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03-11-2015, 04:43 AM,
The disease among us/ “its called a university diploma”!

An endless infection, that has now permeated throughout society, government, business, the courts, media, and all foundations of life.  Brought to us, by the realities: of weapons of mass destruction (fear them)/ evolution (worship only us, we can play god)/ medicine: do what you’re told, or die/ counterfeiting, the power of every diploma/ arrogance, “we are so damn smart/ you are worthless”.  And every point and part of propaganda, that is media; for the deliberate purpose of controlling your fears.  As is consistent with the vast majority of constant television shows/ video games, etc: where violence, hate, fantasies, organized crime, and a gun all play “heros”.    Yes, they are so much more fun, than “life”.
Each of these, its costs, its consequence, and a thousand more actions and reactions courtesy of each one; have been used to divide and conquer this USA.  We have become “their disease/ their disgrace/ and their failure”.  It occurs, because no matter where you go: there is another trap waiting, to ensnare/ enslave/ control/ manipulate/ tempt/ incarcerate/ and rule your life, regardless if “you sneezed in public or committed murder”.  Courtesy of the rules, every university diploma believes they are certified to make.  The policing being:   take every rule, and make them obey to the letter.  Their reality being:   controlled, stalked, and manipulated; the majority of people are now growing ANGRY.  While the minority with a college diploma all believe “HOW RIGHTEOUS WE ARE”!  Never once considering the damage each failure to respect life, or an individual itself, can do.  They want to rule, and like a parasite have wormed their way into the body of our existence/ to demand death, as they consume our lives.  How is that not your concern?
The critical question, is not: WHO among them is the biggest traitor/ thief/ liar/ or terrorist.  Rather the critical question is:   when confronted, WHY do you bow down?  The infection of this cult is very simple: they have studied us all, with the singular purpose of controlling the livestock, which is “their decision, regarding our lives”.  They have destroyed the foundations upon which we depend as a nation by counterfeiting the money/ taking control over government and all politics/ corrupting the courts/ discarding education, by failing to educate the masses: that is reserved for a tiny few/ establishing extortion and ransom in medicine/ destroying jobs, resources, and rights.  And then terrorizing our lives with genetic crucifixion (ask any creature, including human embryos; what it means to have their genetic instructions mutilated, with everything “including the kitchen sink/ with drano included”.   Terrorizing the reality of our lives, by seeking to establish the same fire as is on the sun: here on this earth.  Terrorizing with many other energy experiments only slightly less severe: such as trying to recreate “the big bang” right here on earth.  A reality that could not have existed, without atomic structures being weakened beforehand.  Terrorizing with threats of weapons of mass destruction.  Terrorizing with pandemic plague, a reality known to exist when species boundaries are crossed: done everyday!  Terrorizing with the end of antibiotics: which does mean the end of nearly all medical help as well.  Terrorizing with the genetic mutilation of all food plants; already being realized in food allergies and much more.  Terrorizing is the FDA of this USA; the tiny handful of people who have the only opinion/ who carry the only legal rights (so say the university diplomas that took over our nation): to determine if genetic mutilation is “just fine”/ no you may not complain.  Are they NOT “heavily bribed/ or just plain intoxicated with power, pride, and absolute: DEVIL inside”?  Terrorizing with the end of resources/ the end of oxygen/ the end of our living food supply, because without antibiotics, the entire system of factory farms:  is destroyed.  You have no other!  Terrorizing while we wait for the genetic catastrophe of plants changed, to become the end of all insects/ a base food group for half the diversity on earth in plants, reptiles, fish, birds, amphibians, animals, and more.  That result is clearly already in evidence.  Terrorized, as the disintegration of money/ the theft of our lives, and our future: becomes civil war/ or world war, or both.  Terrorized as the future of this nation and this world hangs in the balance: with nothing more than shit, from the pig lagune to lead it.
The environment/ the rain/ the weather/ the wind/ the oceans and all its life.  Or more simply ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IS AT RISK OF EXTINCTION;   because the damned are leading, us all INTO HELL!
And that is only the beginning.  Yet still YOU worship them!  Explain it to yourself/ I don’t care.

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