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01-27-2015, 01:12 PM,
Building a new society:   with life first always in charge/ not money.

The critical factors are: we can control the money used with limited capitalism/ we can control the amount of currency in circulation with constitutional enforcement/ & we can control the debt, by taking over control of the decisions necessary in a democracy by containing them with a percentage assessment; and deliberate separation of the variables: by vote.  What is banking debts among the public; will take care of itself/ so long as we demand strict adherence to FAIR PLAY/ limited bank size/ and the rules used up to, and including the sixties. Stability has its reward.  A vote for percentages to control where our tax dollars shall go: need NOT occur often, “simply this much for social security/ this much for something else: independent taxation for roads comes from fuel, etc/ and goes no where else.  NO MIXING of funds, not ever!
Therefore the money itself is not functionally a problem.  What is a problem becomes the level of competition that has now arrived.  The consequence of, “there is a very limited amount of, just go get more”.  The reality of people without a purpose, because buying is their purpose.  The consequence of poor people having more money/ and rich people losing much of their power. 

With efficiencies and mass production/ computer aided controls and robotics that can, do, and will take over a wide variety of jobs; and the ever increasing population.  Coupled with resource, food, water, and oxygen collapse: gives us really only one true choice.  We must do more for life, with far less.   Without resources there is no job.  Without food, there will be cannibalism; because disease can literally wipe out an entire livestock herd in weeks/ which can never then be rebuilt.  The cost of ALL; “close confinement agriculture”.  The aquifers are attacked, poisons everywhere, great lakes will end for decades (a provable fact)/ etc.  Only war is left: “must have water”!  Every fuel fire needs oxygen/ every experiment done proves we consume far more oxygen than this earth replaces.  We grow at over 2 million more mouths to feed every week; and the ocean life we need, is near extinction, believe it or not!
That means combined:   we must choose our future, rather than expect to ravage, rape, and ransack nature anymore.  We must build and rebuild/ use and reuse/ recycle, insulate, remove air conditioning (global warming), replace nearly everything human society does with more efficient methods of living, and fundamentally discard basically everything male driven society does.  Because all of it is based upon ravaging this earth “for more”.  And this earth is now tired, becoming worn out: because you have wrecked the basic and real structures of life and living that support and defend nature itself.  As have every generation before you.  The difference of today is, “soon it will be 8 billion people doing it, instead of 3 billion people”.  Do you understand, what that means: try thinking for a second, and you should get it.  It ain’t hard!

Given the wide variety of repairs, recycling, and change that absolutely must be done for our very survival: there really is no end to the jobs that must be done for life.  That includes all life, because without nature, and all its chains and environments intact; there is no future.  We live because nature lives/ we will die with nature, because there is no other choice.  It is that simple.  There is a claimed agricultural lands of about 7 billion acres on earth: NOT INCLUDING droughts, floods, damage, etc.  With soon to be 8 billion people that means these acres must support all human life for a year, including wildlife, at less than one acre apiece.  The ocean will soon have no harvest-able life because of over-fishing, trash, devastation, etc.  Leaving us all with the only choice available: WAR, and cannibalism/ or die.  So we need to make every decision possible, to avoid those circumstances.
Resources will be “sacred”/ or every child will die; because of what you did or did not do with the resources they need to survive in their own future.  It is a choice: assassinate them/ or save their lives, by giving them a future with something to use for life; including nature.  So stop mutilating life.

There are only three critical factors beyond those simple facts: the people who want everything they can possibly get/ and absolutely don’t want to work for life itself.  The people who are too rich for the benefit of society, having complied too many numbers because counterfeiting allowed it.  And the people who are too poor today, which will have more tomorrow; and because they WANT too.  The demand for resources will increase, although not by much, because the vast majority of humanity today; due to mass production and resource rape/ continually buy, to create the mountains of garbage they use to prove, “I HAVE a trophy”.
We begin with the people who absolutely want to be rich, and believe they can, because others have!  Therefore why should they be made to suffer, “I want the same/ I HAVE RIGHTS ( see my counterfeit numbers)”.   Functionally they will be greatly enamored, by the fact they must now fight the bankruptcy of every nation: to get what they believe is fair to them.  That will take time/ time presents knowledge/ and reality will then prove what can or cannot be done; including the death of every child for failure to accept our new reality.  Like it or not.
The wealthy today believe they have an absolute right, and any attack on their numbers and possessions will result in war/ moving to another nation, at least with money/ and all political and courtroom corruption/ conspiracies/   and collusion that is possible among those whose fortunes were built by manipulation and control over these things.  They will lose ONLY, if the masses take control over governmental bankruptcy: and find their voice through the essence of democracy, which is WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE.  Our vote takes control over our nation, and over our courts, and over our money, and over our military; and absolutely everything else, including property titles/ natural resources, etc.  Including the right of debts claimed by business and industry. So long as we abide by constitutional law.  That law most prevalent in this reality is: REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, a first amendment legal right, with the power to bring our employees into a courtroom: and determine for ourselves, if their actions obeyed the constitution as they did swear.

The poor finding within themselves the right to rise above poverty; WILL do so with a fervor.  The consequence of that, is a disintegration of resources that would be tragic; for the future of life.  That unfortunately means: limits must be imposed, so reality can absorb what will become the greatest change in society ever composed.  Limits mean:  the method of dividing the money into three types.  1.  We the entire humanity of earth shall compete with the same money and equal opportunity for food, and only for the critical needs as designed by you: everybody get the same. For a full time worked week.  2.   The money for all business and industry;   shall be compiled into strictly for resources, tools, and the foundations of economic work.  Treated separately, it is the foundation of banking.  NOT for personal income.   3.   Personal income is strictly for the luxuries of life, or whatever freedom assists in providing to you.  It is not used for business or necessities/ it is entirely for “other”. 
The purpose of each category is then a fundamental shift from money buys everything/ to money can only buy you certain things.  Money can make us equal, for necessities.  Money can support business and industry because that is all it can be used for.  And money can provide for the pleasures and purposes of living, but only as limited capitalism allows.      

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