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legal tax revolt
01-29-2015, 02:15 AM, (This post was last modified: 01-30-2015, 02:21 AM by jim.)
legal tax revolt
The essence of this work, this life, is simply: DO YOU believe, that machines which can control an amount of electrical energy equal too, all the electricity produced in this world: by using capacitors to store it/ and then release it at once. Creating an energy burst for less than a second, equal to roughly all the energy hitting this earth by the sun: will create the same fire here as is on the sun? We know that fire is not a fantasy/ therefore it can be created. Your universities and leaders of all kinds believe, “this will be great/ the university knows what it is doing”! But our reality is VERY SIMPLE: if their theory, that this ten million degree fire, will just extinguish itself is WRONG. Then we all die as a world. The list of extreme threats is long, the reality of our true or potential extinction is real; for this entire world. So the question is: WHY should we let them try?
The question is: although you surely believe “the university”/ are you willing to die for that belief? Because there are truly no second chances, a fire that clearly burns nuclear bonds; means everything here is fuel.


The foundation of which is constitutional law, and the duty to demand our state and nation SHALL be protected from all attackers!
The reality of which is:   as a world threatened with extermination of all life,   LUCK IS NOT ENOUGH!  
As a development of evidence:   apart from all the trivial anarchy, destruction, disease, and rebellion associated with American government.  The critical factors are:   that university scientists are trying to ignite the same ten million degree fire here on earth/ as does exist on the sun.  A fire that is already proven to be NOT “fusion”/ by their Lawrence Livermore Laboratories in San Francisco: theory one is dead.  Yet they do continue on, risking every living life on this planet, because the second part of their theory is:   “This ten million degree fire” will just extinguish itself, because there is not enough gravity here.  Wrong is a completely dead earth.  Wrong is a completely dead solar system, because a second sun will destroy it.  That is the gamble, every living thing on earth, OR a fire that will end mining, heavy equipment, transportation of such, and jobs. For those with “little minds”.  Everything bet upon “the fire will just put itself out/ on our planet, where everything is fuel”.  Because it clearly burns atomic bonds, to destroy elements.  No second chances. Consequently a fight, even if I fight alone, for life and earth and child. To your shame!
The courts, your leaders, and your media, absolutely refuse to inform or allow the public to be informed: of the true consequences for being wrong with these experiments, and this purpose of theirs.  They also refuse open discussions and public legal rights to democratically decide for ourselves by vote: if we are willing to allow such things/ including the mutilation of nature in all its forms, because changing DNA is exactly that.  If we are willing to destroy the water supplies.  Consume the oxygen we need to breathe.  Gamble with every food source beyond repair.  Completely assassinate the children by ravaging and raping every resource they must have to survive in the future.  And a thousand other tragedies coming.
Instead as corruption does:   they protect their power, demand pride rules, and live for the claim “we can play god” with life.
HOW IS THAT, “good for you or me”?

Re: the illinois internal revenue
box 19035 Springfield IL 62794-9035
letter id;   L 1980272656         Dated 1/ 3/ 15

from: James F. Osterbur
2191 2500 E
ST. Joseph IL 61873

dated 1/ 21/ 15

Your claim is:   a collection action for services rendered for the state of IL/ stating a public listing of delinquent IL taxpayers shall occur with my name on it.  Your letter states: that I have rights under the law 20 ILCS 2520.  Legally, without a substantial right: as I do not refuse to pay the tax/ RATHER I demand constitutional law shall be obeyed by you.  Means to publish my name and claim otherwise is libelous; the fine is one million dollars, to discredit or defame my name.

My constitutional rights were violated under this law: as NO public jury trial commenced after this law was pursued in Champaign county court. They clearly set a trap, to claim “illegal contempt”, and throw me in jail/ as no jury trial commences at 2:30 pm.   My constitutional rights were violated by the IL supreme court with regard to this taxation: and consequent denial of jury trial by that court/ and a blockade from that court in direct violation of the law.  Treason.  My constitutional rights were violated by the IL appellate court: with regard to this taxation, by an illegal blockade during the appeals process; a traitorous act.  My constitutional rights, and this democracy were attacked by the criminal organized crime that is a part of the il revenue tax service: when they tried to steal a vehicle worth $10,000.00.  To sell it to themselves, for $500.00/ passing by my checking account: which I plainly told them they could illegally (in lieu of a jury trial) take the money, which was there in full.  But they chose to “whip the slave” instead/ until I reminded the perpetrators and thieves, “that is a felony”; and would be pursued as such. Along with those who received the stolen property.  You have no right to claim a vehicle for tax/ and sell it for 5% of its value/ then claiming only $500 was received for a ten thousand dollar vehicle.  It is plainly ORGANIZED CRIME. 
My constitutional rights are violated: continually and with fervor in regards to the true and correct demand for jury trial that is the absolute and continual failure, corruption, collusion, anarchy, treason, traitorous acts, and outright worship of the current cult “university knows”: with regard to “thousands of literal life ending threats” that must be addressed or we all die.  My constitutional rights are violated with regard to the federal government employees; whose actions are the same.  My constitutional rights are violated by the federal employees who stole the entire value of my truck by not allowing the federal tax writeoff which all other business did receive.  I only did not: because you stole it.  I am illegally blockaded from the US supreme court.  I am illegally blockaded from federal court.  I am illegally blockaded from state court:   because I have proven traitor, treason, terrorist, thief, liar, fool, failure, and more, again and again throughout each court case that exists with my name on it.  Proven true by investigation and examination of the real evidence that is:   OUR CONSTITUTION is the government, by its written laws;   sworn by every major employee to be obeyed.  Absolutely discarded; so they could rule us with their own delusions instead.  Etc/ etc/ etc!
As a citizen of both the state of IL and the USA; I am obligated by duties defined and created within the constitution or both, to DEFEND this democracy against any and all enemies, whether from the inside or the outside.  I have found anarchy in the courts: the demand we shall tear down the constitution rather than obey.  I have found terrorism in the leadership supporting universities/ and other;  funded with our monies/ gambling with our lives, our nature, our future, our world, our nation, and every child.  I have found treason against this democracy by liars &  thieves who have established counterfeiting and flooded the world with bribes.  That world is now coming to America to dispossess us all, with counterfeit money created by government employees in direct violation of constitutional law.  I have found traitors: those who refuse to obey constitutional law, deliberately intending to enslave us with bribes to create an army against us/ granting to a “university diploma” the status of nobility, and the cult of “university knows”.  I have found bankruptcy in state and nation, because liars pretend inflation does not exist/ when clearly by the federal reserve accounting statement L.5 that inflation is excessive and extreme by fact.  I have found threats that will exterminate life on earth:   because fantasy and fool, through delusion and insanity are the leaders of both this state called IL, and this nation called America.   NONE OF WHICH IS LEGAL.  NONE OF WHICH IS TOLERATED BY CONSTITUTIONAL DEMAND OR OATH.  Which means to pay your tax without true and public REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES TO PROVE THE TRUTH BY OUR REALITY;   there is an absolute duty to refuse those who refuse the contractual duty required of them: which is,   “To OBEY THE CONSTITUTION”.

I am absolutely tired of your corruption, crime, terrorism, traitorous acts, criminal conduct, illegal descent into fantasies, counterfeiting, lies, bribes, mutilation, and threats against all life on earth.
I AM DEMANDING A TRUE JURY TRIAL, as is consistent with REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES a state and federal constitutional law; with public advertisements: because life or death for a world, or a nation/ is PUBLIC BUSINESS.  Because this trial is about every child/ every part and policy of society/ every direction in leadership/ EVERY DAMN PENNY diseased by counterfeiting (inflation) and lies (debts we can’t pay)/ every fantasy, “the few get to have anything they want”; because the economy and the truth of leadership is a delusion created by the insane.  Therefore “all eyes watching”/ like it or not! Our state, our nation, our nature, and our world is damaged and at risk.  Let the evidence prove what is true!
  Or you have no rights here/ because you refuse the law; discard democracy, and intend to execute us all with blind worship of a university that acts against democracy, deliberately experiments with extinction or chaos, and fundamentally gambles with nature, the planet, every child and every human being, as well the survival of every living thing on earth.  Wrong is a dead world.  And the most significant threat of this moment:   has already been proven wrong by the national ignition facility.  When their experiments to combine hydrogen into helium failed completely.  But they did not stop; instead they are building bigger with the exa watt lasers:   a dead world is coming soon.
 I don’t pay terrorists. I don’t pay anarchists. I don’t pay traitors.  I don’t pay thieves, liars, organized criminals.  I don’t pay the people who are trying to execute me, with their religious cult “university knows” beliefs. I don’t pay for constitutional fraud or extortion.  I don’t pay failures, fools, the insane, or the delusional in worship of a cult called “university knows: they can’t be questioned/ cause they’re gods”; particularly when they gamble with every living thing on this earth.  Life or death for us all dependent upon the damned and the destroyer: depends upon a nuclear fire “just extinguishing itself”/  when reality proves, this entire planet is nothing but fuel.   That Demands a battle, not submission.  Consequently I DON’T pay those who are so damned proud, diseased, and worthless/ that they are willing to let this world be destroyed rather than prove the truth of what happens when this goes wrong.  As is ongoing experiments to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun.  As is mutilating all of nature/ because DNA is nature. As is everything we need for survival, UNDER ATTACK.   I demand JURY TRIAL/ with clear and certain PUBLIC AWARENESS of the truth being established by the evidence in a court called REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.  AS IS the guaranteed right of every citizen including me; under first amendment constitutional law, and fifth amendment state of IL law.

Do that, and I will pay the tax, win or lose: because the constitution itself, which is the government alone in both state and nation; gets to participate.  Without “the government: OUR AGREEMENT AS A PEOPLE, causing us all to unite”/ as employees in rebellion against that contract between us as citizens:  you are nothing less than thieves, traitors, and fools.
Thereby: EITHER OBEY THE LAW, and give me a true constitutional courtroom whereby the evidence of what our employees in government have or have not been doing GOES TO TRIAL.  Or climb back in your hole. 

James Frank Osterbur

signed and mailed usps   1/23/15
certified# 7010 3090 0003 2442 3677

the question is:   how lucky do you feel?  The end of our democracy is in sight.  The dispossession of American land to foreigners is in sight/ thereby we lose all control.  The corruption of constitutional law is proven beyond any doubt.  The complete bankruptcy of both state and nation; and that means you too exists.  Because counterfeiting and bribes, are all lies.  Etc/ etc/ etc.

Even if you don’t care about your democracy, stability, coming war to end all wars literally, or life on earth.  You better quit hiding from the reality of machines, particularly the new exa watt lasers, that when combined: and they will be combined. To focus roughly the same amount of energy hitting this entire earth: into a 3 x 3 foot cube, from three different directions: in that moment of time.  Their claim is each laser is a billion times a billion watts of power.  That is 1 x 10 to the eighteenth power.  3 together, equals 1 x 10 to the fifty fourth power.  Created by storing electricity in capacitors, and releasing that power in one instantaneous burst.  They have NOT ONE legitimate experiment to run with these machines, soon to be in operation.  They built three, to ignite this planet on fire, just to prove they could play god. WITH YOUR MONEY.   The counterfeiting is just a lie/ your money is the work and resources they are allowed to direct into their fantasies and delusions.  WAKE UP!  Or die.

If you prefer religious, the biblical end of life on earth is by fire!  This is it.  If you prefer biblical prophecy, the book of Daniel is exactly this situation.  The 1298 days until the end of life on earth begins with the national ignition facility at Lawrence livermore laboratories; on the day their machine was completed.  The approximate completion date of the exa watt lasers is 1298 days later.  That prophecy goes on to declare a second end to life at 1335;   it is the amount of time required for an atomic fire to completely overtake this earth, by ejecting the entire atmosphere of this planet, and overheating to the point every living thing is dead.   NO SECOND CHANCES.  Trying thinking for yourself, at least this once in your lifetime.  And then DO whatever you can do/ such as         Communicating/ stopping payment on your taxes/ demonstrating/  or whatever you decide to do.  Just do it!  Because wrong means you will be sucked up into that fire, and every life will be destroyed on earth.  How is that NOT your concern? 
The cult of “university knows”/ and their legions of priests and zealots, will tell you “just believe”.  I ask you this instead:   are you willing to die, because you believed?  Are you willing to let them sacrifice your children, because you believed?  Are they god, AT LEAST A SANE PERSON WOULD INVESTIGATE, AND DEMAND A CLEAR UNDERSTANDING.  Rather than “just believe”; what is so clearly the fundamental called “SATAN” on earth.  Nothing less would gamble with every single life on this planet!  How is that, not so?  Prove it.
We melt steel at 3,000 F.  degrees.  How will your pride protect you from 10,000,000 degrees F.  Think about it, and remember nearly every identified pandemic was and is caused by a mutation:   “Your gods” are mutilating everything/ on purpose.  Because chaos ( which means: the destruction of everything) is their god; evolution.  Etc/ etc/ etc.
This is a reality of, “we all die, planet included”/ because YOU wouldn’t say no to your gods, at “university knows”. Its called a theory, for a reason: because sun fire can never to a toy. The biblical prophecy of Daniel is not to be believed because it was written thousands of years ago: RATHER IT IS TRUE AND SUBSTANTIVE, because that prophecy is proven to be very accurate. From the people all bowed down/ to only a tiny few, who are willing to stand up for life and freedom and rights. To the prophecy itself: which begins with experimentation/ and ends with the machines being built that will destroy our world as are the exa watt lasers. They have no purpose/ other than a match to ignite our planet. To the ending prophecy: all dead once ignition occurs, even though alive, because the fire must first propagate; as it literally ejects the entire atmosphere of this planet with a “thousand mile per hour updraft”. That will suck people in; congratulations, “you get your ride/ into fire”. Happy now? When all you had to do was say NO, the risk is too damn high. Life is not your toy either. Neither is nature or survival. But humanity “says no/ they are our gods”: because they build weapons we fear. Take another look: and fear the cost of letting the university play god with life! But then, you are just as proud as they, aren’t you; cause you’re a fan/ and fans make the game important. Fanatics don’t think/ they believe! WAKE UP. Or die!

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