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trials and truths, about me and this work
01-18-2015, 03:04 AM,
trials and truths, about me and this work
Trials and truths, the summary of me and this work

Since I was a child, the foundations of human failure were recognized; particularly as in the threats of weapons of mass destruction/ as was known through the television set.  That constructed a need to be more familiar with the world that could be lost. The Cuba missile crisis then came about/ which made it clear: not only a threat, but sooner or later it is a certainty these will be used.  After that crisis abated, there was a period of calm for me; that allowed a more simple beginning/ teenage years followed.  Where it is certain no matter how smart you are/ you can and will be “stupid”.
Time is a measure of tragedy, need, love, or failure; because nothing else truly matters; the value of life, is love!  Love is, the single most precious thing throughout this entire universe; because it is among other realities of living “the least abundant resource” in life or time or eternity.  That fact is a tragedy; but since love is an entirely personal or individual decision: it is what it is.
Realities multiplying as time increased, renewed my own purpose of finding a solution by which humanity could reduce or refuse or remove all the threats which assail us all.  That process takes time, decision, and a passion not to let anything hinder the fight for life on this earth: until that job is done.  Consequently although women have always been desired in a wide variety of ways and meanings; there is simply no room in my life, because the level of threat/ the reality of extinction:  to all life on earth increases every day.  Love does not participate at an individual level; if your own failure contributes to the end of everything.  Therefore it is a choice.
Work is what work is, there is no purpose in denying the value or reality of work; because need will not be “wished away”.  Money is money; while it must be respected for what it can do, when you don’t have enough/ it is not a “wishing well”.  Unless you are willing to trash this earth/ destroy the future of every child/ and end the possibilities of all life on this planet.  Too many are/ to their shame.  The university decision is: that they WILL play with everything, intending to be “god” over life/ come to us, worship us, give us everything we want, we “know it all”.  As their endless stories prove; little more of life, than continual deceit.  The living body did not arise from chaos (the destruction of everything)/ because we CANNOT live by adding “one piece” at a time.  Wishing will not grow you a new arm, or eye, or anything; evolution is for fools and idiots alone!  Only truth and the exercise of thought can change anything, if there are resources and tools to do so.  In terms of “the chicken and the egg; who came first”/ the answer is thought came first, because without thought you cannot assemble or recognize anything.  Does a machine operate or build itself; only an ass, says yes.
As to this work itself; after forty years of trying to communicate, “we are threatened/ we must change this: LIFE, must come first”.  Throughout the first decades, not a single life agreed; insofar as a willingness to help or choose anything but greed.  Even those whose desire was for life, could not find the courage: for saying to all the rest, “you are doing wrong”.  So much so, the idea of evidence and thought,  will do this was retired/ and the construction of “a biblical format” was created.  Consequently, time was spent rearranging everything; and a foundation was laid to build from the ground up an opportunity to learn slowly, and by your own understanding; if you read.  Few read, and they finding threats abound quickly turn away to hide from truth. Alternately some come simply to steal; even though everything here is free, and you may claim it for yourselves.  The implied consent is: USE THIS for the protection of life and planet/ NOT more damn greed, arrogance, pride, power, or all the rest of what hatred can do.  As always the vast majority fail completely; because not a single penny is raised to support the work/ a very tiny few will actually communicate the purposes of this work, or its site so you can choose for yourself.
 The process of making democracy work for us all, by demanding redress of grievances in a courtroom/ therefrom constitutional guaranteed rights as the law provides.  Was met in every courtroom by those whose only desire was to insure “we are the power/ to HELL with democracy and life”.  The purpose of including the policing agencies as could have jurisdiction here, even the military proved useless: as the threat they found “was me”/ rather than reality itself by the evidence of what WILL go wrong.  The end result of all other forms of leadership throughout, and particularly in media was:   stop him, he may make the people think they are free, to choose for themselves.  So they ganged up, to ridicule, and to conceive of anything but respect: find a flaw, and use it to destroy a right, is the common demand among them.  Then comes the people themselves who with near perfection all say:   “Don’t tell me nothing/ I WON’T be responsible/ I WANT, what I want; and I sure as HELL don’t want this: GO AWAY”!  Is their answer.  Therefore we stand on a crumbling edge of horror in every conceivable way.  Proving with little or no possibility of refute; that every biblical catastrophe is coming true.  So says the evidence of our reality; and I always accept the decision of truth, and its consequence.  Because it is a law, being revealed through the decisions being made.

As to all other things: I would say to every child, “I DID DO, what I could do for you”.  Whatever success or failure that will inevitably be, is not up to me/ as I am no one’s “savior”.  Just a man who did do, the best he could do; even if many areas might have been done better “with help”.  There was (a tiny bit) of help occasionally, but not long, or much;  throughout an entire forty years; apart from “paid”.  People have heard the message: web sites keep totals of people opening them/ forums have running totals of people who have been there.  The open response is exactly what it appears: even though the world itself is in terrible danger of complete collapse, horrifying mutilation, massive extinctions, world war, without resource left to rebuild;  and even being burned completely, with the same fire as is on the sun.  A fire that burns your skin from 91 million miles away in summer.  Yet your elders still cannot rise, to protect life: they want, what they want, and fear losing “their good life”/ because everything that has been done in the last forty years especially, was wrong.  Counterfeiting destroyed the economy, and it exists entirely by lies accepted: because the truth is too frightful to be let free.  So the children are sacrificed/ and the world is abandoned to the cult called “university knows”.
University means: those who struggle to find, the details in life and time, so as to manipulate and control the responses of humanity, by designing or changing something instead of being subject to nature or its natural processes.  While that has had some value for civilization throughout this period: the end result of it, is we face extermination/ as does the planet itself.  Given that conclusion of the work, it is deemed undesirable, errant, and diseased; for a wide variety of reasons and the consequences we can no longer ignore.  That does not mean certain sections of university knowledge is to be abandoned.  But it does mean:  the precipitations of university arrogance in energy, apathy towards life, and a wide variety of other tragic or foolish occurrences MUST BE STOPPED.  To end the cult, there must be a recognition “they are more enemy than friend”.  So these sites will support.
Media was sold to a tiny few, by the treason of this, our US supreme court.  Thereby giving control of propaganda to the individuals who now control the jobs, pay, and words of those they employ.  By monopolizing the business itself: NO you can’t go anywhere else if you don’t do what we say/ because we the few, own it all.  It is a real threat, and the sheep fall, leaving the nation and this world in jeopardy from every possibility of power, pride, arrogance, thief, traitor, failure, fantasy, and fool.  

To summarize the work, is to summarize my life; as all but a few teenage years were given to this purpose: to fight for life on earth.  I failed as the man intending to make a difference, NOT because I wanted to do this work/ but because it is life or death for our world.  That is your decision too!
To summarize the reality of my life today is: to admit, as a man I could find NO ANSWER, for how the world might be saved; because men have ruled this world for thousands of years, “and this is the best they did do”.  Because this is the reality they did choose as a majority/ and that cannot be defeated by evidence; it is their want.  Consequently, the only possible answer relies upon female: they DON’T have an intricate network of how to control the rest in place.  They are different.  Which means, they can choose a different path/ because they cannot be run over with the understanding of man against man.  Men do not understand women/ therefore they will not be able to stop them from assembling themselves into a “voting march” to demand democracy rules: NOT our employees.
Unfortunately, that snippet of knowledge required “knocking at the door”:   into the spiritual world of female.  A reality that changed my life, which you can read about throughout the sites I provide.  That is up to you, I don’t care.  At the opposite end of that is:   the answer for this possibility our world could survive,   comes from female.  The reality of that is:    “Female demands, that I shall provide evidence; this is true”.  So ends this forum, as it is growing to a point of overwhelming the reader.

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