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REVIEW of medicine
02-05-2015, 12:44 AM, (This post was last modified: 03-11-2015, 04:53 AM by jim.)
REVIEW of medicine
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PRICING IN all “MEDICAL MATTERS”/ hospital billing?

       How, did we pay for current costs! “etc”?
Add reality has a list and federal reserve #1 & #2 & #3
       Then ask yourself: if nothing but a few forced pennies, have been spent on infrastructure for the future of this nation over the last fifty years.  WHO took, or spent the money on fantasy or their delusions?  The answer is, “every university diploma” that became “our leaders”.

we begin with the simple truth: everybody can get sick/ it is not a matter of health, it is a reality of disciplines that fundamentally are designed to keep the human population from getting out of control.  Thereby balancing nature for the good of all life!  That, having been defeated by antibiotics, and facing a population growth that is functionally going to destroy us all from this earth: simply means, the opportunities to get sick are even greater now, than ever before.  Because antibiotics also breed stronger disease, and will soon be ineffective, and unavailable.  The reality is that vaccines are another major player in human population growth, as is clearly proven true. The reality is: as an adult, you will go to the hospital if sick enough/ because it is better than the alternative. Particularly if you don’t die from the sickness/ because then you may be required to live with a body that no longer functions well.  Therefore excuses do fail, when options explain:  NO DOCTOR heals.  Instead the body heals itself, when given the opportunity to do so.  When, Realities exist that do not allow for that healing to occur/ an intervention helps, or we die. It is little different than repairing the house, “when a window is broken out or the roof leaks, furnace doesn’t work, no water, etc”.  All of which are an aid similar too, “what a doctor might do for you”.  It is just a job; every single one. Since no human remembers “30 years of schooling (passed the damn test, now forgotten forever)”/ that intent to control the competition is irrelevant, and useless to the work being done. Instead it controls the price.  Nonetheless, it should be remembered throughout society: vaccines have kept many millions of children alive/ that would have died.  It is a known fact/ be it good or bad for the world; every family will demand “its good”, for a reason.  The problem is: regardless of over population/ that genetic elements and environmental exposures can and do create in a tiny population consequences unforseen.  The result being for that tiny few, complications unknown by the rest. This too is simply the results of a dynamic genetic response, rather than an isolated everyone must be the same reality. Vaccines are “a savior” for countless millions; simple and plain.  Vaccines for the tiny few, can be minimized by smaller single injections, over time; so that any real cause and effect can be determined with the most likely means to intervene if possible.  The story of vaccines are simple: if we returned to the past, when these diseases were prevalent: NO ONE would argue the need.

Which brings us again: TO THE MEDICAL BILLING, for work done.

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