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01-26-2015, 08:32 AM,
The web servers were changed causing problems with the other forums.  Until fixed, I return to this one.

Disciplines of the heart/ the compositions that make us who we are.

Time is “a traveler”/ but the heart (not physical) itself moves only within the moments that awaken life within us.  That means the disciplines required between moments, determine the journey we shall take.
LIFE, can be “extremely isolating”/ because we are born alone, within the essence of a life inside;  that must be constructed outside, to become our truth revealed.  
Truth, confines us all/ or you lie.  Reality instructs us all, or we create fantasy and delusion to escape it.
Love releases each one, to discover the values of being alive; because you came, and made me “free”.
The eloquence of romance, is the meaning of life transformed within the body and mind called “you”.  Sex is a decision revealing want or love.
Friendship becomes the “fountain of youth”/ as love gives us breathe, the essence of time which shapes our eternity, conceives of our dignity, identifies integrity, and accomplishes happiness.  It is still  friendship that establishes time, without regret. Love can separate, because of many factors, good or bad or death.  Friendship contains within it the beginnings of a new day.
Discipline watches over the soul, and begins each journey with honor, respect, courage, and the values, thought, and hope which make us “more than simply animals”.

These seven construct the definitions of our lives, both in time and within soul/ as the heart reveals that composition each time we make our decision for or against the values known to be living, love, and eternity.

Heart lives within moments, because each moment that matters to you, conceives of a decision that you will make within your own future. Regardless of time past.  Each heartache/ each happiness/ every hope/ and every depression that exists because life or body or people are UNFAIR; constructs our time.  The journey past moments, is the creation of our lives by the decisions that we make.  Therefore every decision is a journey in and of itself/ that takes us, to where the journey itself can, or will go.  Every composition of understanding as delivered by either truth or reality: becomes a crossroads, “will you change/ or will you proceed into the destiny or fate this decision as is your past does create for you?”  Time is a treasury of everything we have found worth keeping/ or distinctly conceives of a desire to avoid.  The heart is a value, which begins the moment you have found life itself “worth keeping”/ rather than simply to be survived.  Do you see the difference? It begins with each of the seven disciplines above.
Loneliness explains, I am everything I can or need to be; except free, “to experience the relationship with, or of another life”.  That means simply: nothing is wrong with me, other than loneliness or hate. Hate is a disease, that infects and then destroys life; it has nothing to do with living/ it simply affects “the human animal”.  That is irrelevant to being human, unless confronted as with any other wild animal/ a predator.  Loneliness is then the excuse used by others, as selfishness consumes this earth. 
Truth complicates living, only when we desire to escape our reality/ and refuse our responsibilities to life and living and society and this earth.  Otherwise truth builds our existence, and completes the possibilities of our future.
There is nothing more valuable in life, than love itself.  Love is an envelope, capturing the heart, and sending it from one soul, to another.  Love is a vessel, delivering through the journey of our lives together, the essence of everything precious we desire.  Love is an experience of passion, rotating our direction so that we see each other, rather than only what is in front.  Love is an expression discovered in its purpose.  Love is the translation of beautiful: into the kindness and countenance of each one that shares the blessings of their world, because they do care about the consequences and kindness in ours. 
Romance lives in the embodiment of love, the place where hearts meet in this world: to stop time, and become “someone new in you”.  Romance sings the song, “forever I will be, without loneliness in thee”; or, I am the blessing, just as you are the gift of   GOD   to me/ and I to you.”  Equals forever!   Sex between male and female (adults) completes us, or destroys the blessings of a human body from us; or remembers the pleasures that lend a helping hand in our time of need.  Shares the beginning of everything new.  Constructs the distance between us, as closed to everything but love.  Conceives of a new life raised, within ourselves, or as more.
Every life needs more than time, we need each other.  That relationship creates the embodiment of living/ rather than the dimensional structures of a prison for some; as they struggle to conceive of love or even “Like”.  That friendship (to share life in time) is revealed, as the essence of time without the restrictions of space.  Walled in by loneliness, is a terrible thing/ that does lead to all manner of mental consequences and turmoil; including hate.  Every friend is a value/ even though none are perfect.  Every friend is a discipline, because we are required to participate, rather than simply receive.
Disciplines are the foundation of order.  Disciplines construct the values of balance in time.  Disciplines define respect, and therefrom create the values and participation we conceive of, with each other.  Disciplines are not “a freedom without merit”/ rather they are the ascension of honesty, the direction called honor, the purpose aligned with courage, and the beginning of values which then identify and create the boundaries of our lives and beyond.  The evidence of eternity needs only discipline to trust; it is the first step.

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