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Change 157
03-22-2015, 07:46 AM,
Change 157
        If you let this planet burn/ or any other threat take over your lives: then that is your choice/ because you do have everything you need to stop these experiments. There are NO second chances/ failure is your (we the people of this earth) decision; as is life saved.  Either think for yourself, or die.  Not a hard concept, your leaders have chosen against life: ‘they want, what they want”, regardless of the risk/ end of story.

        “Do too”:   what clearly appears to be “a corrupting influence/ tampering with the sites I provide”.  These sites, and forums;  shall now be closed to further tampering: no more change expected.
          Unfortunately, due to the volume of words, it is impossible to know exactly what has been changed.  “Just like the bible” If it seems “out of place, not consistent”/ it almost certainly is. Truth is a law, that does not waver!  Each site is a composite demanding LIFE, not money or games:  MUST COME FIRST!         Download these html sites;   so they cannot be easily taken away.
         From this point forward:   any other information generated for you, will be on
        This work also creates the opportunity to remove power, pride, and greed from our lives; through change. It gives you the opportunity to be free/ with change, as truth and law allow.  Realities described/ descriptions, etc: are given to release you from “rulers & slavery: from overriding money”/ by asserting true democracy with justice, for all.  A fact, those in power do hate. The extent of words used, is provided because “every excuse” must be dealt with/ to avoid or deny access by arrogance (lies can rule). Consequently do:   Download these html sites;  Think/ talk/ communicate as best you can/ and work for life on earth NOW, because there is no other choice.  Time has run out.  Either we change the future/ or we die, because that is what humanity chose for itself.  Either way: YOU have a choice/ inside yourself.  With deeds and duties to match what you chose.  The evidence,  will prove your choice true.  Regardless if it is life or death!   CHOOSE.

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