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critical development
03-05-2015, 02:33 AM,
critical development
Critical development of the human existence

To illuminate the elemental fabric of our behaviors, is to understand in part, where and how they originate. That confronts us with four distinct truths
1.  At each distinct personal level of self: this is my body/ my life/ my future/ my choice/ my eternity; therefore you, “the others” have no true say.  You “the others” may only “recommend” change.  The end result of that truth is, regardless of your own level in fact or fiction, EACH ONE is entitled and required to decide for themselves what their life, or their religion, or whatever it is that shall be.  The guide, the journey, the realities, you choose in your own life: is a decision you made.
2.  The construction of social participation is the envelopment of “WE ARE, in this together”/ whether you like it or not.  Therefore law erupts, and rules contaminate the environment, because the righteous always want a rule.  “I KNOW, I am right/ because I know the rule: thereby you must obey ME”.  Justice is irrelevant, so they say; because the rule, rules living.  Because I want, or I believe, or I need:  to control YOU with selfishness.
3.  The business of survival does attack us all, wheresoever the rule of money does not intervene.  Money is the elevation of “a personal identity” over and above the rest/ thereby they may rule the rest, because they have proof:   I can make you obey. 
4.  The personal decision, that I need, or do not want to be alone; that I must have a companion to survive; OR, I simply want.  That sexuality is a foundation upon which we attain a greater awareness of ourselves; by creating the evidence of our own truth inside; and so on.  Is a critical element in identifying self, while  balancing the tragedy or love defined as “others”/ who do damage us all.  Or open our hearts, along with nature, to the existence of value! One by one, or more so.

Given this range of participation, the foundation of our behaviors is controlled by environment/ WITH, the three primary exceptions required for individual decision.

Those exceptions are:
5.  I am the development of myself, as a living man or woman or child: because this is the path I chose, or found, or was forced upon me;  born into choices already made.  A path therefrom, that indicates a direction, a desire, and a purpose that suits me: when I choose it.  A distinction established, rather than “joining the herd”. To accept, as a herd: whatever “we agree to believe”; a distinction hidden, even though I chose it.
6.  I am, the development of heart within myself, as lover (I value you/ I value us/ I value this creation called living).  Or the embodiment of hate, as the decision to prove:   I want power, pride, selfishness, violence, and revenge/ far more than love or even life.  “I want to play god”, over you!
7.  I am, the development of soul: which is the acceptance of A WORLD OF MIRACLES;   leads me to the existence of thought, wherein I shall then search for the essence of life itself.  Through the doors created when purity designs an opportunity.  Those who discard soul/ discard eternity, of find themselves to be the enemies of life itself.  By their own decision.

Every environment is a limited existence, because environment means enclosed by boundaries.  Therefrom we have options within that environment, but not beyond it.  Unless we enter within the spiritual element of our own creation/ to find, what participates as the life within us.  The body dies/ but what is spirit is a truth revealed; what is true, remains true forever!  Even if it is covered up.  Nonetheless mercy can intervene.  That is a different discussion entirely; as you know it not.
We then return to our human environments as time encapsulated for the purpose of finding “our own distinct truth”; as is consistent with the possibility of entering within eternity itself.  Again, a different discussion beyond “simple things”.

Our environment as a living body in time, reaches through nature, to lift us up into a kaleidoscope of life.  Thereby teaching each and every one: that more exists to this experience, than merely survival.  When you ascend into greater things, than self: you become alive in the expression of hope, courage, discipline, respect, and all things of value to existence.
Those who fail to accept there exists more than merely survival, to life.  Descend into the failure and fantasies of a depression that exits the body, to become the violence of hate, at its most extreme.  
Consequently, participation within society is determined largely by whether you accept life is greater than self/ or construct a world of humanity or more, that is merely survival punctuated by hate. 

Self is a determinant reality, constructed by your willingness to make a decision on your own terms: by gaining knowledge/ understanding situational truths/ or becoming wise, by eliminating everything that makes a decision in you, except for truth.  To believe identifies a participation in “herd mentality”/ because it chooses “we are in this together, as one”.  Therefrom religions are born, because people believe there is safety in numbers.  Therefrom religions are divided and sectioned apart, because “you can believe ANYTHING you want”.  Truth is optional.  As this is a behavioral forum: the reality of religious doctrine becomes, not only what we believe together/ but what we believe “our own religious book says”.  The critical question is not: what is true/ because these books are assumed to be “all true”.  Rather the critical question is why do you assume these books cannot contain lies?  The answer is: “because I believe/ and I need rules to live by, or I become afraid”.  What is needed to define truth in religion, is an open mind:   “To NOT be afraid” of what actually exists.
We will examine just a tiny bit of biblical text, since I am familiar with that one.  Without adding religion, the Christian bible begins with a summary statement of beginnings to life itself/ the people that arose to tell us a story.  It includes why: “they were thrown from the garden of Eden”.  Because they ate the last fruit of a carefully cultivated tree/ the only one of its kind: and that questions, “did you then kill its offspring/ because you took away the seed”?   That story adds a world wide flood: now proven true by the evidence of fossil fuels.  They could not exist as they are, some buried thousands of feet down in clumps (at the same time).  Without that flood.  But not exactly as depicted: the story is rephrased somewhere on these sites. Don’t know where.  Nonetheless, the rest of the “Jewish book” is primarily a history story, for a small group of people over time.  That does contain some descriptions of things unlikely to occur/ granted to be true. It is nonetheless, a book of human words/ written by a human hand/ with male purposes in mind; even if you believe everything it says.  Some few statements are found to be “contrary to all the rest”: which does mean, “these don’t belong here”!  Or it would not be so.  Because truth is truth, and truth does not waver from its own direction.
The Christian part of the book: is an alteration to the history lesson presented with the old portion.  This represents a single man, JESUS:  and his journey beyond the limits of self!  The critical text being, “for GOD so loved the world, that HE gave HIS only true son”.   To show us, that eternity does exist, and we are NOT forgotten.  The rest of the book, details how the people who surrounded HIM became aware of themselves, and became a living testimony of miracles beyond explanation. The evidence of healing, in a time when there was none: is not a game.  Consequently in this religion, we see the choice required of all humanity:   to become true to life, you must identify with GOD, rather than time.  Or more simply: beyond the door called self, through the essence of miracles (as is nature too)/ is an entirely different world.  Even in this time.

Society as is the evidence of participation “among us all”/ is determined entirely by the elements of: JUSTICE/ FAIR PLAY/ EQUALITY/ and fundamental unity (acceptance of each other).  Within these, the substance of our truth is determined in a courtroom, and by the policing actions or reactions which determine our everyday lives.  When justice is a game, controlled by ate few through a corrupted courtroom: society begins to fall apart.  When fair play is nothing more than an illusion based upon the delusions of “what I believe/ instead of proven facts”: society begins to hate.  When the composition of policing is governed entirely by rules, as is consistent with “the university knows best”; thereby proving a complete lack of reality as assigned by life, instead of rules.  People lose hope, fall into the cracks and crevices contrived by those who demand rules/ and they become hidden, and run away from truth itself: because the price is too high.  Nothing is more deliberate for peace and purposes including harmony, in society than a courtroom.  When that courtroom is found destroying democracy, and altering constitutional law to the advantage of a tiny few....when the police harm, threaten, or ignore the foundations of life: to let the few with power play games, threatening us all.  Society has died; and the consequences are coming.  Particularly when the money has been stolen by counterfeiting through the leaders.  All of it, a proven part of our lives.  Society lives or dies, based upon our respect for each other/ because without respect we have nothing but hate, abuse, use, or avoidance left for each other.  There is no respect, when just your image presented:  determines “fear/ fear/ hide/ he or she is a threat......etc”.  All of it based upon nothing more than what the media tells you to do.  An organization proven to be “the biggest drug pushers” in the nation; as all drug commercials prove: by the reality of consumption in this nation.  Got a tiny “ouch: go get a prescription for life”.  Failed, and proud of it!
The elemental task of business, is directly proportional to two distinct things: whether there is a resource to be consumed or used/ and how much competition is there for that resource.  There is nothing else, until we get to who controls that resource, and how much interference do they contribute.  Men choose money shall decide, and that creates the foundation of war.  Because the few, manipulate/ control/ abuse/ use/ and identify critical threats which make the others fear.  “You can be abandoned, or even killed”.  In the reality of our days, the foundation of machinery and factories to control civilization means:   UNLESS we use more resources, and throw them away/ there is no business, once the clientele is satisfied.  Consequently advertizing is used to insure “nobody should be satisfied”/ everyone should be aggressively fighting for more.  When resources are plentiful, this works.  When resources are no longer plentiful as is today; where nearly 8,000,000,000 people are fighting for MORE; and everything is under attack.  We all approach the end of our world/ the extinction of everything; as is true of this day! Consequently the only way to save our planet/ therefore our lives: is to remove money as the controller of resources, and carefully understand what nature needs/ what people can or cannot do to sustain this planet/ and what happiness contributes as opposed to more things.  In addition to this simple agenda, there is immigration: the increasing cost of competition, where resources are already limited. Or more simply, every human being represents a cost to the planet. The planet itself “is full” of humanity, and cannot accept further numbers or we all die in horrible ways/ as cannibalism is coming quickly now.  That is our reality, and nothing can prove it is untrue.  That means: the price of immigration is “limited reproduction”.  The price of help is “limited reproduction”.  The price of sharing our nation, as in our society (we built it, not you); is “LIMITED reproduction”.  Or no more than two children for anyone.  Or more correctly, you may replicate only yourself (once per parent) if nature allows it: maximum .  Because the children have no future, if we don’t/ and neither do we.  Every life is equal, but not the same.  Every society is born to conceive of itself as the same.  Every immigrant is different, and when trouble comes in any form, it is those who are different that become a target, even if that is unfair.  The consequence of that truth is simply: “better same stays with same”.  The unfortunate reality of that statement is: when there are differences that get “out of hand, when resources diminish”/ there is civil war.  When there is “all the same” among the citizens, there is nation against nation war: because we want to steal/ we want more, and may in fact need more, because of over-population. Or more simply over-crowding means someone is going to die, or move; in male driven society.  Therefore the business, and the reality of any society is created by population costs/ while the health of every society is determined by resource loss.  Failed at all levels, in this time. A leadership without life governing hope, thereby refusing to prepare a future.  We are, in this together, immigrant or not/ by our “united” decisions, at this time:  we will, live or die as a planet.
In the values of sex, the critical relationship is governed by the three elements of human decision called “self/ heart/ and soul”.  Where there is only self, it is a physical act defined by need, and created by lust;  wherein the participant uses another person to release chemicals.  Thereby finding some inner relief from extreme stress, for a very limited amount of time.  There are a wide variety of interactions that establish stress (I want out/ I want peace/ I want happiness/ I want MORE; etc).  The resultant relief of stress is: for this few moments of time, I need to accept only this/ thereby stress is lost over that time.  But quickly returns/ nonetheless it is a “breathing room”, for mental problems, until that is taken away by the various confines of religion, family responsibility, or public society.  In an elevation far beyond simple sexual self, where sex is a tranquilizer for life/ comes heart.  Or, “I hear in your life, in your desire for me;  an answer beyond myself”.  That is not small, nor trivial; and it confronts us with an option: if only you could stay with me “forever”/ then I would be free of my own insecurities, and live in hope.  Beyond the elements of humanity itself, comes the spiritual existence of soul; wherein sex is a binding agreement created from the essence of our lives.  A shared experience, because expression lives within the destiny that is our souls. A journey conceived by love;   because it is life,    ALIVE!

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