essence of my own truth.  I have achieved the boundaries, that lead to the journey's;   that will become my fate or destiny.  Until you have heart, there is no "final path" to life.  BUT, within the environments that assign you to fate or destiny; there are doors to the truth about what every desire means/ every question asked.  Open the wrong door, and that desire will lead you where you cannot escape:   until you know, why and how, never to make this mistake again.  Even if it is to hell.
GOD IS GOD!   Only purity, absolute truth, and complete trust that only true love can achieve:  "lives close".
Rule #8
            Without energy there is no life in eternity either.  Therefore, when you know that the energy of life is leaving your body: YOU MUST enter inside it.  So that "the existence of life itself"/ will return you, to the essence from which it came.  If you fail/ if you "look back"; you will be left behind.  Settle it firmly in your heart and mind:   to look to GOD.  And nowhere else.  NO salvation exists beyond these things; only tragedy, loss, dissipation into nothing, and worse.

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