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03-04-2015, 04:05 AM, (This post was last modified: 03-04-2015, 04:42 AM by jim.)
I received a traffic citation for bumping a vehicle: cracking their back bumper. Because of road conditions that were “water on ice”.  The bump bent my license plate.

The police were professional/ the other driver polite and kind; no one was injured, and I was charged $120.00 for the ticket: because that, is how it is!

But lets review; in a case that preceded this one for going through a stop sign at about 1 mile per hour; with no danger to anyone/ that went to trial and to appeals.  Was then blockaded from further legal actions by the constant corruption of the court, and its conspiracy to deny justice and democracy to all.

Among the complaints registered in appeals was:   that it is absolutely UNFAIR, to charge the same fine to all people.  Because all people do not make the same money/ thereby the punishment is horribly unfair.   The same monetary fine:  for a man or woman that makes $5,000.00 per year.  Is absolutely NOT the same monetary or life penalty as that fine is to someone who makes $50,000.00 per year.  It is nothing to the people who make substantially more; and they DO commonly bribe the judge, through their lawyers to get out of the ticket itself.  If faced with other troubles.

More simply: IN A FAIR SOCIETY, WHERE JUSTICE IS THE RULE, AND EVERYBODY IS EQUAL.   Then the same fine for someone who has virtually nothing but slavery to look forward too/ as is given to the person who has more than enough.   Is in fact “whipping the slave”.   A constitutional law prohibits this!  Which means anarchy (the intent to overrule the constitution) exists.

In the previous court appearance; at odds with the foundations of failure that is the current experience in this state, and this nation/ are the following points.
1. NO JURY is drawn together by constitutional law to protect the citizen against unfounded tyranny; as is consistent with WE THE PEOPLE. To decide if a rule was obeyed to the letter. That is irrelevant/ only damage done counts, because a rule is merely some form of leadership saying, “we want you to do this our way”. That is not democracy, it is merely “easy”. In contrast, the actual purpose of a jury as declared throughout the constant that is constitutional law: reminds us all, that our job is to protect this democracy/ DEMAND JUSTICE from our courts, NOT tyranny/ and protect each other, through the illumination of what we believe to be “fair play and equal treatment for all”. THEREFORE THE PENALTY MATTERS/ and it cannot be excluded from the courtroom/ OR the jury room.

2. A rule exists, because leaders demand this shall be so. Reality does not always agree; as is true of the stop sign ticket and trial. Approaching a stop sign at slow speed, with time and opportunity to look both ways is reasonable: because no matter what you think about the rule/ the reality is entirely dependent upon the drivers ability to survey the situation and act or react correctly. That is not “a rule”/ it is a truth. Approaching the stop sign slowly provides an additional 2 or 3 times the views: a better view. Sitting still at a stop sign: WHERE IT IS LIKELY, that the windshield post will obstruct your view. Does, Make a crash more likely. Rule be damned, if you do it correctly/ if not, then damage is directly your fault.
A LAW; is a fundamental of living that gives no quota for a different opinion. Whereby few laws should exist/ and they are never “rules”.

3. The foundation of democracy society is, “WE, EXIST AS WE THE PEOPLE”: because we choose to rule ourselves/ by ruling over our employees of government, and NEVER allowing them to believe they are “RULERS” instead. To insure that does not happen, the first amendment law called redress of grievances MUST BE ADHERED TOO, in all its fundamental applications. The right and the law, to investigate our employees and rule them: is an absolute fundamental critical foundation of democracy itself.
Just so you know, “the constitution gives NO JUDGE” immunity. It only allows further employment, at our discretion: through actions or reactions that can be justified as “Good behavior”. Conspiracies to deny constitutional law, such as is redress of grievances. Is not “good behavior”/ it is treason.

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