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08-16-2012, 01:32 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-03-2014, 08:22 AM by jim.)
Society; the foundation of human interaction that becomes our fate in time.

Fate is the existence of what our predecessors decide to do/ or as time goes by, it is the evidence of what we did do to ourselves and our world. Thereby our situation in life, government, world, peace, war, and nearly every other facet of human society has been determined by the past, and its human decisions/ or some type of natural disaster unaided by men and women. Every society runs on this fact.
The last few decades here in America have been run by “university knows”/ thereby the reality of our days in this time has been chosen by the university diploma and its effects upon life, nation, nature, and world. Since we are threatened with extinction in countless ways, when considering all the facts/ the fate they chose for us is death. Just a fact of life, in this time.
To resolve this crisis in reality: we must first acknowledge the facts of the crimes committed. That requires an investigation: into what is true, regarding every threat/ establishing why it did arise against us, as is substantive to resolving the crisis/ and judging what we must or must not do from this point forward; is critical to our survival.

Partitioning the reality from “those who did bring these tragedies here/ from those who did support and defend them, because they followed without question or concern” requires understanding WHY? Therefore the fundamentals are: societies operate almost entirely on three distinct principles of behavior, I want/ I want pride/ and I want power! These instill fear in the majority; and the consequence is, “they want leaders to defend and protect them”. How well that works, determines society itself/ with a flavoring of religions to support or deny how easily the majority are influenced.
I want more, is the foundation of every society as humanity competes with itself: to get all they can/ and thereby prove to the others: “I AM, the winner here/ you are loser”. That pride is fleeting/ but the majority worship it, while most of the rest plot revenge against it. That leads to power in support of my position as winner; or I must make these fear/ so they don’t take nothing away from me. That only works with an army, policing force, or battering ram of humanity in society to make resistence hard: they must be bribed, led by want, or controlled by fear. Armies come strictly by the understanding, “we the leaders/ and our main support among the soldiers” WANT BRIBES. Or, more simply: not going to force these to do what you want/ unless we get what we want.

The reality of competition in society is very simple: for me to have more/ you must get less! For me and mine to have a lot more, then poverty must be increased: as that forces a large segment away from resources for themselves/ and gives to me, an army of people begging for scraps/ and willing to do anything, for just a little more. To enforce that reality, so the rich can maintain their lifestyle and never share: rules are created, so as to punish and continue punishing a base group, as the method most successful in continuing the lesson: YOU SHALL fear us! Courts are controlled, and judges are bought and paid for, with the simple rule: IF YOU don’t do what you are told/ BAD things are going to happen to you too. Money establishes power, because bribes for the many people involved do not work without it. Therefore money is king, and people who demand to be rich; are its slave. And all say, “I would rather be that kind of slave/ than the poor kind”. To get outside the crushing wheel of slavery, whether it is body or soul/ the middle class are defined by workers who become the clear true power of society. Without the work, there is little more than anarchy and a thirst for power that cannot be resolved. Thereby resources control, because with very limited resources/ there is very limited work. With expansive resources, there are opportunities to join, if you are a slave to that work/ thereby not only confronting the competition but remaining outside the arena of who lives or dies in business and industry. When the middle class are confronted with dissolution from their work, and their position in society: war comes, either as the intent of leadership to redirect the anger to someone else/ or as civil war; we have grown to hate you, because of your interference in our lives. Consequently in the days prior to civil war, leaders try to create alternate enemies; as is the current alcohol and smoking campaigns used to misdirect you from identifying those who hate you. Friends DON’T threaten/ isn’t that so? Terrorists are the rage of jealousy unleashed; to prove “I can take something from you too”.

To change that identity of human existence; destiny must arise as the alternative to fate.
Destiny means: I have chosen to accept only truth can create a future that is within my reach; as a participant in this creation itself. Or as society will prove: by the truth we identify and accept as our honest ability to attain, sustain, and accept “this decision”. This relationship with life, resource, and world that is possible for us. Then we will build a future, and identify the happiness we chose; as best we can. To achieve that, LIFE FIRST must rule/ never money again.

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