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sanity in phsics
03-02-2015, 08:39 AM, (This post was last modified: 03-04-2015, 01:33 AM by jim.)
sanity in phsics
THE SIMPLE THINGS, about nuclear physics with regard to “sun fire”.

1.  For energy to be contained in a nuclear environment such as an atom, there must be balance: “or the energy” would just fly away.  Consequently we know that for an atom to be functionally, “at rest” as is necessary for life and mass.  There must be, an equal opposite energy which holds the atom together.  Or dark energy so called.

2.  When energy is released from its captor; as in nuclear fire:   that release, separates/ rather than explodes the atom.  Sending positive energy outward, and the dark energy or negative energy back in the opposite direction.  Therefrom we get solar gravity, as nuclear fire dissolves mass.  Its called: for every action there must be an equal opposite reaction.

3.  If the sun were to be on fire from the center outward/ that literally means ALL THE FUEL is engulfed at the same time: therefore it will quickly disintegrate and the sun will have a very short lifetime of burning.  BECAUSE IT WILL run out of fuel. 

4.  To have a supernova effect: there must be additional fuel applied.  Because the supernova sun enlarges tremendously before its explosion, or sudden release of all energy at once.  That means the sun by the evidence CANNOT be on fire from the center out.

5.  It is obviously “Insane” to believe the sun is made out of hydrogen/ a gas that cannot be formed into a solid unless extreme cold is applied. Certainly NOT the case in the sun.  Nuclear fire has a byproduct or ash component: which is the smallest, most active, or least possible atom to undergo meltdown.  One thereby,  that could possibly escape the fire itself;   which is hydrogen.

6.  The national ignition facility at lawrence livermore laboratories HAS PROVEN; by three years of experimentation.  That it is NOT hydrogen that fuels the sun.  They say they can duplicate the pressures necessary.  They say they have applied 180 million degrees of heat (more than an exploding sun) to the process of trying to push hydrogen into helium and failed completely.  They have absolutely no proof of helium/ anywhere in this universe:  in the quantities required to assert this theory; it is an absolute lie.

7.   The assertion of a center area in the sun which “pulls in all the gravity needed” to hold this solar system together.  Created by some mysterious unknown element; that exists nowhere as a fact.  Assumed to be the cause of their “molten center”.   BEGS THE QUESTION:   WHERE IS YOUR PROOF.  There is none, it too is an absolute fantasy without any conception in reality. 

8.  A fire is not an explosion: they have VERY DIFFERENT benchmark realities, and are NOT the same.  Therefore any assertion that an atomic explosion is the same as a fire is utter nonsense, and without substance or proof.

Added together: the damn liars of physics/ are gambling every life on this planet based upon the demands of a fool.  They are storytellers, and lack even the most basic scientific foundations for their conclusions.  While in fact EVERY SINGLE LIVING THING ON EARTH depends upon their conclusions; as we approach the ignition of planet earth: which WILL BECOME, “just like the sun”!   NO second chances!  One second too late, and our world will burn with 10,000,000 F.  A fire that absolutely CANNOT be put out, because it burns atomic bonds; and everything here is fuel.  

A footnote; it is the balance between opposing forces in an atomic environment, that gives us electricity/ functions to create a living body/ and forms the basic foundation of all molecular activities. The difference in elements, is determined by the size/ therefore power of attraction, between negative and positive forces of the neutron (dark matter/energy) and the proton (physical forces we know as time in motion or potential). The electron field is the resultant debris, from the crash: when positive and negative come together/ at the beginning of an atom. For more detail, for more threats as is CERN; consider information at

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