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03-11-2015, 11:46 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-12-2015, 01:23 AM by jim.)
IT IS, extremely easy to remove all “creature poaching”/ to eliminate large percentages of tragic things like the release of  snakes, that don’t belong here;  into the wild.

In terms of trophies such as leopard skins/ rhino horns/ etc: the mere proven possession of them, establishes the legal right to confiscate your entire wealth, and that means everything.  “We, the people” will throw you out into the street/ to eat out of the dumpster.  No excuses, but you do have to make certain: they are not set up. If a poacher has nothing/ you will trade him or her, for a year in jail/ rather than twenty: in sufficient exchange for those who buy or sell.

The very same thing is true: for those who engage in underage or forced  prostitution:  YOU lose it all, even if you are “just the janitor”.  If you are guilty of child prostitution/ or “white slavery/ etc” in any form: you forfeit your life as well.  NO second chances! If you are a participant in this “HELL”/ demanded: you are the same as those who provide it. NO, second chances.

As to snakes and other living things;   if you own such a creature.  Then you are responsible for “fixing this problem”.  No matter what it costs, that price will be distributed to each and every owner.  Every owner SHALL BE held accountable: if you cannot produce the living or dead creature/ so long as you were known to hold one in your possession, you are responsible.  Only sterile creatures can be sold. Nobody gets a license to raise “venom”: unless it is to make antidotes. 

In terms of violent rape: that being the same or equal too, “second degree murder”: so long as the victim can survive, and fully recover in a short period of time. The verdict is: not less than/ that you shall NOT “keep any part, of the weapon” which caused this harm. You forfeit everything you have, and serve ten years in prison. In terms of defenseless rape: that being established in any way or cause by the use of drugs/ electrocution/ or any other debilitating process by which “I CANNOT defend myself”. The verdict is: you shall NOT keep any part of the weapon, that caused this harm. If on the other hand/ you have participated in any form or part of “white slavery/ etc”: then it is your death, no appeal possible.
Less violent rape, can be found to some degree throughout both male and female behaviors: and must remain dealt with on an individual basis. A female who rapes: does so for the same purpose as a male/ to inflict damage, and demand you will pay, for your gender.
Violent rape (not physically damaged to a great extent), is the refusal to participate as human beings/ thereby chemical addiction has been expressed. The life of an addict, who becomes a traitor to society; deserves to lose his addiction: thereby a vasectomy shall occur. A vasectomy is: the removal of chemicals, that make sex pleasurable. That is the consequence of testicle loss.
Date rape: YOU should have stopped. Is a relationship gone astray/ and requires its own special court: made up of those within the age range, and realities of people who surround you. Such as all those in college, where this rape is said to occur. Shall decide by vote among themselves, what is or is not, a valid punishment in trial before them. This is your life/ protect it: list the punishments available, so that all are warned. Anyone not wishing to present their case, lets it go/ unless threatened. In which case it goes to legal court.

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