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03-11-2015, 04:44 AM,

Can be summed up, in the words:   “Liar/ traitor/ cheater/ terrorist/ treason/ and thieves”; or more simply the creation of intellectual whore’s!  “Nothing matters, but me”.

Soul is a word summed up to mean: our bond, to the living world/ our connection with its Creator/ our acceptance of miracles/ which bring and sustain our respect for the reality, that begins with our existence, and ends wherever your own distinct truth shall go.  Into eternity; as love, terror, or oblivion.  That knowledge and YOUR acceptance of MIRACLES:  is the very foundation of  your invitation to search for a relationship with   GOD !  That is, the beginning, of humanity: rather than simply “animal”.  As is the creation of thought, and the purity of desire; constructs: “beyond yourself” means spiritual exists.  YOU, must achieve “human:  a design/ a miracle, enabled and created by the essence of     GOD”;         to be considered for eternity! 
NONE OF that is,   “intellect”:   the possibilities of delusion/ arrogance/ pride, power, lust, hate, traps, lies, etc.  Rather the evidence of our reality insists: IF YOU, as a majority;   CANNOT “rescue your soul, from the sewage that has invaded your life”.  It is absolutely certain, by the evidence: that every horrific event prophesied in the bible will occur quickly now.  The only way out, is to accept what is true, and identify what is not true: WITHIN YOURSELF!  That means we must investigate our reality, for threats against life/ we must examine every possibility, and understand realities that can end life. Not only accepting: to Understand DUTY, means WRONG, or even the potential for being wrong/ SHALL NOT BE ACCEPTED!  BUT RESPECTING LIFE ITSELF!  That appears not to be possible, within the Understanding of a university brain.  As their choices ARE  now, soon to be HORRIFIC, because of their preferred terrorism.  In contrast:  we the people with LIFE inside,  must now decide as a world:   NOT TO “let them” GAMBLE WITH ALL LIFE ON EARTH!  Or we all will surely die!  So says the evidence.  Don’t believe, FIND THE TRUTH.  Not only your life, and your child, and your world are depending upon you: every single creation that could exist as a future living creation IS DEPENDENT UPON OUR CHOICES, in this day!  Everything is at risk/ NOTHING remains as it was: our world has changed, and we are threatened with extinction/ even extermination from the universe itself, as a solar system destroyed by creating another sun out of this earth.  How is that NOT “your concern”?

The storytellers use mob control/ the definitions related to mass hypnosis; to convince you of their own fantasies, delusions, and illusions of grandeur. REMOVE THEM, FROM THEIR PEDESTAL; and make them equal, never more again! Mob control is: “we have a right/ they are attacking us”; regardless of truth!  In this case, the mob created by mass hypnosis, believes “the university knows everything”/ therefore they can play god, with our lives, our world, our nature, our money, our future, our everything.  As is proven by the evidence of what universities do, in terms of threat and terrorism and traitorous acts.  These will be discussed.
As to mass hypnosis, the primary means exists as this:   to control a multitude of people, by presenting “something” they will believe unanimously!  It doesn’t matter what/ but it does matter, that they all come to the conclusion that: WE ARE superior, to those, or that, which is being described.  It is superiority that creates mass hypnosis: the willingness to believe “I AM superior”.  It is that superiority, that transforms itself into a mob, when some form of retaliation can be found for a description that is against “our superiority”.  Or more simply the mob forms to declare itself “god”/ and then proves it with violence!  To their shame.  Mobs don’t exist in war.  Mobs exist only when the majority are searching for a cause that will let them justify aggression, the preparations for war, or outright stealing.
As to the intellectual: he or she being certain, “nobody is smarter than me”/ asserts, “I KNOW”, therefore I am god over this!  When that is about to be proven, not true; “stories erupt”.  Because right or wrong, people want to be superior, to the past/ the others/ themselves/ or whatever it is that lets them believe whatever they do want to believe. Or more critically: I AIN’T going to lose my pride, power, money, and job;  to no DAMN truth!  So stories that cannot be plainly proven false, without thought:  then become lies surrounded by the people who want to believe.  As is constant with all religion; “belief, DON’T need no damn proof”.

The university is a religion, that has cult followers/ priests controlling media/ and a long list of enforcers throughout society.  Created by the believers of “university knows”: their control over society, what it believes, and what it does; has become synonymous “with human gods”.  You cannot question them, with reality/ you cannot question their methods, or what happens when these things they do, GO WRONG; destroying all life/ you cannot question, the law or this democracy or anything that is within their grasp.  Because like all religions, “they have a book”/ and the book is god.  Regardless of reality!  As in the case of media:   the university is NEVER questioned/ the university knows all.  An example: like the recent media propaganda of believe in this relic, from Ethiopia;  “a human jawbone complete with an obvious set of human teeth, that show absolutely NO DETERIORATION. Even though the substrate they have been “glued into” is unrecognizable from stone.”  How blind a believer can you be?  Answer, “horrifyingly stupid/ bordering on insane”.  Crippled and without sense.  Cult worshipers, of the damned; bowed down, so they cannot see!

As is constant with talking to all true believers (I don’t need no damn proof/ I have a book) of any religion.  IF they don’t run away/ which most do: the very first order of business is, “to prove, being WRONG HERE”.  Is the death of everything/ the consequences GRIM, or a GRAVEYARD.  Or more consistently with the need, to examine reality: those who are called “god” must lose their “halo”/ and be returned to reality!

We begin with lies: “the university knows everything” it needs to know about the sun/ about the fire that is on the sun: therefore they can gamble with every life on this planet.  WRONG is a dead world/ a second sun, in this solar system called earth.  Not a game, attempts to ignite this same fire as is on the sun goes on everyday/ and will soon be accomplished.  Their claim is terrorism at its worst: “DON’T worry”, this fire once ignited, will just extinguish itself/ because there is not enough gravity here to hold it onto the surface.  OUR ENTIRE WORLD, EVERY SINGLE LIVING THING; lives or dies based upon this theory.  Because a ten million degree fire, that obviously burns atomic bonds:  CANNOT BE PUT OUT!  There are NO second chances.  This fire either extinguishes itself/ or we all die.  Including this solar system; because a second sun will explode quickly; the oceans will see to that!  I have sought to question the university “brains”/ which threaten our world.  I have sought to question and inform the political “brains” which are a completely delusional cult, worshiping the university.  I have demanded “democracy rules/ WE THE PEOPLE HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS” to protect ourselves, to demand protection through our courts and our constitution.  Their failure is TREASON. 
I have provided information to a wide variety of people and organizations; proven cult worshipers too.  I have worked for forty years, and even more:  demanding   BELIEF IS NOT ENOUGH/    TO GAMBLE WITH EVERY LIFE ON EARTH!   And they don’t even know what gravity is, and that is a fact, unless they finally learned from me.  Regardless having proven themselves wrong at the national ignition facility: by trying to combine hydrogen into helium, as is the first part of their theory of sun fire.  They failed completely, but continue on regardless of the evidence: to demand, their story “that fire is just like an atomic bomb”.  Although reality does NOT agree: a fire, is not an explosion.  They bear almost no similar characteristics.  How is that not true?  They say: hydrogen is what the sun is made of/ and call it the most dense object in our solar system.  The lightest, most unlikely element known.  They say: its on fire from the center out.  Yet that means all the available fuel is being used/ therefore it cannot go supernova (no extra fuel, to enlarge the flames)/ therefore it cannot burn for any length of time, “everything is being burned at once”!  THAT IS, what on fire from the center out means/ and with their conclusion of “its made out of hydrogen”; they cannot prove long-term sustain-ability in any form.  They claim something unknown is at the center of the core “pulling magical wires into it, to keep the planets in orbit”.  Something completely unknown, and without any real definition. They say the fire is the size of the sun/ even though the law of thermodynamics proves them wrong. Heat requires space.  Etc/ etc/ etc.  Storytellers whose terrorism and intent to destroy: encompasses every life on earth lost in fire.  A ten million degree fire that will eject our atmosphere in a few weeks.  And a biblical prophecy (for the religious) as well, that indicates this earth will be destroyed by men: with fire: coming true!  Yet nothing invades the cult, because they are believers.  Not even their own horrific deaths, along with the death of everything, and everyone they value.  Not a game.  We KNOW this fire exists/ therefore IT CAN be recreated here!     This ENTIRE world is about to BURN!  Because that is the choice, “university made”!  Believe it or not/ the evidence is real we shall burn.  While the university CANNOT prove a single assumption/ not even one.  Their trap is: “we have big brains”. THEIR reality is: many more energy experiments with potentially HORRIFIC results, for our world!

Your “university gods” also attack ALL OF NATURE, with mutilation and the intent to destroy EVERYTHING, “CALLED A BODY OF LIFE”!  Because that is what they do, and the university “brains” even tell you they are doing it/ because they are going to make everything “better”. And they are going to play god, with life, recreating it by mixing DNA all together to form “anything else”.  Even though they KNOW: THAT SPECIES BOUNDARIES CROSSED IS:    THE PRIMARY CAUSE OF EVERY KNOWN PANDEMIC!   They do it anyway, because the cult believes in evolution.  Or as is the summary of evolution:   “We built ourselves/ we just went shopping, and picked everything we wanted out, off the shelf, FOR FREE”.  Its just a happy accident/ wherein “their big brains” come last!  Discarding all elements of truth/ disgracing and disrespecting every aspect of reality; to play god.
Evolution assumes: “a billion things/ over a billion years/ without ANY form of thought or tool or food.  Constructs what can only be called, the most significant, intricate, and complex realities THAT ARE LITERALLY SO EXTREME;   not a single human being can even come close to truly understanding any of it.  Not life/ not design/ not the integration of all necessary parts and pieces/ not the manufacturing process/ not the reproductive process/ not the mental aspects or its networking, or its “software”.  Not the building of bones, or the integration of joints, tendons and controls.  Not the realities of organ, and the demand that each one is absolutely necessary at the same time: or the entire system fails.  Not blood, or food, or the ability to find, catch, control, swallow, eat, or anything else that MUST be available from the very first second: for life as a body designed TO BE:  built within itself, and able to survive.  They have only adaption/ which is an element of “perfect design”.   Something so profound, so extremely intricate, balanced, and clearly designed: IS NOT chance.  Something similar is not evidence of adaption,  just because it is similar.  That alone, does NOT mean the extremely “SIMPLE, damned (you lost your soul) mind” can claim,  boundaries were crossed to become something else.  They have NOT ONE single piece of real evidence to prove anything of evolution/ BUT they do have a terrible long list of invasions and attacks, against life; that will turn our food into poison, and release unimaginable horror in every possible way.  Ending life on earth.  The price of being wrong! They have a tiny few people called the FDA, that assert, “its OK, MUTILATE EVERYTHING/ nothing can go wrong”; cause evolution will fix it in a few billion years.  That, is their plan for failure.  So lets ask your plan:   WHAT DO YOU, want mutilated on your body, or your child, or your world?  Answer the question/ because YOU have run out of time.  This ain’t no game.  YOU don’t believe your car is an accident/ you don’t believe anything you do is an accident, or anything good can be the result of NOT thinking at some level/ you don’t believe life is easy for most, or that you can survive without arms, legs, teeth, blood, brain, or anything else: the utter fools of university claim.  HOW, can YOU be so damn blind?
Only the extra special smart people are willing to do that, GAMBLING WITH EVERY LIFE ON EARTH, and you follow, with your face buried in the ground; so as NOT to see.  Because you are afraid, “they talk better, and have formed an army against us”.  But;  By crossing species  boundaries: TO CREATE HORRIFYING DISEASE!  Everything “beautiful” is going to be destroyed! You, MUST find your mind; because anything less is death!  DNA is nature;  as this is the instructions, that build every body of life on earth.   For instance: if an egg is not completed, within its shell; just a little “not done”/ then the entire species dies. How is that not true/ prove it? Or, what if instead of the common one human child/ there shall not be twenty inside a womb!  It is said, that in the past volatile fuels got into a water supply; pregnant women drank it, and the child they produced was born “perfect/ but without a brain”.  Dead on arrival.  Think about what you do/ and especially about what these other university “brains” are doing to you, and to our world of life!  There are no second chances, pandora’s box/ cannot be closed once it is too damn late.
Find your mind/ understand what is true/ and accept your duty to defend LIFE ITSELF!  Because Their clear desire is then:  To destroy us all, and this world/ by claiming to be “gods”!  By making life, “their toy”!   Made possible only because you are hiding behind your fears.  To your shame!  This is ARMAGEDDON coming;   or nature in chaos/ because men and women, made it so!  Destroying the very foundation of all life on earth, by their own insanity!  Wrong is everything we value:   GONE!  Because you didn’t care enough, to say NO! 
RETHINK your answer, and fight for your world.  Do it NOW or DIE.  Because the evidence is not lying;   EVERYTHING IS THREATENED WITH EXTERMINATION.

THE DUTY TO OUR WORLD, does NOT end with simply controlling the university infection! They are, as a group: little more than,  “a bull, in a china shop; rampaging/ raping/ and destroying everything they touch”. The value of trinkets and toys; is very limited.  The reality of medicine without BALANCE; has proven to be an extreme threat to our very planet.  “Like it, or not”!
In addition to the horror of a university intellect/ the tragedy realized by university leadership: are the endless failures, fantasies, and fools that have manipulated our world and our lives into even more tragedies coming.  The evidence is clear/ the reality is certain; and our only option is to depend upon truth and thought to change our course, and reconstruct the possibility of life, here on earth.  Our world has changed!  Not because I say so/ because the evidence proves it is true.  Apart from university knows/ the cult responsible for SO MUCH DAMAGE.  Is the reality of “we the people” failing to recognize and accept the restrictions required: IF WE DON’T die, as nature expressed.  Then we over-populate this earth/ and destroy ourselves with the competition that consumes everything.  Turning us quickly into the horrors of endless war, and cannibalism.  Such is the coming reality of our lives in this day.  WE CANNOT feed more people/ nature which feeds us, will not survive: so says the evidence of life.  There are already a billion people who have only the bare essentials of survival/ and we grow at a rate of over 2 million more people to feed, every single week on earth/ over deaths.  Take the population increase/ divide by 52!    YOU HAVE a responsibility to life, reality is NOT a game/ fail and we all die.

YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY to future life/ fail and they cannot live:   because you took every resource, and as your garbage dumps testify against you/ YOU CHOSE to throw their lives away! AS DOES all the resources, you consumed to do it.  There is NO MORE EXCESS of anything, but salt water.

YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY to every living thing: to protect life; by recognizing the cost of being wrong: must now govern everything we do/ or allow others to do. 

YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY to understand the cost of what is being done.  You have a DUTY to accept that reality makes the decision instead of you from now on.  Because without truth, there is no hope for the survival of anything on earth.  That does mean CHANGE.

YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW: what the future will bring/ by the evidence and knowledge which examines resource depletion/ and what that means, to every child.

YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO CHOOSE WISELY, because damage done already, has eliminated everything else.
1.  The oxygen consumed in your fire/ motors/ etc: FAR EXCEEDS the ability of this earth to replace it.  Either change that or be asphyxiated. Not a game/ a proven fact, which MUST be addressed right now.
2.  The ocean is in trouble, every life form that you require for food; is in jeopardy of extinction (can’t be used by you; very few left).  A billion people or more die: THEY have no food/ which brings terrorism and destruction for all.  Immense factory ships, “take them all”/ destroying the chain of life in that part of the ocean; all, AROUND THIS WORLD.
3.  Every drop of water for drinking is now precious.  We cannot live without it/ and you know it.  Lose an aquifer, and a million or more people now have to move: YOU won’t like the result/ and if it is not fast enough, there will be war.  One single earthquake, and there will be terrible consequences caused by your decision to release natural gas into a situation that is by NO MEANS:   a simple, layering of soil (all the same) as the propaganda demands.  It only takes one little leak to destroy a water supply. Then comes all the drinking water being used to lift the oil in reservoirs long thought empty: trillions? Go find out, or just calculate the amount of oil used in America for the last hundred years.  Then comes ethanol, roughly equal in water volume to the amount of gas you burn.  Then comes the incredibly insane reality of mining, and all the destruction that can result.  Then comes the endless poisoning of or by;   everything agriculture. Then comes the endless disgrace of everything urban; or “we don’t care”.  Then comes the tragedies of military, and the realities of everything else that demands: we will thirst to death/ and soon.  According to your scientists: it takes fifty inches of rainfall/ to add one inch of water to an aquifer!  And today, people are pumping poisons into dry aquifers. Water is, No small part of, “The Apocalypse”!
4.  We examine the reality of food, and find not less than one in every thirteen young people are now allergic to some type of food!  One in less than one hundred are born autistic; etc.   Things that change within a small amount of time: are governed, excited, and controlled by something that changed.  Such as genetic mutilation of food plants.  Genetic consequences of changes to livestock. Poisoning in the sea/  Poisoning at every level, of life.  Poisoning in the cities too. Poisoning at the pharmaceutical levels; which can be either “considered safe/ OR NOW known to be BAD”. Even excess use of antibiotics, can have devastating consequences.  All such things, and more can cause genetic deformities/ such things can impact and change after decades, or instantly, or under only specific conditions, or within specific types of people. Through any number of realities shifted or changed because of choices that were made. Or human choice changes the integrity of everything,  other life depends upon/ and then we ingest it from them: OR A TRILLION OTHER consequences, all of which you cannot conceive of.  Yet you gamble with all life on earth anyway: because your cult called “university knows” demands they can play god.
5.  We turn to examine food production, to learn: not only are the consequences of poisoning everything, a potential horrifying reality.  Agriculture is poisoning every crop/ destroying a primary base food supply for every other creature on earth: insects.  Which soon means, “a very quiet spring”/ because without food, birds/ reptiles/ amphibians/ small mammals and more will die too.  Extinction is mandatory, without food! Which soon means: there is no diversity left/ because the pollinators are gone.  Leaving us with only mutilated foods/ which are certain to turn poisonous.  Because that, is what you chose.
6.  We examine the livestock industry to find, without antibiotics that work/ every living thing we depend upon for food; CAN BE LOST, within weeks. Livestock pandemic’s do exist/ not a game.  Ending all possibility, that we the people, could wait for the numbers to regain.  Because we are so many people hungry, that “the very seed” for another crop will simply disappear.  And you have no alternative, but to let them continue/ or change everything.
7.  Your antibiotics are failed; or soon will be.  Which means far more horrendous diseases are coming to your horror.  It is antibiotics, that made every other form of your current “medicine/ surgery/ etc” possible.  Without them, it all disappears: because the universities said, “this is the EASY way”.  Go ahead, save a penny.
8.  Your logging/ especially your waste: has destroyed the environments supporting other living species on earth.  Has destroyed a great deal, and soon, there won’t be another tree of size left on this earth; because you took them all.  A cost, you cannot even imagine.
9.  Your business claim is:   “We now produce more products in ten years/ than in all of human history combined.”  WHERE, are you going to get “more”?  
10.  You have weapons of mass destruction/ and tyrants are plentiful: look in any university/ in any government or military.  It only takes one! Because your leaders refuse to commit to world law, and the policing of leaders: by our law as we the people of this earth.
11.  Your leaders especially here in America: have bankrupted the nation itself/ with their own GREED.  Counterfeiting everything/ destroying lives/ destroying trust/ and soon it will be either world war, or civil war:  because that is what you chose.  Your media was worthless throughout.  Just like it is, with every other threat listed; and so many more it is worthless to care. 
12.  The foundation laid by the university cult, is simple: make them all our slaves!  Terrorize them, so they remain silent.  Make them fear, by bringing a level of violence throughout society through “entertainment” and other means: so they will not rise up.  Stop all forms of independence or freedom: by taking away their jobs/ their right and their opportunity to try, to be anything other than what the university says: controlling everything.  Dispossess the nation itself, by counterfeiting money/ giving it to foreign nations, and then selling them “our property/ our literal nation”.  Be a traitor to every college student, by confining them in debt/ by demanding NEVER criticize, just memorized and be “good little robots”.  Or we WILL destroy your financial future/ and that leaves you nothing. Just like “all medicine” does: substantively “whipping the slave”!  Control the press with bribes, power, and money.  Control the courts with power, arrogance, and “puppet masters to insure they obey”.  Control the government with bribes/ NOBODY gets in “without us”: we counterfeit trillions.  Control the business by taking it away, control the jobs by insuring “every hire is: US”/  and then consolidating the rest, against those who refuse to obey.  Take away all independence by lying about inflation/ cheating with debts that cannot be paid/ and stealing everything from a world; as best they can/ blaming “we the people”.  GIVE THE NATION ITSELF away/ disguising  PROPERTY used to bribe foreigners, because, neither we, nor they have little legal or political say.  Through counterfeiting/ and then lies,  the public that built this nation does not have a chance: because immigration surges on/ and every diploma wants them, “because they don’t like us”.  Let the property change hands, a world preparing for civil and world war.  Because the people themselves only wake up, when they have truly become SLAVES; you lost! This, is No small part of the Apocalypse either; a gun behind every door/ in every hand:  BLOOD beyond description!  “Its all gone”.  Too late now, for everything!  All indications are: that the university diploma’s having recognized in the sixties that everything would go wrong/ although they did try a little bit.  Abandoned that: choosing instead of working to insure we did the best we could for life/ decided to take everything they could get/ not only, abandoning life itself, but every child.  Choosing to fantasize about being “god” themselves, with delusions so grand, “the believe they can control the same fire as is on the sun/ or even life itself, by throwing garbage into the machinery of life.  They are:  “Leaders, to hell/ with the majority of men,  following close behind”! Or more simply, “without the majority of men, who wanted to play too”/ this could not have been done.  EACH BRIBED, to accept counterfeiting and lies, thereby hiding the truth, so you could have stolen property too.
13.   The reality of every governmental organization is: little more than a burglar hiding in the shadows, waiting to invade with taxation as soon as the people inside go to work.  Little more than thieves, as every debt they create is known to be in default immediately; because we cannot pay.  They lie about inflation, and prove in their own accounting, that real inflation is over $90,000.00 per year per one in three of citizens/ and has been for years.  They dispossess us from our land, and our nation: selling title to foreigners, with counterfeit money they created/ and kept from our own hands.  Its called TRAITOR.  They have corrupted the courts completely, proving treason by the evidence of trial after trial presented by James F. Osterbur refused “not even a whisper, from the court regarding all constitutional law”.  That is called TREASON: the intent to destroy a nation/ and make themselves RULERS.  They have created rule after rule, to “whip the slaves”/ and failed justice at every turn.  The chose the powerful, and gave them our lives:   to play with.  Such are the leaders of the United States of America, a group filled with “only the university diploma” may sit here.  Only the university diploma SHALL have “a million dollars more” regardless of contribution or anything to do with life.  Failed/ fool/ tragedy/ disgrace/ disease/ and death to our world, unless we change this now.

WE NEED “LIMITED CAPITALISM”/ WORLD LAW enforced against leaders/ we need JUSTICE.  None of which exists today.  Such is the reality of “University control” over life and democracy.  We need reality to decide, by the evidence of truth, and the consequences of being WRONG!  We need   LIFE FIRST/ never money first, again.

The biblical prophecy is:   1290 days after “the single worst decision humanity can make begins”.  The university says: its safe,  gambling that SUN FIRE will simply extinguish itself. Trying to ignite that fire on earth! As is going on “everyday” at lawrence livermore laboratories in San Francisco.
The end of this world has begun!
Established by the prophecy of fire, and the ending prediction:  “men did this”.  Then 45 days later (book of Daniel) the earth shall be completely dead: the atmosphere ejected/ the planet overheated beyond life.  And for the Christian religious;   your rapture, is nothing more than being sucked into the flame.  Where even atoms cannot survive!  As a ten million degree updraft/ will demand a thousand mile per hour wind.  And what did you do to stop this?  
BECAUSE IT IS A HUMAN DECISION THAT THREATENS US ALL!      Which does mean: WE have the power to stop it!

OTHER THAN your FREEDOM to decide, your fate:    GOD ,    IS NOT “involved”.   THIS IS ENTIRELY    Done by,   MEN!  Are you not leaders first!

The approximate date, when this world ends is   September 2015.  Particularly enforced, by the predicted completion of the extreme light infrastructure:   which are three lasers, when focused together (they will be), that shall establish an energy burst EQUAL TOO:     3 MILLION OF THE LARGEST LIGHTNING BOLTS POSSIBLE.   ALL HITTING THE SAME SPOT, AT THE EXACT SAME SECOND IN TIME.   WITH A POWER RELEASED THAT IS EQUAL, BY THEIR PREDICTION:   TO ONE TIMES TEN TO THE FIFTY FOURTH POWER.  A reality equivalent to approximately all the energy received on this earth from the sun, in that speck of time/ focused onto that speck of virtually enclosed space: by the energy expended.  We KNOW that fire on the sun is real/ how is this not enough to ignite it here?  They do it by storing electricity in capacitors, and releasing it through a laser.
You know:   the sun exists.  Therefore that fire CAN be ignited!  But it cannot be put out.

There are NO second chances!   THIS IS ONCE, and either the fire extinguishes itself/ or we all die, our entire planet.  How is that not your concern.  Construction continues on “ELI”    SOON, they will ignite this planet/ and your option to stop them, your life on this planet ENDS!  AND THAT, is only one of the extreme energy projects threatening us/ along with all the rest a university diploma has done.  LITERALLY AGAINST OUR WORLD!  
It is not an education or knowledge that defeats us: but the planning/ plotting/ arrogance/ counterfeiting, which gave them tremendous control/ endless lies/ and utterly diseased storytelling/ but a clear and absolute intent to not only play god, by the few:  but they do intend to destroy our lives!  As the evidence does prove.  How is that NOT your concern?  Prove it isn’t so, is your life, and your world worth SO DAMN LITTLE to you/ that you don’t care what happens to this entire world?
You cannot prove the evidence is wrong/ THEREFORE stand up, and demand a clear investigation/ a thorough examination of what happens next:   WHEN THEIR EXPERIMENTS DO GO WRONG!  Demand it.  Demand the failed terrorists of media SHALL in fact, establish the communication necessary to save this world.  Because if they don’t;   “HITLER, will look down on them!”   Not a game; reality speaking.

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