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08-16-2012, 01:35 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-02-2014, 10:58 AM by jim.)
Our land food supply

Is governed by the simple principle: so long as we produce more than we eat/ we can be fat, and without a care in this world. But that does not include, any other creature except for those we consume as food or pet.
Consequently the war against all other life than our own, is extensive and extreme. Particularly against insects, whose fundamental reality of existence in this world: is to pollinate over 50% of all the diversity in plant and creature life on earth. No room for you/ so say the mutilated crops to kill them; and endless poisons to make them disappear entirely; and the demand: NO MORE DAMN diversity! We only want, what we want!
The obvious reality which follows is: no more diversity/ no more creatures, because a billion or more tons of insect as “livestock food” has been lost/ no more birds, etc. The obvious reality of poisons is: it ends in the water supply/ causes abortions to occur in a wide variety of species/ attacks not only the target creature, but all that depend upon that creature as is the food chain of life. And attacks the sea, because poisons of all kinds end there.
The obvious reality of sterilizing nearly all food seeds, is a complete dependency not only on one kind of species/ but upon a VERY LIMITED branch of that specific species that then becomes entirely vulnerable to complete extinction. Because the natural defenses of genetic material has been reduced to “useless”. Expanding and multiplying every organism that lives by attacking what that plant or creature needs inside.
The modern “university founded” culture of “factory farming” whereas every creature raised for food consumption is devoid of life rights, and consigned to its own prison: IS ABSOLUTELY dependent upon antibiotic feeds; which are now proving without the slightest doubt to soon be completely ineffective for us as well. Thereby creating the coming pandemic’s that will swept the livestock kingdom into extinction. As these have become completely without defenses against pathogens that have been mutilated by the consequence of confinement and the reality of antibiotics. Ending both plant and animal food sources; because farming is easy, “if you don’t have to work”. Let the antibiotics do it/ let the poisons do it/ let the water, rivers, and ocean take care of itself. GIVE ME ALL THE GROUND/ ALL THE RIGHTS/ AND ALL THE RESOURCES: I got chemicals/ so says farming today. And stay out of my poison; so says reality!

Farmers will immediately tell you: you are going to starve, if you listen to him/ he ain’t nothing but a fool; WE HAVE TO DO THESE THINGS.
But let’s review: little is more simple to understand than these simple mimic what was said about all the banks in 2008; “We are too big to fail/ so you must let us continue to steal”.

Farming is so much more valuable than banking/ it is hard to accept; but too big to fail/ so you can’t change nothing: Is a recipe for starvation. We cannot continue as is currently done; or everything we depend upon for food and diversity will disappear. That includes the extensive use of artificial insemination; which is “we only want the pretty ones”/ but becomes as is current: that a single bull dead for fifty years is still producing calves. Take a look around/ I live in agriculture, and what was a very few years ago in diversity and insect populations are now gone. While everyone cheers, “we won”/ that will not be the end of the story.
So then we are confronted with the reality of change/ that means essentially we need to go back in time for a distance in time; that will allow more for all life! It is not a hard concept; 40 years ago is enough.
As to the current need for food: the removal of ethanol from consumption of grain adds a billion bushels or so. The end of fabric crops, for the time being; adds another billion or so bushels of edible crop. The end of irrigation where it is not absolutely needed and truly available takes away a billion bushels or so of crop dependent upon the year. But it also saves the entire nation from returning to the dust bowl of the thirties; without the slightest possibility of stopping that reality; because now, the water in the Ogahalla aquifer is all gone.
Demanding that ammonia shall be applied only in the spring/ ends a lot of poison in the ocean and rivers. Demanding realistic amounts; reduces the yield by less than 5%. It simply adds to the demand: there shall be room for more farmers, or workers.
Returning livestock operations to “creatures are alive too”/ increases farmers and prices; but it saves the food supply from one big epidemic that will wipe it out entirely/ or reduce its size to the point we can no longer wait for recovery; and war will end our own lives. Because the last will simply be eaten, and then we all die. Etc/ etc/ etc YOU CANNOT simply go to the ocean and get more/ you did that, and now it too faces extinction.

The factory farm lives by antibiotic feeds. That method is certain to fail soon; thereby ending the livestock herds; we CANNOT build them back/ which means we then starve. It must change back to less intensive farming. The elemental reality of “genetic crops is”; that you choose to limit diversity, and open the door to complete crop failure. That means you loose the entire crop such as corn. What happens then? There are no second chances.

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