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foundations of business
01-30-2015, 08:20 AM,
foundations of business
The foundation of business is: that I will, do something of value for you/ in return for something of value for me. It is not more complicated than that.  Those who are able to sell the confidence: “I can/ I have/ I will/ and I did”;  generally get the job, even if someone else can do better.  Because if you cannot sell your product/ you cannot sustain a business, even if you are the best.  Until that fact, overrules the other competitors:  and selling it becomes completely interrelated with the proven fact, “you are the best”.

The critical reality applied to every worker is: will you help me achieve my own goals/ or not?  That means unless you have something distinctive to offer a particular business; they simply don’t need you.  The entire purpose of every business, is to make money/ or if a actual REAL non-profit business; it is to make a difference.  Both require speciality services.  If you can’t do it/ we don’t need you.  Thereby education is a factor/ but real education comes from life through reality, not by books.  Religions come from books; you can’t defeat us, cause the author is dead.  So you can’t prove anything, I don’t want or believe: at least not to me, “a true believer”. Because the book makes me “god too”/ I get to be, whatever I want. Or more correctly, am willing to pay for: its all up to me, and whatever I believe.  “Murder”/ no its not murder, they deserved it; etc.

The critical mass of business is: how much can I charge?  The critical reality of business is: how much, and what is it, that I am required to do for the money.
The critical truth of society is: how many resources must be used or destroyed/ because without them, there is no economy, life dies, and we must move.  Even though today, truly, there is no place left to go: the earth is over full!

That means a job is not simple/ and every business is not free! Our cost of doing business is: someone in the future is going to die, because we must have resources, and we will destroy them all/ unless we destroy ourselves first.  The consequence of that truth is:   either murder, “we didn’t care or respect the future”/ or, its reality, we must and we will choose for the children by respecting what is important for every life, including our own.  If we do that, then we have honestly shared life and earth with its future.  By making decisions that will add years, and generations.
The critical reality of today is: by simply removing the current non-essential jobs of today, in America there are roughly 4 workers per every 1 job.  Reality states: only the resources that are necessary and fair, to life and the future can be used: you have already destroyed the rest!
Add in all the work to rebuild and repair/ recycle/ insulate/ reuse, etc; and there are more jobs than we need.  It is a choice: to do what needs to be done for life comes first.  To accept the challenges of taking too much prior to this date, and never putting anything of substance back for life on earth:   means money comes last.  No, you don’t get lots of stuff/ but you can learn how to share real opportunities, and be as self sufficient as you can.  MANY absolutely do not desire this/ but it is the future or we die, ending all life on this planet as we, the elders knew it.  To be self-sufficient requires knowledge and work and risk/ but it does have its own rewards.  To be self sufficient means: I DON’T have to work for you/ you can do this yourself.
The “University diploma” destroyed capitalism/ with their greed, bribes, fantasies, lies, theft, cheating, treason, failures and counterfeiting.  The simple truth is: capitalism is the working realities designed around supply and demand/ where real life consequences dictate what resources will be used, and who gets to do it, or must refrain.  Counterfeiting removes capitalism because there is no real accounting: there is no supply or demand, because there is always “a printing machine to make more counterfeit money”.  So it never runs out; it just keeps multiplying. In the real world of life, that multiplication of money stops the counterfeiting as people come to realize what has happened.  That is not so today because the major portions of the counterfeiting have been hidden in pensions, social security, medicine, and over-seas; where all the world now has many American dollars, and then come here to dispossess us from our land, by using that counterfeit dollar, to buy and possess.  The university diploma, including all public unions; are bribed to take the money and run, “it will be great”/ they become our slaves soon.  So we don’t have to do NOTHING, but spend!  Rather like a beguiling snake the leaders who hide the truth about money,  interfere with life.  The beguiling bribe, is obviously hard to refuse; even if you personally don’t want it, because its wrong:   you will be overwhelmed by those who do want it, because they love “stolen goods”.  While the counterfeiting itself is a snake, hidden in “tall grass of media delusions and worship”/ it waits for a victim to come close.

So then the future cannot survive with a snake in charge/ and the tragedy of leadership as it is must be removed.  So that true capitalism and honest democracy can return.
We turn to business itself: to understand, that anything such as business which is entirely dependent upon money to exist/ cannot simply be ignored or refused its basis for survival.  That said, we absolutely cannot continue as we are/ murdering every child, every life, even the planet itself.
CHANGE means:   the primary solution will be, that the money, (so much per citizen: as is the currency allowed to government) to be used from government, SHALL go to the cities/ or in rural area’s county.  Each city will pick a specific job they are willing to do/ and every business within that city will function either for that purpose or in direct support of the people who do.  The money will be divided up by the businesses themselves/ but each and every business will be subject to the will of the people therein. They get to decide how big you are allowed to be/ and much more by public vote.  Limited capitalism will take care of the rest.
Or more simply, there are to be NO “accessories” allowed from business: a paycheck is all you get from business/ the rest is entirely up to you.  The business person is simply for the business; he or she is not your mommy.  
There is a blessing in an entire city doing the same basic thing: “you all have something in common”/ therefore you all can talk to each other honestly, and without fear.  Next to money, in case you don’t know: it is conversation that ranks in humanity as the next most valuable thing.  Health goes without saying.  That does mean, as a public citizen, you will decide what is fair for you.  In other words capitalism returns.  With the single alternate exception: that we do owe each other a job/ no excuses, no welfare, no complaint.  Got sick, get better and work/ or can’t get better means: each citizen will decide by vote HOW MUCH of their own pay, by taxation, will be taken for you.  Limits WILL be imposed, because that is what reality does demand; like it or not.
Making work, in an era of endless jobs to rebuild, insulate, recycle, etc: IS NOT hard.  Matching a job to someone who will be at least tolerant of that work, is not as easy.  Lotteries exist/ the people you work with, and for:  decide who shall be replaced.  Thereby your job ends in the lottery, and someone else gets a chance.  The opportunity to beautify, entertain, and create should be included. An educator is someone who actually teaches something useful, and that doesn’t,  have to do with a diploma.  It refers to a value created for the student, and a value understood by society as useful to itself.  That aligns freedom and duty as the foundations of society itself: therefore the law has value, and all should learn it as those new laws take shape and come to fruition.  Because what has been is a failure.

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