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review of Daniel
02-03-2015, 07:58 AM,
review of Daniel
WE will examine, the biblical book of Daniel; as it contains the time-line that now prophecies the end of our world.   NOT FOR RELIGIOUS purposes/ but simple respect for a reality that is functionally apparent in our time. An extreme fire threatens/ and only one “king (the university diploma)” exists, demanding they are “god” (they rule us all/ and do anything fantasy desires). The people are bowed down, and unable to respond without fearing retribution.  Important, because the tools for our own destruction are in place, or being built. The descriptions of our time, now coincide with that time, to a realistic degree as a consequence.

This book is divided into three parts: the first talks of the writers life, living, and time.  The second deals with the interim time between then and now.  The third portion deals only with the end of time as his vision predicts.
The first part; according to the description, “one king” rules everything. 
Being forced, by the realities of his time;  to participate in a life that was not to his choosing Daniel accepts the service, and receives the blessings necessary to achieve what will become, his work.  He is a vegetarian apparently in the first part of his life; which simply means, “I am trying to be kind to animals/ rather than eat them”. A noble cause until you realize, if humanity did not eat their livestock; vast numbers of these creatures would not be born or survive in many places.  It is a “mixed reality, of both blessing and curse” for these creatures.  Nonetheless, these men become educated and apply themselves to the work.  Their lives change with a king’s dream.
The dream is about their day, and the kings’ pride and power (all the things men worship), when revealed; has feet of both iron (strong) and clay (weak).  The rock cut out represents GOD, CREATOR OF ALL LIFE AND EARTH;  has power over this earth, and all mankind: that knowledge then changes life on earth.  
The king heeds that warning for a time, but then revolts: pride is a terrible enemy/ VERY hard to destroy.  And he builds an image to prove it, requiring all to bow down; because rules make rulers/ the failure to obey the rule, makes them believe they are “god”.  3 do not!  Intensifying pride, and determined to prove power: they are expected to burn, in an extreme fire.  They do not/ a spiritual reality saves them.  The kings’ punishment come next; and it will prove to remove his pride.
The kings’ son takes over “filled with pride”/ expecting to play god over all: he is made to fear, and seeks understanding. He is judged unworthy and dies. He is replaced by a “better one”/ but still with pride:  he cannot stop the rules, even when it is known they are wrong.
We then come to chapters 7 through 10, which are about times past

We then come to chapter 11 which initiates “at the four corners of the wind” so to speak”.  The places men are blown in their quest for more.  Each direction represents a fate or destiny desired or wanted by the heart of men.  To the north is power, pride, wealth, hate and selfishness.  To the south is honor, truth, value, hope, love, balance, and everything life itself represents.  To the east are the religions.  To the west are found the variations of intellect, witchcraft, and the like.   These things are broken up, leaving a thirst for knowledge and understanding for life itself/   that then begins a period which probably begins around the reformation or thereabouts.  Power and life try to get along/ but world war 1 and world war 2 establish a new period/ but not for long: because men want power, for themselves/ and cannot resist pride.
These wars change, when the forces for life and value are overrun;  by the call for evolution is our god.  The beautiful land, is a place where value and life once lived (nature)/ but is now dying.  The power of evolution to invade this world, then aligns itself with religion: and together they proclaim “life is just an accident/ established by chaos and its destruction”.  These fail.
Verse 20 opens with government, demanding money: they turn to counterfeiting.  21 the contemptible (university knows) uses power to gain control over all government.  Thereby hide inflation, lie about cheating, and steals the nation blind; while they feel like “nothing is wrong”.  The army is an army gained by bribes, through counterfeiting and lies.  The leaders are found out; therefore must fight or surrender.  The people of life lose; because they are believers, in more than GOD. Power & pride attempt to negotiate with “reduced” values, respect, and love: but cannot. In the war with power (you cannot stop me) against life (we the people, not swallowed by want)/ power will win.  The people who worship and respect the sanctity of life, will be treated harshly.  That becomes the beginning of an abomination that causes desolation.
A time of world war 3, then begins.  Weapons of mass destruction will end it.
Chapter 12
Is a slightly different view as to the ending of life on earth.  Michael is not at this time distinguishable, but a time of distress beyond anything previously known is clearly known. The young are singled out for a greater contribution; because the future does mean more to them than the elderly.  The multitudes who awaken, are simply the reality of over-population known today: finding themselves required to make a choice for life, or failure.  Those who lead for life, to a new and different world: will receive a reward.
Verse 5 water represents the balance of life in time, “to move or be real/ remain living”.  One on either side of the water represents the two primary desires of humanity, in particular men: power, want, and pride/ or love, values, respect, and life: etc.  The astonishing question is: why and how can we change so much/ as is needed?  The reality of time conceived as life replies:   “when the holy people are broken”.  That of course happens on a daily basis/ but they then recover to become “refined”.  More simply, it refers to the end of even the religious, refuse  to adhere in respect for   GOD, as CREATOR AND LORD OVER EVERYTHING.
The daily sacrifice is: I will be, whatever I must be, “for GOD”/ or, GOD is first!   With little indifference, that is largely abandoned; with an endless list of beliefs replacing the simple proof:   GOD IS EVERYTHING.  
The abomination that causes desolation becomes real, when the reality of its possibilities becomes working against life.  The abomination is a decision:   TO GAMBLE WITH EVERY LIFE ON THIS PLANET, even the earth itself, and fundamentally the solar system as well.  By trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun.  It begins with the national ignition facility operations.  Life is predicted to end 1290 days later.  The end of life for an entire earth would be igniting the sun fire here, a ten million degree fire/ we absolutely cannot put out!      That would likely include, but is not limited too:   the extreme light infrastructure or exa-watt lasers whose predicted completion date is roughly 1290 days following the beginning work of the NIF.
It continues with those who survive without losing their trust in GOD for the next 45 days.  The time predicted to be: from its beginning a ten million degree fire will rise, by thermodynamic principles miles high into the atmosphere itself, with thermal updraft at roughly one thousand miles per hour.  Ejecting the entire atmosphere of this earth into space.  While it continues from the ignition point to overheat this earth, and turn it into a sun.  Ending every life.  It will then quickly explode the planet/ because the oceans will be engulfed by fire almost immediately, creating extreme hotspots that will become too much for the planet itself to withstand.

The machines capable of igniting this planet on fire exist, and the primary match; will soon be finished.  There is no going back/ no second chances; once ignition occurs, our world is dead.
Leaders, media, universities and others have determined that they will risk the fact: if their theory does not work, “that there is not enough gravity to hold the fire onto this earth/ so it will extinguish itself”.  We all die.   You were not given a choice, by the courts/ because you might say no.  Power and pride wants and believes “they can use the same fire as is on the sun”.  Reality and proof : just look at the sun says ABSOLUTELY NOT.   They continue, even though they have proven themselves wrong about fusion: “combining hydrogen into helium is not this fire.”   Just too proud, like a majority of men have always been.

WE ALL DIE from this failure.  It is no game, does not the sun burn your skin in summer from 91,000,000 miles away! Indeed it does.  Life or death for a world, and this is only one threat.
The time line could be wrong/ it is after all a prediction thousands of years old: but it gathers respect with the days involved.  We are dead the instant that fire ignites/ but it will take an additional 45 days or so to burn us all alive: just from the physics of the fire!  There is nothing in the past (they did not know this was possible), that would allow them to make that differential in time: it had to be, “a prophecy”/ that survived.
Regardless of the time line, which I do accept as true.  The machines to ignite the same fire as is on the sun exist, and the match will soon be in operation.  Consequently why would anyone doubt: this is evidence of the end to our world?

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