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personal development
03-06-2015, 03:04 AM,
personal development
Critical developments in personal boundaries, battles, and life.

The singular function of a human identity, is to create an individual truth; as explained by the decisions that we make for ourselves/ which does include “who you follow/ and what you believe”. 
The ability to create personal boundaries is governed by your expression and experience with freedom/ as applied within the elements of sensual recognition, respect for reality, identified threat, assumed superiority, pain and its resultant fears, the creation of love, the discipline of hope, that balance that is “fair play”, and the understanding that consists of rights and responsibilities assigned by truth, evidence, and thought.
The necessity of accepting battleground demands, the essence of change when required, subjecting reality to inspection without judgment, constructing law as the critical link in society, and governing ourselves through democracy: thereby fighting against “rulers”.  Is a fundamental called growth.  Not because it is a foundation upon which nature rules us all/ but because want, pride, power, lust, hate, and every hideous disease of the human mind does invade our world/ unless we fight against it.
The demand, THAT I WILL BE, “a life, and even a living as designed by me/ rather than you”.  Is an expression worthy of experience/ but it also carries with it, the requirement of responsibility for that freedom, and those decisions. The ascension of thought, as is the capacity identified: wherein everything true, is a conception of life/ rather than self.  Therein the substance, the purpose, the desire, the essence, and the elevation of life beyond minimal things such as survival in time;   becomes a “rebirth”:  Into miracles joined.

Given these basic parameters, the more fundamental knowledge of existence;  created by living in time, applies the following principles to our behaviors/ decisions/ and purposes as an individual.
We are born, as life measured by time: everyone has an ending here!  That simple fact illuminates, through the aging process:   anything you missed out on, is lost.  Consequently, each asserts a right “to gather all they can get, in as short a time period as possible”.  Therefore decisions arise, which possess the process of eliminating the competition by whatever means necessary can be found. The purpose of love or hate is: either to bring life closer to me/ or move it from me, one way or the other. What is critical to this purpose is: HOW, and WHY, I view your life is interacting with mine!  Either for or against is a critical participant in that understanding.  Consequently, every form of want is subject to the inevitable purpose of either forcing you from me/ or drawing you closer to me.

These are the parameters of personal human behavior.  They exhibit the freedom of individual response, and apply social behaviors as a consequence to personal experience.  Some individuals are “born to love (life in the essence of miracles: is discovered inside, as something more than self)”/ some individuals are “born to hate (easily influenced, to believe violence, revenge, judgment, ridicule, & power are the answers)”.  But each is offered its own decision, and the freedom to make that decision come as true as possible, within their own expression.  As their own existence, identified by their own truth.  That freedom however overlaps the people within their environment of time, place, and participation: creating the influences which are generated not by us/ but demand our decision regardless. 
Righteousness intervenes further by asserting: I KNOW, the rules;  and I will make you obey me, by applying those rules to you.  Every assembly of “the rules”, is lead by a ruler/ and those who follow insisting our rules (this book)  shall be obeyed: WE, are the power here.  Religion enters here, subjecting human decision to “the power we create/ which you cannot deny”.  Survival enters here demanding: we have a right, that goes beyond yours.  Mob control enters here assisting the manipulation of a “herd (we don’t need to think/ we KNOW)”.  Mass hypnotism enters here: which is letting the crowd, believe together as if one:   “we cannot be wrong”/ we have a right /////!  
The elements which rule our world, are limited to: nature must survive/ the environment controls everything else/ freedom is essential to happiness/ resources are the elements we shape into our experience/ and sexual expression is a dominant human trait. 
The elements which rule our lives, are limited too: respect defines and decides our destiny/ disciplines shape our journey/ balance determines the extremes we choose to face, even if we did not intend to choose this/ knowledge identifies opportunity/ understanding isolates reality/ wisdom conceives of truth/ and expressions in courage are either found, or lost.

We now examine participation as the distinction provided by mental authority.  There are three categories: “the herd”, which will fear, or be annoyed by anyone that does not do, say, or look as we do. These are certain their job is: “to consume as much as possible”/ before life ends!  The predator, which believes “I have a right”/ therefore I can play god. These are certain “I am a winner & you are a loser”.  The human being;  expanded by thought (NOT intellect= “traps”), to achieve an understanding of more than simple survival exists here: so says the evidence of miracles clearly conceived, in life itself.  These are able to achieve love.
Therefore the boundaries of a herd are different than the others: their substantive decision is, “we will survive”, because we do NOT differ from the others/ we move together/ we walk together/ we believe together/ we are righteous together, as “we are many, equal to one”.
The boundaries of a predator are: only if you are truly useful for something, can you belong here.  If you fail the hunt/ you fail to eat, and are left behind: because this is a “dog eat dog world”.
The boundaries of a human being are: I must think for myself, because I am inherently and literally advised by life, “I will pay the price for every decision, regardless of whether I led or followed or did it all on my own”.

The battleground of a herd is: “I believe.......”/ therefore you must also! 
The battleground of a predator is: “I alone, am the important one here/ every contest, every want, everything is determined by my own contribution”.  Which does mean you shall be judged.
The battleground of a human being is: in a world of lies, liars, fools, the proud, lustful, powerful, fantasies, terrorists, traitors, and fools.  How can true love be found, it is hard, and it can be lonely.

The elements of life are subject to the wants of a herd, their decision moves society everyday; because these make up the majority.  Fear contains them/ realities of being attacked, make it so; even from a very early beginning, the ability to trust anything other than “we make ourselves safe”/ by believing and doing exactly the same as the rest. Together we can fight/ alone we are lost! Is a fundamental trust issue that must be resolved to move beyond the herd.
The expressions of a predator construct an ability to manipulate, control, and define fear.  Therefore they live with the purposes of fear, and limit themselves to the experience of a war; because their only focus is on the prey.  “Its what they do”.
The elevation of life, which conforms to the identity of a human being created by the developments of thought (everything around me is more than I can understand) as the word “miracle” comes to life inside. Conceives of love, identifies with wisdom and understanding, respects the creation of possibilities and participants beyond myself.  Happiness therefrom originates, as our own freedom to belong where   GOD   has given us hope:  Beyond ourselves!

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